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At ValoreBooks, our commitment is simple: to make it easy for savvy students like you to save money, make money, and get the most value out of your education. Whether you’re looking for a break from bookstore prices or ways to get extra cash by selling your used stuff, we’ve got you covered! Why choose us over the competition? Because our unique marketplace model and dedicated customer support team mean you get the best prices, better value, and more choices - 100% risk free.

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Feb 2020 I was skeptic at first when I read these mixed reviews about ValoreBooks, I did a transaction to them and they were pretty quick, only took them approximately a week to send me the check. Would sell them books again.
Jan 2020 Horrible customer service. Saying will take 14 days to post a PayPal transaction with no explanation as to why
Dec 2019 Horrible service, have not been paid for an order that they received over a month ago, Everytime I contact them they tell 2-14 business days
Dec 2019 I ordered a book a week ago (before Thanksgiving), received confirmation on the order, given order number, then received shipping confirmation. A day or so later, I'm contacted telling me that the order was canceled and that my money was refunded without reason. This was a Christmas gift for a friend. I could have ordered from dozens of other sellers where this book was concerned and I chose Valore because of the good reviews and I got burned. How can I trust this company to do this again? They aren't dependable so be forewarned that you won't always get what you ordered.
Oct 2019 Great book buyer. Other buyers I've tried just stole my books. Valore is honest and they pay what they say.
May 2019 quick and easy sell back
May 2019 First time selling to ValoreBooks, but so far pretty standard. I will monitor processing and payment procedures.
May 2019 I have never had an issue thus far with this company. The books are in great shape. This is a very good site to use when in need of inexpensive book rentals with lengthy use
May 2019 I must be honest, I was a little worried at first about receiving my payment for two books I sold them, but I actually got paid today,the exact amount they posted. They sent it via PayPal after seven BUSINESS days to be exact.

May 2019 Best Price for selling back too and awesome service
Mar 2019 easy to sell books back
Feb 2019 very smooth
Feb 2019 I ordered a book for over $100 for my son's college course. Valore claims it was delivered and it never was. Their response was that UPS was sloppy and to look at my neighbor's house and in my SHRUBS! I have never located the book and they refuse to answer me on any level. I will NEVER buy from them again and I hope you don't either. Textbooks for college are expensive enough without having to hassle with this to get a refund.

Feb 2019 I ordered the wrong book and cancelled it a couple hours later.. I still have yet to receive my refund for the purchase that happened over a month ago.
Jan 2019 If I could give 0 stars I would. I have never had an issue using this company until my last order. I put in the correct isbn number for a book, and their website led me to one that had a different isbn. The book was described as “new” and the price wasn’t SUCH a discount, so I bought it. What I didn’t know was that their website took me to the book without the access code. Not only did I get the wrong book, but the book I got was NOT “new”. I contacted the seller directly, they did not get back to me quickly as advertised by them. Then when I spoke to valorebooks directly, the responder was very rude and didn’t help me with my entire problem. I am so disappointed and angry because I used to always get my books from them. I will not use them ANYMORE!
Jan 2019 I sent in a looseleaf book (which I put in a 3 ring binder so it wouldn't be damaged in shipping) and they sent a message that it didn't meet their buy back qualifications. It was literally brand new. I requested the book be sent back. I rec'd the book that was shipped in a paper mailer (and not in my binder). Interesting that they had all of their labels on the book as it looked like they were ready to sell it. I honestly feel they hope people don't request their books back and then they keep and resale. I shipped books to 4 other companies with NO issues. I will never use VALORE regardless.
Dec 2018 Sent them a book in early november quote was 69.96 have not been paid yet.
Dec 2018 I've dealt with every one of these vendors and valore is by far the best one. If they don't accept your book, they ship it back to you for free. They give you two weeks to ship the book to them. They have always honored their prices when they gave me a quote. I hate using any of vendor than Valore tbh. They are the absolute best.
Nov 2018 I have sold to most of the main buyback vendors for over seven years. I have never had an issue with Valore not honoring what they said they would pay.
Nov 2018 I have used ValoreBooks twice to sell my textbooks, and both times I received the amount I was told. Very great site to sell books, did not scam me.
Nov 2018 very reliable,efficient and fast payment buyback
Nov 2018 Smooth and painless process to well back my books. I received the full quote and was paid via PayPal within 2 weeks of sending my books in. Would recommend for book selling
Nov 2018 Very dishonest buyer. I was promised 32.85 for a looseleaf book but I got notice of payment 10.00 for the book. It was a brand new looseleaf edition of the book, that was in its shrink wrap. A very dishonest and crooked business. Will never use them again.
Nov 2018 I have sold several books to Valore Books. I have always received the quoted price and fast payment.
Nov 2018 Literally the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Sent me a different book than the one I ordered, then wouldn't even give me a full refund. Avoid them at all costs.
Oct 2018 I tried to sell my textbook that I purchased at a University bookstore. I received this email:

