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Since we began as a home-based enterprise in 1999 we have grown steadily, thanks to our customers, yet retained that family-style approach to doing business that we think is the real key to our success. We treat our staff like we would ourselves, and they, in turn, go the extra mile for customers like you.

Our friendly and experienced customer service team is committed to helping you every step of the way. Like replying to your emails or chats courteously and promptly, and making sure that when you reach out to us, we provide you with the answers you're looking for.

Read our blog post to learn How Buyback Quotes Work on Bookbyte and be sure to thoroughly evaluate your book for its condition and ISBN—which are specific to edition and binding type. If in doubt, make sure to check with the publisher as we cannot return books per our buyback policy.

Have a question or need support? Contact us at wecare@bookbyte.com.

Website: http://www.bookbyte.com
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Nov 2020 I've always had great transitions with Bookbyte.I highly recommend.
Nov 2020 First time selling to Bookbyte , process was easy.Will sell to them again.
Nov 2020 The condition is very good
Oct 2020 Easy to follow directions to send in textbook for trade in, payment received quickly. Would send in another trade given the opportunity.
Sep 2020 Slow to check in item. Slow with payments.
Sep 2020 Super easy to use, great buyback prices, and super fast processing and payment!
Sep 2020 Sent my book and got paid a week later.
Sep 2020 Book scouter and bookbyte were both great, easy to use and the latter quick to pay.
Aug 2020 Easy and straightforward process. I would recommend them and plan to use them in the future.
Jul 2020 Fast, Easy and Fair pricing, thank you!
Jun 2020 Quick and accurate payment, would sell to them again!
Jun 2020 Super easy and fast processing!!!
Jun 2020 Books received and promptly received payment. Highly recommended.
Jun 2020 Always very efficient and generous in buyback policies.
May 2020 Super easy and fast process for textbooks. As soon as they received the books I was paid quickly. I see and agree with the high ratings for Bookbyte!
May 2020 Easy shipping and they paid the full amount of the quote.
May 2020 Fast and easy process to sell my textbook online. The instructions were very thorough and simple to follow! They only bought 1 of my 3 books which was disappointing, but can't complain about the process of selling the 1!
May 2020 they are one of the best bidders in the purchase of books and they pay very fast
Apr 2020 Site easy to use. Payments fair and fast.
Apr 2020 Satisfied with every step in process of selling a book to Bookbyte. Flawless experience.
Apr 2020 Very easy process. Started order on a Friday, shipped the book back using the provided return label, had cash in my Paypal account six business days later for the full amount of the quote. I'm very satisfied and will use this vendor again.
Mar 2020 The whole process was flawless.✨ ⭐️✨
Shipping label was generated immediately. Actual shipping took a few days to be delivered. As soon as delivered my order was processed and I was issued my full quoted price for my book. The whole process took less than 10 days, from me printing the label, to being paid for my book. Excellent experience, will definitely use again. 👍👍
Feb 2020 Great service and extremely fast payment. Highly recommended!
Nov 2019 My experience with Bookbyte has been very good, I found them to be efficient, honest and fair in their pricing.They followed through on their original quote, they were quick about paying me and I will definitely use this company again.
Nov 2019 At first i was very nervous about doing this but Iam so glad i did it. Thank you so much
Nov 2019 The whole process was extremely easy and payment was prompt! I've used multiple for vendors to sell books through, and I can honestly say that bookbyte delivered! Thank you!
Oct 2019 Great service and they pay promptly sold a few books . Will use them again
Oct 2019 Sold 2 books my son no longer needed. Very easy process. Paid promptly. Will use this company again
Oct 2019 Very convenient way to resell your books. Bookbyte takes books that other vendors would not. This removes the need to recycle, or donate the book, avoiding the carbon imprint involved, in those otherwise, laudable methods.
Oct 2019 Seamless transaction. I'll definitely use your services again. Thanks!
Oct 2019 After holding on to one of my sons college books for 2 years I found bookbyte online and what an easy simple transaction it was. They sent me the information on how to send the book, I printed up a mailing label they provided for me and that was it. I received my check about 2 weeks later.
Oct 2019 Bookbyte is streamlined and easy to use. Their process is quick and efficient and payment is super prompt. Will be happy to send more books to them in the future!
Sep 2019 Just got scammed by them. Thought I'd try them out instead of my usual go-to companies. For my very 1st order I sent them 1 book for $23 to test the waters and see how fast they pay. Well, they sent me an email stating that they've suspended my account and that the book I sent that was in Like-new condition is in "non-resalable condition". Just WOW!! I guess they won't get an order #2 from me. What a bunch of thieves!
Sep 2019 Sold about 5 books this month to bookbyte with no problems at all, Great as always , Thanks Bookbyte.
Sep 2019 Great experience, easy buyback process, very fair prices, quick processing and fast payment received. Much easier process than i expecte. I will certainly sell books here again in the future and will also buy books here as opposed to paying so much for new books on amazon and other sites.
Sep 2019 Sold 2 books I no longer needed. Very easy process. Paid promptly. Will use this company again.

