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About Buying On BookScouter

In addition to helping you sell your used books, BookScouter can help you buy textbooks and books.

With a single search you can compare prices from more than 20 booksellers. And you can see which is selling the book you want at the best price. No registration is required, and the website is 100 percent free.

To start, enter an ISBN into the search field. You'll see several headings. Price is what various bookselling companies are charging. Buyback refers to the money you could receive if you sell the book back to the vendor when you’re finished with it. Net price is the difference between the two.

If the net price is bigger than the rental fee, it makes sense to buy the book and then resell it. If it’s not, then you’ll come out ahead by renting the book.

Figure out from whom you’d like to buy or rent your book and you’ll be taken to the company website, where you’ll complete your transaction.