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Cash4Books.net is an online used book buying service owned and operated by McKenzie Books, Inc. We are committed to providing exceptional service along with a simple and convenient book buyback process.

We have bought over 1.8 million books from 275,000 college students and other individuals since 2004. To show our commitment to outstanding customer service, we are a member of the review site TrustPilot.

Shipping your books to us is always free. Buyback orders worth at least $35 are eligible for a free FedEx shipping upgrade.

We issue payment via PayPal or Check within 3 business days of receiving and processing your books. As long as your books meet our book condition policy, we always honor the full price quote.

Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions. Our office is open Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time.

McKenzie Books, Inc.
21220 NW Amberwood Drive
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Website: http://www.cash4books.net
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Rating Date Comments
Apr 2019 Sent a book and received an email back that they couldn't accept the book due to " Reason: Missing cover". It was a loose-leaf, cover-page included and I shrink wrapped the entire thing so if they didn't get the cover page, they wouldn't have gotten any. To me it's whatever because the book would have been just sitting around my house taking up space and my campus buyback wasn't buying that particular book back... but I wouldn't use this vendor if you're really counting on getting money back.
Mar 2019 Very good vendor got paid very quickly
Dec 2018 I sent my books to them and then a month later they are going to tell me they never recieved them... but if i printed out a shipping label then obviously there is a tracking number... so your not going to pay me my money when I did what i was supposer to.. i think there whole business is a scam... dont ever use them.. bookbyte.com is so much better
Oct 2018 Completed my first transaction with Cash4Books. From drawing up order to receiving payment to my Paypal account took one week. I'm completely satisfied with my experience.
Sep 2018 Sent them two books. They refused to pay, giving no explanation other than saying they changed their mind about wanting them, and said they'd ship them back to me. Two months later, no books, no money, no response to my emails. I've dealt with a bunch of these companies, and this is the only one who left me feeling like I was just dealing with thieves.
May 2018 Extremely poor customer service. Sent multiple emails requesting assistance in logging in. All went unanswered.
Mar 2018 I've sent a book that was estimated for around 36$ but I received the answer:

"We received a shipment from you today. Unfortunately, we had to cancel this order as it did not meet our condition requirements. Here are the comments on your Cash4Books.net account for this order:

100% deduction of $36.19 was made for ISBN 9780077861667, (Financial Markets and Institutions (The Mcgraw-Hil), with quantity 1. Reason: Stain(s).

Your book will be held for 14 days from the date of receipt before it is recycled, donated, or used to support the community and environment. If you would like to have it returned to you, please contact us promptly to receive a quote for return shipping.
There was indeed a stain on the last page but the rest of the book was in perfect condition.( I took a picture of it) I wasn't selling it as a new one! They can't just take, don't pay me any money or ask me to pay to ship it back.

This website isn't trustworthy and I do not recommend to use it!