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More BookScouter Pro Features

BookScouter Notifications

The BookScouter Pro Notification service can email you when a book is being bought back by a buyback vendor for at least the price that you specify. You enter a list of ISBNs and the minimum price at which you are willing to sell, and BookScouter Pro will send you an email notification whenever it finds a buyback company that will buy your inventory.

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  • Screenshot to create notifications

    See how you can upload an Amazon Active Listings Report to create notifications for your entire Amazon listed inventory. You can also create notifications invidually or via a spreasheet.

  • Screenshot to browse notifications

    You can browse and search through your current notifications

  • Screenshot of email notification

    This is what an email notification will look like. When you receive a notification, you can browse through the details about your notification and decide whether or not you would like to sell to one of the buyback companies that are buying the book. Click the links in the email to immediately sell the book for the price specified