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Bookstores.com has been online buying and selling and renting books since 2008. We’re growing more and more every day, buying and selling millions of titles every year and offering great prices and superior service to our customers.

Our textbook buyback program makes it easier than ever to get paid top dollar for your used and unwanted textbooks. Bookstores.com pays for your books 3 different ways - cash, PayPal, or store credit. When you select store credit, you receive 5% more on your buyback! Your payment will be delivered in 1 – 3 days after your books are processed. We provide a prepaid shipping label to send us your books.

Customer Service available 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Phone: (614) 486-3348
Email: help@bookstores.com

802 Avondale Ave.
Grandview Heights, OH 43212

Website: http://www.bookstores.com/
Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
Vendor Pays Shipping
Provides Shipping Label


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Rating Date Comments
Sep 2020 Beware! They received my buyback 3 months ago. They said it was having to be verified as authentic. I bought it directly from my school bookstore so I'm sure it is. They won't respond to any attempts to reach them.
May 2020 Been using bookstores.com for years and finally thought to leave them a 5-star rating here. They're always in my buyback list - competitively priced and rarely an issue.
Jun 2019 Excellent service and prompt payment. All books received were paid as quoted with no rejections or deductions common to many other sites.
Jun 2019 Excellent experience overall. Website worked well, prices were fair and shipping was easy. PayPal payment received promptly with no deductions or rejections so common with many other sites.
Mar 2019 I had a great experience. The quote process was easy and the shipping was fast. They had great email communication along the way so you always knew what to expect. They paid according to their quote and the check came within 10 days of receipt of the books. I was very happy with my first sell back experience.
Feb 2019 Prompt service! Each step in processing communicated via email.

I dropped my books off for Fedex ground Friday night and I received full payment in my Paypal account by the following Thursday.