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Bookstores.com has been online buying and selling and renting books since 2008. We’re growing more and more every day, buying and selling millions of titles every year and offering great prices and superior service to our customers.

Our textbook buyback program makes it easier than ever to get paid top dollar for your used and unwanted textbooks. Bookstores.com pays for your books 3 different ways - cash, PayPal, or store credit. When you select store credit, you receive 5% more on your buyback! Your payment will be delivered in 1 – 3 days after your books are processed. We provide a prepaid shipping label to send us your books.

Customer Service available 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Phone: (614) 486-3348
Email: help@bookstores.com

802 Avondale Ave.
Grandview Heights, OH 43212

Website: http://www.bookstores.com/
Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
Vendor Pays Shipping
Provides Shipping Label


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May 2018 Reading all the so-so reviews I was naturally wary however I have sent bookstores.com a number of shipments in the last 9 months and have had NO issues whatsoever.
Feb 2018 I do not use Bookstores.com very often. Thier $15 minimum is higher than any other book buyer. The quoted prices are not that bad but often just below other sites. This makes it difficult to put an order together with them and often sell books at a lower cost to reach the minimum. Other than that I find they are honest, they process my orders and pay me quickly. I have never had a book rejected by them.
Feb 2018 I have recently started using this company and for the most part they have paid what they quoted. Today they paid me nothing for 2 books that I sent. I find that disturbing because it concurs with what others have said in this feed back forum. I only sell clean, quality books. I sell to Powells and know what a quality book looks like. If it happens again I’ll share it here.
Feb 2018 Consistently say books are damaged and they are normal. Sent books in that were brand new and they said they were used. Classified a used book new. Would give zero stars if I could.
Feb 2018 Refused to give a reason for rejecting my book, told me their inspection process is "proprietary". That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I will never use them again.
Jan 2018 I love working with this company! Great company to turn your books to
Jan 2018 Rejected a book that was in like new condition with no explanation other than that it did not meet their standards. I carefully read all the standards before sending in the book to make sure they were all met. I'm pretty sure they are still going to sell the book and just did not want to pay me for it. I will never use their service again.
Jan 2018 Be warned: if you ship your buyback with USPS, Bookstores.com then has USPS transfer the package to a different carrier where it goes off the grid and cannot be tracked. This happened to me and they claimed they did not receive my buyback, but there was no way for me to find out where it went, and they did not support their claim.
Dec 2017 Says unable to accept book bc of water damage/stains, but even the check in picture they provided doesn't show either. Never got an email or anything stating that there was a problem. I had to go into my account when i started questioning why i hadnt gotten paid yet.
Nov 2017 they stole over $480 worth of books from me and refused
to give back my books. after a live chat they also told me they where going to charge me $120 for a box of books that's under 25lbs so I ask to send them the lable and I pay for my own book shipping lable they said no. they will steal your books beware of bookstore.com and textbookrush.com they are the same company.
Nov 2017 Don't send in any high value books. This company has a habit of always finding issue with the high value books.... THEY DO NOT PAY FOR AND DO NOT RETURN PERFECTLY SELLABLE BOOKS.... I think it is part of their business model.

I will no longer send in any books to bookstores.com or textbookrush.com THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME.
Nov 2017 This company accused me of fraud which I think is very demeaning and incorrect. The told me that I had two accounts but that’s not true also they told me that I wouldn’t have access to the account. Me and my business partner both sell books and time to time we get the same books these people told me that it’s mutplie accounts but it’s not.so I warn sellers beware.
Aug 2017 Sent in 3 books and was quoted for $50+. They ended up deducting it to $10+, for reasons they didn't specify. They just sent me the $10+ without asking me if I accept the new quote. When I asked them for my book back, they said it would be $3.99 PER book. Stay away from this company!
Jun 2017 Very quick turn around on payment. Excellent communication during the entire process. Simple, smooth and easy.
Apr 2017 Have always had a good experience with these guys! Prompt payment as well.