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BookScouter Buyback Tracking

BookScouter's Buyback Tracking feature is a powerful way to keep track of buyback transactions that have been sent out. You can search for transactions, investigate orders that you are waiting on to be paid, and completely eliminate tracking these transactions manually or via a spreadsheet. The real power of the application comes by integrating it with your email account. Simply have it connect to your transactional emails and it will automatically read the relevant information from the messages. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it, and it will save you many hours of manual inputting transaction information.

List Transactions

Screenshot to view buybacks

See a list of buybacks recorded in the system, including the ability to filter, sort, and search to your heart's content

Transaction Details

Screenshot to see buyback transaction detail

View and edit details for each buyback transaction

Email Integration

Screenshot of buyback tracking email integration

The real power of the buyback tracking application comes when you integrate it with your email account. The system can automatically retrieve your transactional emails and read all of the relevant details from the messages. No more manually inputting transaction information into your spreadsheet.

Be aware that the email integration does not (and will never be able to) correctly read all of your messages. Some buyback companies don't send out transactional emails, or don't provide enough information in their emails to make them reliable enough for use in this system. BookScouter's Buyback Tracking application should be used as a starting place to find information, not as the authoritative source for all transaction information.