Sep 2019 They did not accept my buyback, and also they do not return them back to me. 2 copies of ISBN-13: 9780133075229. It is robbed.
Sep 2019 I got a good price for my book. The transaction was quick. Overall I was happy and I would use this company again.
Aug 2019 great service and turn around time! very quick and easy
Aug 2019 Easy to use. Received check for the amount quoted online about two weeks after I sent the books in. Will use again without hesitation.
Aug 2019 Sold my daughter’s book though this site! Was very simple to process and I received the check promptly. Very pleased!
Aug 2019 I have used Bookbyte for lots of buyback orders for over 3 years they are top rate all around. Customer service is courteous and efficient.
Aug 2019 The process is very quick and easy. They gave me pretty good offer to repurchase my used book! The cool thing is they don't take into account for how much wear and tear of the book to offer the price. That is a plus. Will definitely use them again
Aug 2019 Bookbyte rejected a textbook I shipped to them, did not specify why, and then would not return. Poor customer support, all they desire is getting your book and reselling while giving you nothing in return.
Jul 2019 Bookbyte offered much more than several other sites I checked. The process was simple and payment was very prompt.
Jul 2019 Great communication! Easy to use website. Fast payment.
Jul 2019 All worked without issues. It was really nice selling books with them.
Jul 2019 Quick and easy process. Hope to use again. Thank you
Jul 2019 I have sold books to Bookbyte for a couple of years now..Excellent service...They pay what is quoted...the turn around is very quick and efficient...they keep you in the loop during the entire process....Very pleased and will gladly recommend.
Jul 2019 The process to return my book was simple and quick. I received as much money as was originally quoted.
Jul 2019 Sold two books last month with no problems like always , Thanks Bookbyte.
Jul 2019 Easy and fast!
Jul 2019 Fast and easy experience through Bookbyte! Will definitely use again in the future.
Jul 2019 Quick process and super simple to complete. I got much more money for my books than if I had sold them to my campus bookstore. I will only be selling them back online from now on. I wish that I had known about this ages ago.
Jul 2019 Nice and easy. Exactly as advertised. Would definitely work with Bookbyte in the future!
Jul 2019 Great service. It was fast and easy.
Jul 2019 Very happy customer. Sent my son's med school books and they promptly sent me a check for the amount I accepted. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Jul 2019 A real breeze to deal with, better than Chegg
Jul 2019 They don't work with flippers that use a prep facility. Just FYI.
Jun 2019 Great customer service and were pretty quick!
May 2019 Easy shipping and quick payment
May 2019 Great seller! A+
May 2019 Using Bookbyte was a pleasant experience! I just packed my books in a box and sent them off. I sent several textbooks to different companies and this one was the quickest! It took 6 days for them to receive my books and give payment through PayPal! Super quick and I recommend to everyone!
May 2019 It’s a really good website to sell books that you will never use again. I recommend it.
May 2019 Great service! Got the price we were quoted, shipping was easy and the payment was fast.
May 2019 Fast seems
May 2019 Process was smooth and received payment promptly, which is more than can be said for a lot of other places. I'll be using you guys more from now on. Thanks!
May 2019 Process was smooth and received payment promptly, which is more than can be said for a lot of other places. I'll be using you guys more from now on. Thanks!
May 2019 Process was smooth and received payment promptly, which is more than can be said for a lot of other places. I'll be using you guys more from now on. Thanks!
May 2019 It's a pleasure to do business with this company!
