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Chegg, the #1 textbook rental company, will pay you for your used textbooks. You can receive payment via American Express Gift Card, or Chegg credit. Just enter your ISBN, get a quote, and ship your books to Chegg. Chegg will inspect your book and pay you within 1-10 days depending on your payment method.

Website: http://www.chegg.com/
Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
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Oct 2019 For years I was reluctant to use Chegg's buyback services because of so much negative feedback. One day I said, "Why not test the waters and see what happens." I have send them a numbers of buyback orders over the last few months and have had no problem whatsoever. My experience with them up to this point has been very positive.
Aug 2019 I sent a couple of book of minor value to Chegg and had no problems whatsoever receiving payment promptly...like 3-4 days after receipt. I also like that they have no minimum so I can send them my books right away instead of having to stockpile them until I meet a minimum order.
Jul 2019 Maybe I'm just lucky, but my recent dealings with Chegg have been positive. The turnaround from buyback generation to payment has been surprisingly quick. Other vendors I deal with seem to drag their feet. Not Chegg.
Nov 2018 A book returned to me had a Chegg store sticker placed on it. I never told them that I was allowing them to keep my book. My advice, do not pick this company.
Oct 2018 Website said order was in transit. Tracking said it was received on September 11, 2018. Tried emailing customer service. No response. Almost a month since they have had my book, and no payment in sight. Used to be good. Business ethics now highly questionable.
Jul 2018 They used to be pretty good, but I would be wary of them lately. Recently I sent them an expensive text I believed to be in good condition. They told me it wasn't and kept it.
Jun 2018 I do not recommend company. I have been waiting for payment for May 23rd. I made 3 attempts to get a check payment. On my third attempt, I'm told I should receive by July 17th. This company is too much of hassle to utilize.
Jun 2018 Worst company to deal with. They will take back your good books and then tell you its bad and it will be 'recycled'.
Jun 2018 They used to be a really stellar book company. I have been selling to Chegg since 2012. Lately, they are really poor to work with. Will claim books are in a condition not acceptable when I know they are in good condition. Will promise to return books if requested and then fail to do so. Very poor communication.
May 2018 Have rented/bought multiple books from them and they were great, sold a few to them and the service was not the same. I buy a textbook for $50+ and they say they'll buyback for $5 or that I can just donate it to them. Live chat support never works properly and the "help" I receive is subpar at best, not even to say that it takes some digging to even find the contact information if the live support isn't on, and they never answer my questions. Buying/renting from them I would recommend, but definitely not selling.
May 2018 Horrible. Used to be acceptable (but never great), but have gone way downhill in 2018. I have several open orders more than a month old that they say they have received and checked in, but no payment yet. Also, they only pay by check. They will often pay for a single book on one check (how is this cost-effective?). I received a check for $4.55 today, and the stub gives me zero clue what order it is for (and 4.55 is a common offer from them). Finally, they have a monthly limit of items you are "allowed" to sell them. After you reach the limit, you're blocked from selling more. Do they want the books or not?
Mar 2018 I sold them two books in August 2017... I have called in 3 times over the past 8 months... They have promised to pay me 3 times. I have never received the payment. I am a professional book purchaser of 7 years. Shame on them. DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR BOOKS.
Mar 2018 They set you up for services you never asked for and refuse to give you your money back. Terrible!
Mar 2018 Beware! I sent in 10, $100 books all in "VERY GOOD" shape. Corners were barely rounded. They only accepted 2 books and said the rest were in 'poor' condition. I had to call in during a very short 14 day window they were just going to KEEP THEM WITHOUT PAYING ME! If prices seem too high, it seems they notice the mistake and just give a reason not to pay their mistakenly high quote.
Mar 2018 Do NOT sell to chegg. Been over a month, have no received payment or any type of email letting me know why it took so long so when I called and emailed the billing company they said my book was a fake. Which it's not, I spent hope money on that book. Right now they're trying to determine if it's real or not and they said if the author says it's fake I will not received payment and they are going to keep my book.