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BookScouter Pro

BookScouter Pro is a subscription service that has several features specifically created for high-volume users:

  • Bulk Price Lookups - Look up buyback prices for hundreds or thousands of books on one screen
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  • Notifications - Enter a list of ISBNs and minimum prices, and get email notifications whenever BookScouter finds a buyback company that will buy your inventory for the minimum price specified. You can even upload your entire Amazon inventory and have it take into account selling fees
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  • Buyback Tracking - Keep track of buybacks that you have sent to vendors. Stop tracking shipments manually via spreadsheets or paper. You can tie it into your email account to automatically save relevant information about all of your buyback transactions on BookScouter.com. Generate account receivables reports and use it as a starting point to investigate problems.
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  • Uninterrupted Usage - BookScouter Pro users won't be interrupted by the CAPTCHA that is displayed occasionally when looking up a lot of books on the site.
  • Additional Vendors - View pricing from some additional Vendors targeted towards book resellers.
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BookScouter PRO is currently available for a monthly fee of $29.99. Your first 30 days are free so you can try it with no obligation.