Your book is currently under review as it exhibited characteristics that indicate that it may be counterfeit. The book is being sent to the publisher to be examined. This process can take 1 - 3 months. If the book is confirmed to be authentic, it will be paid the price it was quoted. If the book is confirmed to be counterfeit, the book will stay with the publisher and the matter will be out of our hands. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

So a book I purchased at a university bookstore may be counterfeit??? What a joke!!!! It has been over a month and still no response from this company. Find another place to sell your textbooks; this company is a RIP OFF!!!
Sep 2018 I had a book that was valued at $21.30. It was a textbook that I barely used and was almost perfectly new. I hadn't heard back from the company so I logged in to see if they received it. They rejected it for "water damage" with absolutely no payout. They didn't even send an email to say they received it or why it was rejected. There was no water damage. Ridiculous.
Sep 2018 They gave my the wrong tracking information when they sent an email confirming that my book had been sent. Was not sent out this a week later and when I emailed saying I wanted a refund they told me to contact the seller and gave me the run around. Beware, do not use them!
Sep 2018 If I could rate lower than one star, I would. I purchased an anatomy book to rent and hours later i received a email stating the book was out of stock and my money would be returned on my card within 3-5 business dates. I have not received my refund and they are impossible to get ahold of. Go with chegg or amazon. Don’t waste your time with Valore
Aug 2018 !!!DO NOT USE THIS VENDOR TO ORDER YOUR BOOKS!!!Customer service is horrible, books are not shipped in a timely manner, tracking#s are not given(had to fill out a ticket because seller never responded to my message). Never again. I will send a mass message to my class mates to discourage them from using this vendor. I usually check reviews, but I didn't this time and paid dearly. I see they have a 2 star rating, in my opinion that is generous. I am submitting my alternate email, no need for a follow up because i don't check messages for that one.
Aug 2018 Very poor customer service. Rented a book and now the tracking information is saying 15 days for arrival of the book, however the clock on the rental period does not change so the book is still due 5 days before the semester is over. If you are purchasing a 125 day rental then the time should start from the day you receive the order. Also be careful of their price match guarantee. The will not match their own prices if they go lower within 7 days of ordering and only price match 3 other sites, which are probably the highest price providers because I found 2 other sites that had the same lower price they were advertising but they would match those prices either.
Aug 2018 Thank you for the excellent customer service!! Quick email reply and communications! Chemistry College text book arrived in excellent condition, price was unbelievable! I look forward to ordering books with your company in the future.
Jul 2018 Terrible customer service! I waited 2 weeks for a rental textbook. When I emailed them they relied after 4 days that it hadn't been 14 BUSINESS days since ordering the book. I never did receive the book!

Beware: go with another vendor!!
Jul 2018 I just received my check in the mail!! ValoreBooks provided a free shipping label and updated me on the progress online. Would strongly recommend!!
Jun 2018 Unfortunately, I cannot highly rate this company. The first time I send them a book order, it took them 4-5 weeks to process it. They rejected a book in that first order without explanation that I knew without a doubt was in flawless condition. They failed the first test of reliability and honestly. These are fundamental flaws that do not deserve on my part a second chance.
Jun 2018 I sent 4 books at two different times this year. Valore found problems with 3 and didn't pay me. I'm pretty careful when selling books and cannot believe I missed any problems with them. I don't think I will take any more chances with Valore. There are at least three others that I find more reliable.
May 2018 I purchased a book and it did not arrive in the 4-14 day that was promised. When I contacted costumer service the said that on rare occasions it can take up to 21 days!
It better to pay a little more and have it arrive in two days through chegg or amazon.
Apr 2018 Terrible experience. Rented for the semester and started getting notices that the books were due before the semester was over. Tried to extend the rental and could only do that for an additional week so ended up having to pay additional to buy them. Sent two emails to Customer Service to find out what our options were to extend the rental further and got no response either time. These books ended up costing more than if we would have just gone to the university book store. Definitely do not recommend renting from them and we never will again.
Apr 2018 Very poor customer service and no transparency to the seller of a book. I sold my book last year and haven't either received the money nor my text book back.
Apr 2018 Terrible. I ordered a book and received an email that said my order would be shipped in two weeks...
Almost four weeks and several emails later they agreed to refund my money. (Nobody ever seemed to know what actually happened to my book.)
GETTING my refund took another two weeks and several more emails to get done.
Mar 2018 Ugh. Ordered on Saturday, got an email on Sunday to confirm my order had shipped only to get an email Thursday that my order was cancelled because they could not fill it
Mar 2018 They charge you a lot for shipping and are slow to get to your address. They have no phone # that I could find??? They did not respond to E-mail??? They over charged the price they listed. Hope I receive my book.