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At ValoreBooks, our commitment is simple: to make it easy for savvy students like you to save money, make money, and get the most value out of your education. Whether you’re looking for a break from bookstore prices or ways to get extra cash by selling your used stuff, we’ve got you covered! Why choose us over the competition? Because our unique marketplace model and dedicated customer support team mean you get the best prices, better value, and more choices - 100% risk free.

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Oct 2018 I tried to sell my textbook that I purchased at a University bookstore. I received this email:

Your book is currently under review as it exhibited characteristics that indicate that it may be counterfeit. The book is being sent to the publisher to be examined. This process can take 1 - 3 months. If the book is confirmed to be authentic, it will be paid the price it was quoted. If the book is confirmed to be counterfeit, the book will stay with the publisher and the matter will be out of our hands. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

So a book I purchased at a university bookstore may be counterfeit??? What a joke!!!! It has been over a month and still no response from this company. Find another place to sell your textbooks; this company is a RIP OFF!!!
Sep 2018 I had a book that was valued at $21.30. It was a textbook that I barely used and was almost perfectly new. I hadn't heard back from the company so I logged in to see if they received it. They rejected it for "water damage" with absolutely no payout. They didn't even send an email to say they received it or why it was rejected. There was no water damage. Ridiculous.
Sep 2018 They gave my the wrong tracking information when they sent an email confirming that my book had been sent. Was not sent out this a week later and when I emailed saying I wanted a refund they told me to contact the seller and gave me the run around. Beware, do not use them!
Sep 2018 If I could rate lower than one star, I would. I purchased an anatomy book to rent and hours later i received a email stating the book was out of stock and my money would be returned on my card within 3-5 business dates. I have not received my refund and they are impossible to get ahold of. Go with chegg or amazon. Don’t waste your time with Valore
Aug 2018 !!!DO NOT USE THIS VENDOR TO ORDER YOUR BOOKS!!!Customer service is horrible, books are not shipped in a timely manner, tracking#s are not given(had to fill out a ticket because seller never responded to my message). Never again. I will send a mass message to my class mates to discourage them from using this vendor. I usually check reviews, but I didn't this time and paid dearly. I see they have a 2 star rating, in my opinion that is generous. I am submitting my alternate email, no need for a follow up because i don't check messages for that one.
Aug 2018 Very poor customer service. Rented a book and now the tracking information is saying 15 days for arrival of the book, however the clock on the rental period does not change so the book is still due 5 days before the semester is over. If you are purchasing a 125 day rental then the time should start from the day you receive the order. Also be careful of their price match guarantee. The will not match their own prices if they go lower within 7 days of ordering and only price match 3 other sites, which are probably the highest price providers because I found 2 other sites that had the same lower price they were advertising but they would match those prices either.
Aug 2018 Thank you for the excellent customer service!! Quick email reply and communications! Chemistry College text book arrived in excellent condition, price was unbelievable! I look forward to ordering books with your company in the future.
Jul 2018 Terrible customer service! I waited 2 weeks for a rental textbook. When I emailed them they relied after 4 days that it hadn't been 14 BUSINESS days since ordering the book. I never did receive the book!

Beware: go with another vendor!!
Jul 2018 I just received my check in the mail!! ValoreBooks provided a free shipping label and updated me on the progress online. Would strongly recommend!!
Jun 2018 Unfortunately, I cannot highly rate this company. The first time I send them a book order, it took them 4-5 weeks to process it. They rejected a book in that first order without explanation that I knew without a doubt was in flawless condition. They failed the first test of reliability and honestly. These are fundamental flaws that do not deserve on my part a second chance.
Jun 2018 I sent 4 books at two different times this year. Valore found problems with 3 and didn't pay me. I'm pretty careful when selling books and cannot believe I missed any problems with them. I don't think I will take any more chances with Valore. There are at least three others that I find more reliable.
May 2018 I purchased a book and it did not arrive in the 4-14 day that was promised. When I contacted costumer service the said that on rare occasions it can take up to 21 days!
It better to pay a little more and have it arrive in two days through chegg or amazon.
