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About BookScouter

As a student at Weber State University, Brandon Checketts disliked the high prices he had to pay for textbooks. He also hated selling back the same books, for virtually nothing, at semester’s end. Using his programming skills, Brandon created a system that compares prices from several book buyback companies and displays the money offered for each textbook. He quickly realized that he was not the only one benefitting from this technology. In August 2007 he built the system into the website BookScouter.

Since then, BookScouter has undergone massive changes and growth. It has expanded from six book buyback companies to more than 50 today. It processes over 200,000 daily pricing queries. BookScouter has a mobile app available on iTunes and the Google Play Store allowing users to easily scan ISBNs with a smartphone. Brandon brought on his brother, Dustin, in 2014 to be the president of the company while he started other businesses.

Since then, BookScouter has evolved from an army of one to ten employees headquartered in Athens, Georgia. It’s part of the RoundSphere brand. The BookScouter site itself has been redesigned several times to optimize the user experience.

BookScouter takes an active role in the community as well. The company hosts events at the RoundSphere offices in downtown Athens and works in the local community with charities such as Books4Keeps.

BookScouter is currently the largest price comparison tool for selling books online. It continues to grow and innovate, finding new ways for users get the most money in the quickest time possible.