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More BookScouter Pro Features

BookScouter Bulk Lookups

Now you can submit a list of ISBNs and BookScouter will check them all for you and display the results on one page. Filter out vendors that aren't paying much, and see how that affects the total amount. Export results into your own spreadsheet to manipulate and analyze to your heart's content

  • Screenshot to submitting bulk notifications

    You can submit a list of ISBNs in bulk by uploading a .CSV or .XLS file, or by pasting in a list

  • Screenshot to browsing bulk results

    View results from all ISBNs, eliminate vendors who aren't paying much, and see how much everything is worth

  • Screenshot of exporting bulk results to a spreadsheet

    Export results as a .CSV file and manipulate the results further using your spreadsheet appliclation

The bulk lookup tool is currently limitted 3,000 ISBNs at a time. It takes minutes- to hours- to complete, based on the size of your list