Apr 2018 Terrible experience. Rented for the semester and started getting notices that the books were due before the semester was over. Tried to extend the rental and could only do that for an additional week so ended up having to pay additional to buy them. Sent two emails to Customer Service to find out what our options were to extend the rental further and got no response either time. These books ended up costing more than if we would have just gone to the university book store. Definitely do not recommend renting from them and we never will again.
Apr 2018 Very poor customer service and no transparency to the seller of a book. I sold my book last year and haven't either received the money nor my text book back.
Apr 2018 Terrible. I ordered a book and received an email that said my order would be shipped in two weeks...
Almost four weeks and several emails later they agreed to refund my money. (Nobody ever seemed to know what actually happened to my book.)
GETTING my refund took another two weeks and several more emails to get done.
Mar 2018 Ugh. Ordered on Saturday, got an email on Sunday to confirm my order had shipped only to get an email Thursday that my order was cancelled because they could not fill it
Mar 2018 They charge you a lot for shipping and are slow to get to your address. They have no phone # that I could find??? They did not respond to E-mail??? They over charged the price they listed. Hope I receive my book.
Jan 2018 I've sold 20 books to Valore Books and I have never had a problem with them. I've never had a book rejected, and I have always been paid in a timely manner. I have zero complaints about their customer service!
Jan 2018 After 5 days of waiting for order to ship got an email saying book is not in listed condition so we are canceling order and refunding money. Now I'm in my second week of class and no book.
Jan 2018 Okay I was super sketched about this site. I decided to buy a book anyway for 36$ because I would have to pay 350$ at the bookstore. I ordered it a week before my class started and and the day my class started I got a book in Very nice condition. Amazing! I got a deal!
Jan 2018 Horrible customer service. Couldn't even rent a book because I couldn't enter the city, state, and zip for the billing address. The lady on chat was very rude and not helpful.
Jan 2018 The book I ordered arrived quickly despite the holidays and the huge snow storm on the east coast impacting shipping times. There is one huge problem, however. The text book reeks of cigarette smoke. I can’t teturn it because I need the book for my class I’m currently taking. So, along with economics, I’m getting nauseated fro. The stench of stale cigarettes. I wish this was disclosed in the item description asI would have purchased a different book. Text is otherwise in good condition and was offered at a good price.
Jan 2018 This company has attempted to only pay me half of what I was quoted for my textbooks. I have contacted them, and on the first one the help representative said "I've fixed that issue", then when my remaining books were processed, there's the same issue again. I will never use this company again, they want you to not fight to receive what you were quoted. They also won't ship back any books that they decide "aren't acceptable" unless you specifically ask, and only if you ask within so many days of the order being received. Then they'll "recycle the book" for you, aka, sell it and not give you your compensation. I'm reporting this company to my local attorney general's office.
Jan 2018 The worst thing I've never seen. They lie all time and use your time. The shipping service is a disaster: never, never be on time!
Dec 2017 Worst customer support I have ever dealt with. I was supposed to get a refund from them three months ago, still haven't received it. I call almost everyday and they always tell me to wait 24 hours or 48 hours. I wait the requested time and I get the same excuses. Highly recommend no one to purchase anything from this website.
Dec 2017 I ordered a book at the end of November,and I was informed at the end of December that the address was wrong, (I have auto fill and I always use it) and the original price was $16.77 with shipping, jumped to almost &70.00 without shipping!
Dec 2017 They tease with a low rental rate: however, they will not work with you on extensions. Their customer is EXTREMELY POOR!
Dec 2017 Worst book buyer that I have worked with. Longest shipping, and longest wait to get your money back. They don't take all books either. Would not recommend!!!
Dec 2017 Sellback process was good, until I cashed the check I received, and learned that it bounced a few weeks later. Don't sell your books here if you actually want to receive your money.
Oct 2017 A book was ordered on Oct. 13 with expedited shipping. It has still not arrived. Each day I get a new update from the USPS tracker saying it will be here by 9pm and it does not arrive. It said this about Saturday night Oct 21 so I allocated the rest of the weekend to study and get caught up. It did not arrive. By Monday night at midnight still nothing though it said by 9pm. Today, October 24, still nothing. I have been dropped from my class for non-participation because I didn’t have the textbook from which to study. Clearly it was a bad choice for me to try to save some money and rely on a less expensive facilitated by your company. The headache has not been worth the money.