May 2019 Awesome service
May 2019 payment was received very fast.
May 2019 Quick full payment, thank you
May 2019 A+ company fast check-in and fast payment
May 2019 Smooth transaction and prompt payment.
May 2019 Easy to use and quick to pay
May 2019 I have been very satisfied with my recent Bookbyte experiences. I sold to Bookbyte in both March and April of this year and the books were processed expeditiously and payments were made quickly. I hope to do more business with them.
May 2019 I have been very satisfied with my recent Bookbyte experiences. I sold to Bookbyte in both March and April of this year and the books were processed expeditiously and payments were made quickly. I hope to do more business with them.
May 2019 Easy to navigate the site. Price was fair.
May 2019 Fast and easy process. Thank you.
May 2019 Awesome! Best price, great communication and fast, accurate payment
May 2019 Your company was easy to use and I received payment quickly. I will use them in the future also.
May 2019 Easy to use, quick to pay.
May 2019 Easy to use, quick to pay.
May 2019 Great bookstore to do business
Apr 2019 Easy, fast, very satisfied!! I would use again.
Apr 2019 Easy to use. Simple to mail the book and got paid. Too bad they don't buy more books. I have tons!
Apr 2019 Fast, easy, no issues. I look forward to selling my books here.
Apr 2019 Fast, easy, no issues. I look forward to selling my books here.
Apr 2019 Easy sale process and quick, reliable payment. I would use again.
Apr 2019 Very expedient process with Bookbyte. Easy transaction experience and quick turnaround time with the process of payment. Bookbyte gave me the promised quote as stated and I thought the whole process was very straightforward and expedient.
Apr 2019 Great transaction experience with Bookbyte. Quick turnaround time for payment and all-around expedient process from sale of used books to received payment. The quotes are accurate and Bookbyte paid what was stated on every item.
Apr 2019 I had no problems. It was easy to check and see which books they would accept. Shipping was easy. I was able to track where my box was at all times. My check came back sooner than they said! I didn’t get much for my books, but it was something and better than throwing them away or trying to keep storing them.
Mar 2019 I was a bit scared reading some of the reviews for this i was skeptical to send my. Book but once i did i tracked it and they followed up with when they got the book the check came within 3 days i will reccomend them . They even sent me how much they are giving to me for the book i will be doing buisness with them again
I would reccomend them
Mar 2019 I sent quite a few books off to various companies recently and Bookbyte was the only one that gave me the promised quote amount on every order. They also sent payment very fast. I feel they are a trustworthy company.
Feb 2019 I was very hesitant to use this company given the poor ratings; however I was pleasantly surprised. I sent them a textbook which was in excellent condition. I received an email confirmation when the book was received and a check arrived in the mail a week or 2 later. Everything went smoothly.
Dec 2018 Sent them five books over the last two months They have been great every time, Thank you bookbyte.
Dec 2018 They claimed I sent them an Instructor's Edition. Instructor's Editions are clearly marked and many have "Not For Sale" on them. Bookbyte provided no proof of the alleged edition. So, "no returns" means they can steal any book with no recourse. $45 buck loss, Stay Away!
Bookbyte Response: Thank you for taking the time to write a review. I can certainly understand your frustration not receiving the kind of payment you were expecting. If you could please reach out to me directly at wecare@bookbyte.com with your order number, I would very much like to further investigate the difference in payment you received and see what we can do to further improve our service.

Thank you,