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Blue Rocket Books was founded by former college students and is based out of Austin, TX. For every book we purchase through our website we donate a book to a local literacy project.

Contact support at customerservice@bluerocketbooks.com.

Blue Rocket Books
301 Chicon Street Unit F
Austin, TX 78702

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Aug 2019 I sold 4 books to Blue Rocket Books, and received an email a week later informing me that one of my books was rejected “due to liquid stains and markings” though there were none. I have not received payment or information regarding my other 3 books and I don’t expect to. They get you to sell them your books by providing the best quotes on Bookscouter, but then they steal from you. I have the option to pay $4.95 for my book to be shipped back. In either case, I am out 4 books or $4.95. I would not recommend that anyone do business with Blue Rocket Books!
Aug 2019 gave misleading quote for a book in good condition
Aug 2019 I agree with the other ***** rating! It was very easy and didn't take long for the payment. I'd recommend!!!
Jun 2019 I'm done with them. They reduce the amount they pay without explaining why or worse yet, pay nothing with no explanation. They may have the highest quotes on Bookscouter, but they often don't actually pay that amount. Stay away.
Jun 2019 I was kind of put off by all the negative ratings, but after trying it I personally have nothing against bluerocket. It was very easy to ship and didn’t take long for the payment. I’d recommend!
May 2019 VERY FAST turn around. I was dinged for one of my books for having highlighting in a study book. I thought the rule was for no more than 6 pages in a work book and I do not believe I went over 6 pages (but could not 100% be sure on this- I just barely used that book but its whatever). I accepted their adjustment to my pay. Received my check extremely fast! I sent all my books to three different companies on the same day and this company was the fastest. Other books went elsewhere just because the other companies were offering more for those other books.
Apr 2019
Blue Rocket Books was very quick to process the books I shipped to them as I received payment within a couple of days. It was also the exact amount they offered! I will sell to them again without hesitation.
Feb 2019 Great company. No problems. I received my Payment 3 days after the books arrived.
Feb 2019 This was my first time with Blue Rocket Books. The Website was easy to use. About 5 days after I shipped my book they sent me an email saying the books were received. A few days later I received another email that said my payment was made. I will definitely use them again at the end of the semester.
Jan 2019
Don't bother to sell your expensive books to them.
Here's why:
I have tried to get information regarding my order to them and there is nowhere on the site to easily communicate. Finally, after wasting my time searching around for an email or phone number, I found this:
When you send an email via regular mail such as Gmail, etc. you get a weird error so you can't send an email that way.
Or it will re-direct you to open Edge as a browser, which I don't want. It's too complicated.

So, if you had an issue with their not sending money or losing your books, etc. etc. you would have no way to communicate about it with them.
Don't do business with companies that are not easy to reach! It's not worth it!
Dec 2018 not good seller
because they purchased today and they canceled tomorrow
this is not good for business
Dec 2018 I sent them over $50 worth of books. They said most of the books were rejected. First of all, they only told me this after I followed up with them for the THIRD TIME and after 3 months! I will not be selling any books to them. They are thieves. Do not sell to them.
Nov 2018 They provided a quote for over $50 for three books. After I sent the books I received an email notification that all three books were rejected due to highlighting and that I had three days to respond whether I wanted to pay to have them returned. I've resold books to a variety of resellers and never had this issue before.
Nov 2018 I sold three brand new very nice books to them and shipped them out and it has now been almost 2 months later and I have not heard one word from them about my check. I have tried multiple times to get a hold of them but the emails keep bouncing back as undelivered. This is a huge scam and I am now out 3 books that I could of reused or give to other students and the very expensive original price. I feel like they just stole my books!!!! Why cant this company be gotten a hold of to take care of any issues. At this point I just want my books back!!!!
Nov 2018 These guys are the worst...stay away. They will pay you only half of the price that they quote you if they decide they can't sell your book on Amazon.
Oct 2018 They made it easy, after i mailed the book it was marked received by their warehouse w/in two days. As they state on their website, it did take almost 15 business days after receipt for payment to be processed, but i was paid the quoted price i was expecting.
Oct 2018 STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I sent them a brand new book, still in its wrapper. They confirmed receipt, said they had inspected it and the funds would be paid to my PayPal account. It's been over a month, funds have never been received by PayPal, yet when I access my account on the Blue Rocket website, it indicates I was paid. I have sent numerous e-mails to their customer service. They all bounce back as undeliverable. Steer clear of them. I would give them zero stars, but the rating link won't allow it.
Oct 2018 Received full payment via PayPal within a few weeks after sending in textbook.
Oct 2018 I had to remove the old stickers covering the barcode and this left a small stain. This apparantly was worth removing half the original price they offered me. The book had no other issues and this problem will realistically not affect how a student can use it in the slightest. They will find any way to bring down the price of your books. Do not use this company if you dont have to. If they are your only choice, make sure your book is immaculate or you'll lose out.
Sep 2018 BEWARE!!!! Sent them 3 books. They replied with an email that one of the books showed signs of being "counterfeit". I purchased it directly from the publisher, so I know that it was genuine. They not only paid me nothing for that book, but did not pay for the other two either. They will not return emails/phone calls. They essentially stole three books from me. DO NOT USE!!!! I will never use them again.
Sep 2018 They are impossible to get ahold of! I sent them a book to sell and they denied it due to excessive writing, I have pictures from the day I sent it to prove that it was in mint condition! Still have not heard from them, no book returned to me and no check. Terrible company, I will never use again.
Aug 2018 BEWARE!!!!!!! I will never sell a book back to Blue Rocket Books again. I received a $30 quote for a book in great condition. I sent the book. When they received it, I got an email from someone named Kim saying they dropped the buyback price to $15. When I complained she dropped it down to ZERO and told me to pay the shipping if I want it back. This company is a rip off. Sell your books somewhere else. They won't take your used books if there is so much as a bent corner!
Jun 2018 I believe that I was shorted a buck or two on my quote, but everything else went fine with this company. I would do business with them again.
Mar 2018 Would not recommend using this site to sell a book ever. I sold a book to them and followed all of there direction they quoted one price but then decided the book wasn't worth anything because there was a sticker on the back of it. When trying to have my book shipped back to me they claimed I needed to pay double the original shipping price in order to have it returned. I will never use this website again for anything.
Feb 2018 Terrible service, quoted one price and decided on a cheaper price when they received the book would never use again.
Feb 2018 Beware. Two checks from them bounced. Fight to get the money back.
Jan 2018 I have sold to BlueRocketBooks on several occasions
and they have always honored their quote.
Jan 2018 They rejected a book because it had writing on four pages and highlighting on two others. They offered to "recycle" the book for free or send it back to me if I paid the shipping cost. After discussing the matter further with them, they cancelled my account and are returning the books to me for "free". There are plenty of other book buyers available and I thank BOOKSCOUTER for helping me find them so that I will not have to use Blue Rocket ever again.
Dec 2017 Placed an order with them. They cancelled the next day. Sorry, that's not how it works - you can't say you're going to pay a certain amount and then say oops sorry not anymore.