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We here at MyBookMonkey.com are committed to doing OUR best to give YOU the BEST price for your books when you get ready to get rid of those textbooks you no longer need. Give us a try on any of your books, even if they are novels or mass market paperbacks. With dynamic pricing and sources, we strive to offer great prices for all of your books.

We are happy to serve you and look forward to earning your business!! Just let the monkey do his thing and SAVE YOU TONS of MONEY!!

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Oct 2018 Months ago, maybe January, I sent in a book quoted around $60. They apparently sent it to the publisher for authenticity/ verification. It's now November, and I'm still waiting to hear from them/ for the payment. I don't know of a buyback company that sends books to the publisher first like that. Potential scam company.
Feb 2018 Went almost two weeks before I got my money, when they said it would take 5-7 days. It got to the point where I had to email them 3 times over a few days before I got a response. As soon as they replied to my email I got a notification that my money was in my PayPal. They did give me the amount they said they would, but it was kind of sketchy that they didn't send it until I had emailed them 3 times about it. Decent price, service could be improved upon.
Jan 2018 They won’t even email me back about my order. I sent my books out 2 weeks ago, emailed several times and nothing.
Jan 2018 I shipped out a buyback for $326.72 on dec 10. I haven't received my money or books back. Ive emailed and emailed, no response. is this company closed without paying me or returning my books
Nov 2017 Slow pay and they claimed one of the ten new copies of the books I sent in was damaged! they issued payment a month later for less than their quote.
Oct 2017 This company is very untrustworthy. I sent a brand new, unopened textbook to them and upon receiving the book I received an email stating my book was water damaged and would not receive payment. They proceeded to send pictures where they took my invoice and put it in an older edition of the book I sent. They were uncooperative when I asked them to file a claim with FedEx, and after some back and forth emailing they claimed they mixed up my book with another received the same day, and now I would be receiving my payment. This is a negligent company that I will never be doing business with again.
Oct 2017 Super quick service! They were so friendly as well. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I had a question about the way things were handled and they wrote me back almost immediately and were extremely helpful! They were so great. Any time I ever need to sell a book I will always go back to them. Amazing customer service experience! Thank you MyBookMonkey and Dustin! Keep up the great work!!