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CKY Books   


We are located in the beautiful horse country of Nicholasville, KY and have been operating online since 2004. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and convenience.

Customer Service: info@ckybooks.com or call 877-311-9544.

See our Book Condition Policy for questions about what book types and conditions we accept.

Website: http://www.ckybooks.com/
Pays via PayPal
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Vendor Pays Shipping
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Nov 2018 Very great company fast check in and very fast payment definitely would recommend using them. Super awesome and amazing company. Paid on time and and for the exact amount.
Oct 2018 CKY Books is a total scam. I listened to the reviews and sent a brand new textbook to them. They quoted me $20, even though that price was very low for it's going price. I had to pay for my own shipping label because C. Allen wouldn't generate one for me - which their service says they provide. I paid $5.60 to have the book sent. I received an email stating they received my book, processed it, and it's in good condition, and passes their "condition requirements." So tell me why C. Allen now says they're only paying $10 for the book? When I asked C. Allen for my book to be sent back to be, he was incredibly rude. He is the epitome of "terrible customer service" - and for a business to have someone like this in their ranks? *Shake my head.* C. Allen told me he would only send my book back if I paid him $15 plus tax (Tax for what!?). Then he threatened me in an EMAIL - written proof. He also stated he would not pay me and he would not send my book back to me. Terrible customer service! Scam business!
Jan 2018 Best experience selling back books I’ve had. Great customer service. USPS had a little mixup and they helped me tremendously to get it resolved!
Dec 2017 I saw that this book cite had good reviews for buyback and had a very good price when comparing to other cites, so I sold it, printed the labels, sent it away, watched tracking, and so far so good! I haven't gotten payment yet, but I know it takes time to come and it's been the holidays and I haven't been home. Looks good so far though! Thank you for a great place to get money back on textbooks!
Dec 2017 CKY BOOKS IS FANTASTIC. Very easy to navigate the site. They give you step by step instructions, free shipping label to just box up your books, drop off and sit back. They issued my payment promptly and i was overall very pleased with them.
Dec 2017 It was super fast and easy. Received the money in my PayPal account the day after they received my book. I recommend CKY Books and if I ever have textbooks that I want to sell, this is the first place I am checking
Nov 2017 Used several times, never had a problem.
Nov 2017 Sold two different groups of books at the same time - fast and easy with prepaid postage. Will definitely use again.
Nov 2017 Quick and easy. Excellent service and fast payment.
Nov 2017 It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Look forward to doing business again in the future.
Nov 2017 very efficient at getting things done. keeps in touch with client at every stage of processing order. Will definitely use again.
Nov 2017 My favorite buyback company, by far. They pay promptly and I've not experienced any issues.
Nov 2017 Processed order rapidly. Offered and paid high prices. Will return.
Oct 2017 Fast and efficient transaction! Very satisfied with my first experience in selling with CKY Books. Will use again!
Sep 2017 Crazy good/fast service!!
Sep 2017 The service was easy and quick. I would definitely use them again.
Sep 2017 Very easy process and a great experience! I will definitely sell CKY more books.
Aug 2017 Most volatile rates I've seen. Seems like they change minute to minute. On several occasions I had groups of books the CKY seemed to have a bid pricing on, then, only moments later they disappeared. Hard to do business with a vendor who doesn't have stable bids.
Jun 2017 The combination of an easy to navigate website and the immediate response to my request to sell my books resulted in me making a good profit on a book investment. I would highly recommend CKY to my friends. I received payment for the books I sent within 3 days of the date I put them in the mail with the CKY-provided label. I am very satisfied.
Jun 2017 Easy and quick!
Jun 2017 Very great service!! Keeps you updated with the shipping and processing. I would recommend this to anyone!
Jun 2017 Fast and super easy to do! Thanks so much!
Jun 2017 super fast response and super easy to use this site! I will use it again!!
Jun 2017 Service was great once I could confirm that the book was received. The tracking system seems to have glitches but customer service was right on it and processed the order quickly.
Jun 2017 They did take a little longer than I expected to send a reply back about when my package was received, but when I messaged them they replied back to explain what the reason was for the delay. Other than that the same day, of course after they let me know my package was received and inspected, I got my funds. Plus they gave me the highest amount of refund for my book. Will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. I'll also be returning with them for other books that need to be sold.
