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MyBookCart.com is located in scenic Deep River, CT. We have been selling used books since 2003. We have had thousands of satisfied customers. MyBookCart.com was started in early 2009. Throughout our years of selling used books, we understand what customers want: Fair price quotes, fast payment, good communication, excellent customer service, and an easy to use website. Each day we strive try to find new ways to exceed your expectations.

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Apr 2019 They agreed to buy my book. I mailed it to them. Within hours of them getting it they sent me a generic email that they think it is a copy of the book and so will not buy it and if I want it back, I have to pay them.

The book was in good shape and a full color text book in perfect condition. It was not a photocopy of a book.
They sent me a copy of the email of what they would pay me and no where in it do they state we may at our sole opinion deem your book is not real and if you then want it back, you have to pay us to get it back.

I never would have sent it to them had I been given full disclosure.

They also had a much higher price for the book than any other website that buys back books. Now I see how they can pay so much, because they get who knows how may books sent to them and then can at their sole opinion send you a email that it is not a real copy and if you want it back, you have to pay them.

They might as well offer to pay double what others pay, they can just deem the copy fake and require you to pay them to get it back. I have no confidence in this company.

I should have read the online reviews, as I see I am not alone in having a experience that was not good at all with this company.
Jul 2018 I am very nervous about this company, I should have read the reviews before I sent the textbook I paid almost $200 for. They will not answer their phone, nor will they answer any of the emails I have sent. I am highly disappointed.
Apr 2018 I sold back three textbooks and I received the amount quoted. I was paid within 4 days of them receiving my books, and I was able to track my package to them. I will use them again.
Feb 2018 They said they would pay $172.01 and after receiving my books they emailed and said I had not shipped them soon enough and would only pay $84.24 for three large textbooks in great shape. When I contacted them they were unkind and unhelpful. In the end I paid to have my books shipped back to me so I could sell them to an honest and reputable company. These people are lousy business owners. Sell your books elsewhere!!!!
Nov 2017 AVOID AVOID AVOID. Refused to pay or return our books- it's now 5 months later and we still have nothing from the. Sell your books elsewhere, it's not worth it
Nov 2017 Do not sell books to them, they will refuse to pay you and not return your books. We've had numerous issues with them
Oct 2017 Very untrustworthy book buyers. They took my books and have refused to pay for them. It's now been almost 4 months. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Even if you'd make an extra $5 from selling to them it's not worth the hassle
Aug 2017 I recently sent Mybookcart.com 3 books that I purchased used from 3 different sellers. According to them all 3 books were fake. They said the title page print supposedly looked unusual as well as the isbn number on the back of the cover. I purchased the books at one point from three established sellers on Ebay, all with 100% positive feedback. I had to pay both return and sent shipping costs. There was also a process and handling charge. Would not recommend this company.