Oct 2017 I tried to sell a textbook back. Not only did Valore not send me my money, but they did not even bother to contact me saying they couldn't accept the book due to "water damage" (which is absolutely unacceptable; it was brand new). They said they would ship it back and never did, and they won't even talk to me anymore. They steal and then come up with a poor excuse.
Oct 2017 I ordered a book through ValoreBooks and never recieved it. I asked for a full refund today. The subvendor was BloBooks. I will never order or recommend this company to anyone.
Sep 2017 First and last time i'll be buying from this site. I paid for 2 days shipping, 2 weeks later i haven't received the book yet. So frustating.
Sep 2017 Terrible service. I sent my book back on the 2nd of September and the seller is now responding that he haven't received the book when i have documents stating that the book was delivered to the correct address. So I'm figuring that I either lost out on the money or both. Never buying another book from this site again.
Sep 2017 I have never been so disappointed in a book rental company. This is the most shadiest website I have ever been on. My book has not even shipped yet and its been a week already. You try to get in contact and no one apparently works there. I am trying to get my American Express to get in contact with them and review them as a company as they have had multiple complaints about ValoreBooks from many people.
Sep 2017 If I could rate it lower than 1 star I would. I purchased a book and requested to cancel 5 min after I placed the order and instead a week later I got an email that it's being delivered. They take way too long to ship and the staff they have online to chat with are no help. In a few words if you can avoid it VOID! Go on amazon they are more reliable
Sep 2017 I ordered a book from here. Seven days later, my order still hadn't been "confirmed" in the tracking, so I contacted them. They responded in a few hours (at least that was quick) to tell me they no longer had the book so were cancelling my order. I wonder how much longer I would have had to wait before they would have told me this. And, why are they selling books on their site that they no longer have? Maybe their software doesn't update sales right away. But by day two they should have figured that out, right? Beware if you need a book quickly. You may not get it.
Sep 2017 ValoreBooks provides no protection against renters who cancel order - processed and charged - if they see an uptick in demand of an item and repost their item at a higher price. I had my order cancelled four days after and was given an email saying the renter cannot process because the item is no longer available. I saw that the same renter (MarketPlace) has relisted my book on Valore site at a 50% increase. The renter lied. ValoreBook did not address my complaints and their customer service replies showed that it did not fully understand the issue for it had misattributed the problem at hand. This tells me that at Valore, this practice is a common practice. In the meantime, I am scrambling to reoder a book one week into my semester. Not professional and a horrible business model.
Aug 2017 The worst company I have dealt with. They are dishonest, do not pay you the amount they quote, claim books cannot be sold back after they have accepted them on the website (I sent 5 brand-new, never used books with absolutely no damage and they claimed they could not buy-back 2 of them with no explanation as to why not, they paid me for only 2, and I have no idea what happened to the third book that was included in my shipment). I found them to be dishonest and uncooperative and I do not recommend using them, as there are many other reputable companies to deal with.
Aug 2017 Ordered book on 08/21/2017. Received email on 08/22/2017 that it had been shipped expedited delivery. Multiple attempts to get a tracking # were completely ignored. Customer service only stated it could take 3-5 business days when I asked on day 5. Received book on 08/30/2017. It wasn't truly shipped until 08/28/2017. Book was not what was ordered. Also would not call condition the promised very good. Would only call it fair condition.
Aug 2017 Very poor customer service. I sent in a book for sellback mid July, and then that sellback was approved for payment July 27th, 2017. It is not almost September and I still have not received payment. I have talked through the chat with two agents and both have told me I am wrong and had my order number confused. I then called in and the customer service agent told me I would receive a phone call concerning the issue. I later received a sloppy email (my name was spell wrong, grammar mistakes, very rude) saying that the re-issued check would still take up to 14-21 business days. I would never recommend Valore books to anyone nor will I be using their service again.
