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At ValoreBooks, our commitment is simple: to make it easy for savvy students like you to save money, make money, and get the most value out of your education. Whether you're looking for a break from bookstore prices or ways to get extra cash by selling your used stuff, we've got you covered! Why choose us over the competition? Because our unique marketplace model and dedicated customer support team mean you get the best prices, better value, and more choices - 100% risk free.

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Nov 2020 Valore is incompetent. I've got two reasons. I sent in 5 books for buyback. The books originally came with codes. The codes were gone however, they books still had value from a different ISBN inside the book (textbook only). And, there was a buyback price on Valore's website so I sent the books in. The books were rejected because there were no codes. Apparently, their receiving team doesn't know how to check books that don't have codes. Also, the rep I emailed with wrote I had to use the ISBN on the back of the book (wrong). They did send the books back to me.
Problem 2: They taped together two bubble mailers and sent the 5 large paperbacks to me in this inferior wrapping. When I received the package, it was torn in many places and the 5 returned books were damaged. I will never use Valore again for buyback and I hope you don't either. They're incompetent on receiving and shipping.
Aug 2020 Do not do business with this company! I sent them 2 books in really good condition. The company rejected the books stating excessive highlighting & water damage. I have pictures that my books had no water marks, and only 277 pgs of 1208 pgs were highlighted, my pictures show minimal highlighting This company lied to me. I at least got my books back and sold them to another company.
May 2020 Very pleased with the service and speed with which I received a check! Would highly recommend!
Apr 2020 Tried lots of buyback companies and Valore is by far the best. Received my payment timely. Would recommend.
Mar 2020 They say if you chose paypal you will get paid in 2-14 business days I’ve been waiting a whole month when I email them to get an answer on my payment they don’t want to respond or give an answer will never deal with them again
Feb 2020 I was skeptic at first when I read these mixed reviews about ValoreBooks, I did a transaction to them and they were pretty quick, only took them approximately a week to send me the check. Would sell them books again.
Oct 2019 Great book buyer. Other buyers I've tried just stole my books. Valore is honest and they pay what they say.
May 2019 quick and easy sell back
May 2019 First time selling to ValoreBooks, but so far pretty standard. I will monitor processing and payment procedures.
May 2019 I have never had an issue thus far with this company. The books are in great shape. This is a very good site to use when in need of inexpensive book rentals with lengthy use
May 2019 I must be honest, I was a little worried at first about receiving my payment for two books I sold them, but I actually got paid today,the exact amount they posted. They sent it via PayPal after seven BUSINESS days to be exact.

May 2019 Best Price for selling back too and awesome service
Mar 2019 easy to sell books back
Feb 2019 very smooth
Dec 2018 I've dealt with every one of these vendors and valore is by far the best one. If they don't accept your book, they ship it back to you for free. They give you two weeks to ship the book to them. They have always honored their prices when they gave me a quote. I hate using any of vendor than Valore tbh. They are the absolute best.
Nov 2018 I have sold to most of the main buyback vendors for over seven years. I have never had an issue with Valore not honoring what they said they would pay.
Nov 2018 I have used ValoreBooks twice to sell my textbooks, and both times I received the amount I was told. Very great site to sell books, did not scam me.