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Barnes and Noble buyback program is handled by Textbooks.com, so I recommend selling to them directly and avoid dealing with the extra company in the middle. Their prices always match to the penny.

The Online Buyback Center manages the Sell and Buyback programs for Barnes & Noble.com. The Center also handles all customer service issues related to these processes.

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May 2018 Helpful service. A very happy experience. I recommend the B&N in Massapequa.
May 2018 A nice experience with very friendly staff. My wife and I love the layout of the store: always clean, comfortable and inviting.
Feb 2018 Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Please don't give them your business, there are plenty of other choices.
Dec 2017 I shipped a book after receiving a quote for a fair price on the used textbook. The book was used one semester, it is in great shape with not writing or highlighting. I received an email that it could not be accepted and would be "destroyed" because the access code was used. OF COURSE IT WAS! It was a used textbook. Nothing indicated that an unused access code was needed - "CDs, study guides, diskettes or other loose-leaf items" were needed but this book did not include them. I can't buy a USED textbook with an access code - I always have to buy the access code separately if I purchase a used book, so without it specifically stated that the access code needs to unused, how would anyone know that?! Now, to get my book back I need to pay $8.95, but the person that can process the the payment for that is not available at the moment but should call me back this evening or Monday. If this isn't processed within a week, they "destroy" the book.....why do I get the impression they plan to resell my used book without compensating me for the book I "sold" to them? I've sold many textbooks.....I thought Barnes and Noble would be a reputable company to deal with.....I can see why Amazon would have been a better choice....even though I'd have received less money!!
Nov 2017 Giving NO stars. Horrible customer service on line. Have a membership which was purchased under a different email address. Absolutely no one on line can help because I their phone system sucks. Will not purchase from here again.
Oct 2017 Generally good. I like the layout of the stores. I was very disappointed, however, to see the local store (Champaign, IL) has eliminated the New Release shelf for fantasy and science fiction, and instead just files the new releases in the stacks by author. (Supposedly the new releases are placed face-out instead of spine-out, but the book I was looking for had been filed spine-out, and this was on its first day of release.) I hope this is not a new chain-wide policy.