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Chegg, the #1 textbook rental company, will pay you for your used textbooks. You can receive payment via American Express Gift Card, or Chegg credit. Just enter your ISBN, get a quote, and ship your books to Chegg. Chegg will inspect your book and pay you within 1-10 days depending on your payment method.

Website: http://www.chegg.com/
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Oct 2019 For years I was reluctant to use Chegg's buyback services because of so much negative feedback. One day I said, "Why not test the waters and see what happens." I have send them a numbers of buyback orders over the last few months and have had no problem whatsoever. My experience with them up to this point has been very positive.
Aug 2019 I sent a couple of book of minor value to Chegg and had no problems whatsoever receiving payment promptly...like 3-4 days after receipt. I also like that they have no minimum so I can send them my books right away instead of having to stockpile them until I meet a minimum order.
Jul 2019 Maybe I'm just lucky, but my recent dealings with Chegg have been positive. The turnaround from buyback generation to payment has been surprisingly quick. Other vendors I deal with seem to drag their feet. Not Chegg.