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Buyback Express has been in the book business serving students and businesses since 2004. Please contact us via email, chat, or toll-free at 866-BOOK-880 with any questions.

Buyback Express
711 Belle St.
Alton, IL 62002

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Oct 2018 Their buyback check of $22.24 was returned by the bank on 8/24/2018. A replacement, good check was promptly issued but my bank charged a $12 returned check fee. My expectation was the company would reimburse the returned check fee. Contacted the company twice but received no response.
Sep 2018 I have never had a problem with BuyBack Express. They pay promptly, and they have great customer service. I've been using them for almost five years. Very rarely do they reject a book. They are fair and offer competitive quotes.
Aug 2018 they claim serious water damage and staining. Book was in excellent condition when I shipped it. So unless the post office set it in water.... they just made money off of my book.
Aug 2018 Quick and easy. They had one of the highest quotes. Processed order quickly and deposited money in Paypal promptly. They honored their quote.
Jul 2018 Started out nice without a hiccup, but recently 3 yes #3 buybacks were paid with very signifigant items not included. Do not combine shipping with them. Make sure each buyback has a separate tracking #. However, Customer service will respond very timely and address the issue. I am uneasy about sending anything else at this time. I had a good number of eggs in their basket, and was counting on more than what the end result has been
Jun 2018 Buyback Express is without a doubt one of the best resellers on the market. They buyback a broad range of books at very generous prices. One of the best features I like about them is the options of locking in a price on a book by placing it in your cart. If for some reason you send them a book and overlooked a flaw in it, they will still give you a generous portion of the quoted price. (Other companies will discard the book completely.) The only negative is that their webpage has a tendency to be slow at times. In spite of that, Buyback Express based on my experience a top rated company to do business with.
Jun 2018 Buyback Express seemed too good to be true. It isn't! It's just that good. I typed in 20 different ISBNs, and I was offered money for 8 of them. I was actually hoping that I would get about half of what they quoted. In less than a week, my order was processed, and I was paid the exact amount they quoted. I would highly recommend using them!
May 2018 I have been sending materials in to Buyback Express for almost a year now. I have never had any issue with getting paid or getting paid what I was quoted. There has only been one time I didn't get paid for an audio book I sent in and they were nice enough to send it back to me when I requested it. It turned out it was my fault that one of the cd's was not in the case with the rest. I suspect that many people have different views of what is "valuable" materials and expect to be paid for damaged items, they are after all a company that needs to be able to resell what they buy.
I submitted 2 books and they said that they both had damaged binding when there was no damage at all
Apr 2018 BACK TO BEING A GREAT COMPANY ! Severe technical issues caused delays and failures to communicate earlier this year but now these issues appear to be resolved. After calls and emails about a buyback going unpaid over a month I feared the worst .. but eventually we received a call from BBE management who explained, apologized and offered extra payment (which I refused) .. this company is one of the most honest and professional of the many I use and I'm very happy to have them up and running smoothly again.
Apr 2018 Short changed me from videos that I sent in for quote. I end with 0 for the quote. I will never donate to them again. I rather donate to Amazon for credits or other areas. Sometimes, the last resort is donating it to charity.They need better tracking. Slowest shipping to mail in buybacks and takes over 2 weeks. Other buyback companies shipping takes less time. Worst company ever.
Mar 2018 It has been over a month and I've yet to be paid. Will file a complaint with the BBB if I'm not paid within 48 hours.
Feb 2018 I've been doing business with this company for many years now and am very happy with their services. They are fast, efficient and very friendly. I highly recommend this company for all your buyback needs.
Feb 2018 One of the many whose book was quoted well and ended up with a final payment of $0. My book was said to have a damaged spine but that was not the condition when mailed. Take photos before you send your books and stick to trading in with someone else.
Jan 2018 I have sold back books and cps to many sites. This is the only one that seems to think half of the cd's were missing even though I checked them prior to sending. While they are definitely a source to sellback to make money beware you will be shorted !
Jan 2018 AVOID! Claimed I had submitted a counterfeit book and they stated that they had destroyed the book. I asked them to provide a point of contact that I can have my University (large well known university in Virginia that provided me the book for a graduate course) contact to discuss how to look for counterfeit products and got no response. I would recommend Textbook Maniac and Amazon for their honesty and integrity.
Dec 2017 I have sent books to them and they always deduct for something saying the ISBN or the item does not match, but I checked it before sending. I will not longer use this company to sell books to. They do not pay what they quote. There are other better companies out there to use!
Dec 2017 My daughter and I have a number of books and audio books to sell this year. I sent Buyback Express a small, but financially worth while, shipment of items. I was totally blown away by how fast they processed our shipment, the quickness of email response when I had a question and then the speed at which our check was sent to us. Since then I've shipped them 5 more boxes and each time they were equally wonderful to work with. I would recommend them to anyone selling books, audios and movies!
Nov 2017 I've now sent three shipments to Buyback Express. I am thrilled with how quickly they process what I've sent to them and equally thrilled with how fast the check was sent to me! Likewise, they are quick to respond to emails. I plan to use Buyback Express for a long time. I would recommend them to anyone!
Sep 2017 Zero customer service. Left several messages and voicemails regarding an issue and website glitch with my order. They never called back to resolve it. It's been over 6 weeks since I sent in my items, with no answers to my phone calls and messages, and I have yet to receive any payment. Wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.
Sep 2017 I've been selling books almost semi-professionally for over 5 years. There are a lot of good ones (textbookrush,sellbackyourbooks,bookbyte etc..) and there are a few that are dishonest such as buyback express. They will lower your quote if the value of the book drops below their original quote. They will say it was damaged, but provide no picture evidence like textbookrush does. I see other people in the ratings saying the same happened to them so I know this wasn't an isolated incident. Would not recommend using this company even if they quote you a few dollars more than some of the reputable ones I've named previously.
Jul 2017 They charge unnecessary deductions and cheated me out of quoted prices.
Jul 2017 Really great customer service. Responded quickly when I asked to make updates to my quote and were very accommodating.
Feb 2017 This company is amazing!!! Out of all the competing sites, Buyback Express offered the best prices by far, and their customer service is beyond compare. I would not hesitate to sell my books and movies to them again!
Jan 2017 Buyback Express provides the best customer service I have ever come across. Not only did they give me a great buyback price, but they responded quickly and courteously to my inquiry. I won't even shop around next time I have books to sell. My loyalty has been won.
Jan 2017 Excellent buyer. Low minimum buyback with excellent customer service. They gave me a bonus when my buyback was delayed. They even paid (% discounted) for a book with water damage
Jan 2017 They gave me the full listed price, I was really happy because it was a loose-leaf book that other companies wouldn't even take.