Aug 2017 Consistently Cancel Your Orders. I stopped buying books from them a few years ago because the books dont arrive half the time and then you get the email that it was cancelled? Cancelled by who you ask? Cancelled by the sellers, as apparently they are allowed to list their books on multiple sites and wait to see which one sells it for more... then just cancel your order.
I gave them another chance today, and they got better... the cancel email is at least on the same day. Very annoying.
Aug 2017 I rented a book from here yesterday but later realized it was not what I needed and since then I've been trying to contact the rental provider and the company's customer service line. There was no number listed, just a bunch of questions with answers that we're not at all what I needed. I would not recommend this site at all.
Aug 2017 I was hesitant to use this buyback because of the rating, but I am satisfied with the experience. It took about a week longer to receive confirmation that the book had been accepted than another company that I used for other books (they were all sent out at the same time). I received an email saying it could take up to 15 days to receive payment, but two days later I had a paypal email that the money was there and available where the other companies money sat pending for 3-4 days before I could touch it. Overall process was around 2 weeks. I would use them again.
Aug 2017 Horrible company that charged my account and then said something g went wrong on they're end for processing. I have to order new books for school but will it get a refund from Valore for 7-10 days. No explanation on why they charged me and then canceled!!
Aug 2017 Do NOT sell your books to this company. I sold books to multiple companies and shipped them out on the same date and received payments from all the other companies before I even heard back from Valore Books. Finally after TWO plus weeks I had to contact them myself to figure out what was going on only to find out that my book had been rejected (basically a brand new book) and was now going to be 'recycled'- aka sold to someone else without giving me any payment. They said it was up to me to request to have it sent back within a two week period (yes, apparently you have to request to have your own book sent back to you) and the best part is that it will take up to 45 days to receive it. Thank you, Valore Books, you and your customer service reps are unprofessional, rude and each one I talked to gave me a different story- I will never use your services again and will be sure that none of my friends do either.
Aug 2017 This is the worst and the longest i have ever waited for a textbook buyback! And i have used almost every company/ website out there. I sent a brand new book nearly a month ago and still this thing is not completed. For comparison's sake, the same day I shipped this book to valorebooks, I also shipped a similar book to renttext.com Their payment for the said book POSTED TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT 3 WEEKS AGO!!! Thats outrageous, dont you think? Meanwhile I still dont have my funds from valorebooks.
Yes, it says that the payment has been approved (and sent to my PayPal) days ago; however, I have not received anything. When I contacted your company yesterday, I was rudely told to call Paypal, because clearly Paypal makes a lot of mistakes with people's money.
I want you to know that you have lost a good customer due to all this, and all these facts will reflect in all my reviews of your site.
Aug 2017 I have used them four times now successfully. I've had nothing but prompt service.No problems whatsoever.
Aug 2017 Normally...........Valore takes many days to process your books. My last two sellback transactions have been phenomenal!! Processed quickly and paid. Good work....keep it up!
Jul 2017 Be very careful about shipping your books to this company. I shipped six items and was told that only five arrived. When I contacted the individual, they stated that they only received five books even though the book that was missing was at the bottom of the packaging!
Jul 2017 They paid me the price quoted and it was $20 more than other vendors. Received check quickly. Had concerns with all of the bad reviews but decided to chance it.
Jul 2017 I recently placed an order with ValoreBooks. About 2 days later, I received an email saying that my order could not be processed- no specification as to why. I was instructed to contact them, so I chatted with a representative who could also not explain why their system could not process my order. I inquired to see if the book was still available, wondering if someone else had simply bought it before me, and I was told that there was no issue with the book/seller. The only suggestion given was to try to order it a second time. Unfortunately I need this book sooner rather than later for school, so I explained I would be looking to other websites to ensure that my order would not be delayed for a second time. Although the representative was polite, I was disappointed no apologies were made or explanation as to what went wrong. Frankly I felt hurried along in the conversation, I feel as if the customer service is lacking.
Jul 2017 I only gave them a 2 star because they did pay me for books that I sold back but they were small amounts, I sold them one book that was quoted $37.70 to be rejected and it just says "below buyers standards" they couldn't tell me why , that book was in great condition so I don't understand that what so ever!