May 2017 Had a slight issue, but customer service was GREAT! I appreciate the quick resolution & timely responses I received. Will definitely recommend & use CKY books again. Thank you!
May 2017 This company is flat out amazing! Customer service is flawless. Received, inspected and paid me for my two books on the same day. This is my second sellback transaction with CKY....hope to have many more!
May 2017 Outstanding Transaction, 5 Stars in every aspect! Site is easy to use. Excellent customer service and very fast response to my inquiry by email. Superfast payment after items were received and inspected! Highly recommend CYK Books!
May 2017 Worked as it should. I sent books off to 6 vendors last Saturday (I work a friends of the library group). CKY was the first to let me know the check was in the mail.
May 2017 This was the first time I worked with CKY Books through BookScouter.com. Everything was easy - from the offer process to shipping to payment. I recommend them.
May 2017 Went smoothly. All is well.
May 2017 Smooth transaction (start to finish)! Books arrived.....checked in next business day...payment issued within a couple hours of check in. 5 Stars!!
May 2017 This is my first time doing this and I was not sure which company to use. Based on the reviews, I decided to use this company and I have not regretted. CKY books is the best one out there. You are notified when they receive the books and also when they pay you. You will definitely not regret.
May 2017 Fast paid shipping, same day review and payment issued! Email communication and updates were provided from start to finish. 5 stars!
Apr 2017 Thank you for a smooth and seamless transaction.
Apr 2017 very satisfied with this company buying my books
Apr 2017 From the time I sent in books to the time I got paid was about a week. Very fast process, no shipping fees, excellent communication and no waiting for a week or two from the time they receive the books to when you get paid. Sad to say I don't have any other books I can sell that they need right now.
Apr 2017 What a marvelous experience I had with CKY Books. I added the books they'd purchase to my cart; I received my shipping label, packaged my books and took them to FedEx; I received email confirmation when the package arrived & when the books were being processed. Then, I received email notice that my payment had been made. All of this in 4 days! Wow!
Apr 2017 excellent will be dealing with them again.
Apr 2017 Fastest turnaround from when I shipped the books to you receiving them, inspecting them and then sending a check. Thank you so much. Can't wait to receive the check.
Apr 2017 Super fast shipping, processing and payment. Great vendor.
Apr 2017 Have had two buy-back transactions with CKY, both stellar experiences. They keep you notified every step of the way, and are fast, fast, fast!
Mar 2017 Simple, easy and quick! I was super impressed!
Mar 2017 Wow! So impressed by the speed of service. Thanks CKY Books!
Mar 2017 I was shocked at how quickly I received the payment for my book. It only took 5 days from the day I shipped my books.
Mar 2017 Great buy back offers and fast payment. What they offered is exactly what I received. Very pleased with this transaction!
Mar 2017 Excellent service. I'd use this company again.
Mar 2017 Fast and friendly service. Prompt payment which was much appreciated!
Mar 2017 I have used CKY several times and have always received payment within a week. I am very pleased with their service, and will continue to do business with them.
Mar 2017 CKY Books provides great service! They gave reasonable prices for books, provided free shipping, and were prompt in giving feedback on how the review process was going. They stuck to the prices that they quoted me on initially and from the moment they received the books, it took them a day to process everything until the point of payment. Will definitely use them again.
Feb 2017 Great website. Everything was fast and it's very easy to use website
Feb 2017 No hassle at all! It was a quick and easy shipment and they are getting back to me with my payment method as soon as possible! I would highly recommend to friends because the payment for the book I sold here had the highest slur out of all the sites I looked at.
Feb 2017 I absolutely love working with CKY Books. They pay top dollar and very fast shipping and payment. I will continue selling my books to CKY Books.
Feb 2017 This is an awesome company and I will definitely do business with them again. Service was prompt and the site is easy to use.
Feb 2017 Very fast, and keeps you notified throughout the process.
Feb 2017 AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! Got a quote instantly which gave me the most for my book. I printed a shipping label (provided by them for free), dropped it off, and had the full amount sent to my paypal within 2 days. Definitely doing all my business with CKY from now on!
Feb 2017 quick and accurate payment
Feb 2017 Great service easy shipping and fast service
Jan 2017 This is the first time I've done this and it was so easy and I'd recommend this site.
Jan 2017 My first experience with this company was very wonderful. They were very prompt and kept me well informed during the process!!
Jan 2017 Super fast check-in and payment!
Jan 2017 They updated me every step of their process and sent payment promptly and without fuss, I wish every buy back service were so thorough.
Jan 2017 I had a great experience selling my book to them! I got paid quickly and the exact amount they quoted me!