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Website: http://www.bookmonster.com/
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Jan 2020 AMAZING!!! Fastest payments known to man!!!
Dec 2019 Best vendor EVER!!! Lightening fast payouts
Nov 2019 First let me say I send in 1000's of books to various buyback companies and I am very familiar with condition guideline. I sent in a small buyback to Book Monster for a test and have to say they failed. The books sent in were in very good condition, some never read yet all books were downgraded and a few were rejected for stains, tears and mold. I don't send in damaged books and I definitely don't send in books with mold.
If you don't mind loosing money go ahead and use them, otherwise stay away.
May 2019 Overall, I like them. They review and pay for books fairly quickly after receiving them. Prices are usually decent, too. However, my last two buybacks they have claimed to not receive books that I know I sent them. I only ever ship in one box. I tried twice to reach customer service after the first buyback had issues with no response from them. I’ve emailed about the current issues as well. I’m wondering if they’ve hired and not trained someone in receiving well recently. I may stop using them if the issues keep occurring.
Apr 2019 If I could give 0 stars I would. With the current 4 star rating I was pretty confident that Book Monster would be fair and process quickly. I work with several vendors that have 2 or 3 stars and haven't had any issues with them - so I assumed that the process would be SUPER easy with a 4 star company. Sadly, I was incorrect.

I sent in two boxes full of Powell's quality books (practically brand new) as a test. I process thousands of books weekly so a few dozen isn't a big loss. However, I really didn't consider that this would end up as a loss so I sent in my nicer quality items.

One of the two shipments have made it and been processed already. They are fast, I can give them that.

>>>However, 2/3 of the shipment (including one brand new book quoted at $28 buyback price!!!) was rejected for water damage and/or mold.<<<

As I mentioned, I work with a dozen other vendors and have never received any complaints of water damage or mold on my books. I don't send damaged books to ANY of my vendors.

I'm not even waiting for the second shipment to process before submitting my review. Book Monster should be ashamed of their practices. They are crooks - citing anything worth value as 'damaged'. What a load of bull.

Don't waste your time - I'm sure you'll regret it if you do.
Nov 2018 Very great company fast check in and very fast payment definitely would recommend using them. Super awesome and amazing company. Paid on time and and for the exact amount.
Nov 2018 Very great company fast check in and very fast payment definitely would recommend using them. Super awesome and amazing company. Paid on time and and for the exact amount.
Nov 2018 I have been sending buybacks to BookMonster for several months now and have been more than pleased. I live on the East Coast and buybacks are checked in, processed and paid within 10 days from the time it's dropped off.(That's fast considering it's going to the West Coast!) I particularly like the fact that they will pay more for the books depending on the condition. This company is a gem! I wholeheartedly recommend them!
Nov 2018 i have never had any problems and they always process fast.
Aug 2018 I sent these people perfect books and they downgraded them. I buy many books and do not have problems with any of the other vendors. I do not know who is leaving good reviews but my experience has not been good and neither has many others.
Apr 2018 They return my book because of water damage. I took pictures before to send them. I will see how it comes. I even have to pay to return it. Hopefully I get back in good conditions how I sent.
Feb 2018 I have been selling to BookMonster for several years now, and I highly recommend their services for all your buyback needs. A fast and efficient company, with good people, and a solid reputation.