Sellers Beware : apparently you sale your books to them and they wait for a buyer to come along before they release funds, they also give the buyer a certain amount of time to return the book in which you will not get paid for if they change their minds or just don't need the book anymore!

other vendors like textbookrush, don't do that kind of stuff Valorebooks needs to change there practices!
Jul 2017 We have processed dozens of orders with ValoreBooks with no issues.
Jul 2017 They rejected my book with no valid reason given. The rejection reason on the site said there was water damage when there was none, and their support team refused to confirm any rejection reason. When my book was returned, I sold it to another buyback company without any problems. I'm glad they at least sent me back my book, so it wasn't a complete waste of time and money, but I should've trusted the other reviews.
Jun 2017 Sell books to other vendors before, never experienced a vendor like this by rejecting the book for no reason.
Jun 2017 Mailed out 7 boxes of books to different places... every single one payed me. Valore took a while to issue payment but other then that, everyThing was smooth. If your books are in good condition send them in. Thank you Valore Books!!
May 2017 I emailed the seller and told him I had to have the book by June 1 the day I placed the order 5/22 or I would have to cancel. The response was that the book would be mailed by 5/23. The book has been sitting since 5/23 with shipping label prepared...really? Today is 5/30... I will never order from Valor again or recommend them to anyone.
May 2017 If I could leave zero stars I would. ValoreBooks is not a good place to sellback books. I should of read the reviews before but I made a mistake and did not. I sent a book in which took two weeks to just get and reject me. And I got no response to why it was not accepted. All I got was that it would be returned in 30 business days. This textbook was in perfect condition. I never even used it. Yet I still got no response to why it was rejected and for that I am leaving a negative feedback. Do not use this site for sellback. Guess you have to be the chosen one to let your book be processed.
Apr 2017 ValoreBooks was the first place I chose to sell books back to. Loved the way their website worked and how fast and professional they were through the process. Will definitely use them again. Really fast getting a check to me. Thanks!!
Apr 2017 Valore sold this book and it was sold back to them in the same condition it is was received since it was never used. Valore refused to say specifically why the book was not accepted even though they were the ones who inspected and rejected the book. Clearly there is something wrong in this situation.
Mar 2017 I used the pre-paid label provided by Valore to ship my items via USPS. I dropped off the items on-time, yet they took over a month to get there. When they finally arrived, the quote had been adjusted to my detriment of $109.10. They did not offer to assist in this issue.
ValoreBooks Response: hi there! Our apologies for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, our quotes are generated on files that reset every 30 days. For this reason, sellback orders must be delivered and begin processing prior to the 30th day before the system resets. Of course if you have record that shows the shipping carrier held onto your package for longer than a week without movement, let us know and we'll be happy to review. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Feb 2017 I came to this site after having ordered from Valore to see all of these negative comments wishing I hadn't ordered my book from them, but it was cheap and I paid for expedited shipping because I need the book ASAP. I kept checking my bank account never to see the payment come out and went to my email today to check on the order status and it had been mysteriously cancelled. It seems this is a huge problem for Valore. I will never use this service again nor will I advise anyone else to use it.
ValoreBooks Response: I'm sorry to hear that your books could not be delivered to you. ValoreBooks regrets that we could not help fulfill your order in the time you needed. If you find there are other sellers on our site with that item in their inventory, please feel free to place a new order with them. We will do our best to make sure you receive the books you need.
Feb 2017 I ordered 4 books from ValoreBooks. I paid from expedited shipping and received conformation about all the books. After waiting a week, none of the books arrived. I had to go online to find out that all 4 orders had been cancelled. They didn't even have the courtesy to tell me my orders were cancelled. I will never use or recommend this company to anyone!
ValoreBooks Response: Our apologies that your order couldn’t be processed. There seems to be an issue with your payment information. Please check your card with your bank and contact our support team for further assistance
Dec 2016 I have rented books from ValoreBooks and I have sold books back to them. This company has worked well for me. No one ever gets a large percentage back of what they paid for a book, but ValoreBooks does a good job of giving the highest price available for books. They also have reasonably priced books as well. I recommend them often.