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Dec 2018 Watch out for this company. They currently are possibly going bankrupt but continuing to steal books from students. This is another rise and fall of a company who had no idea what they were doing to begin with. Bookscouter its time to get on your vendors and have them put up collateral to be a part of bookscouter to protect sellers in the event that a company falls.
Aug 2018 I will not recommended this company to anybody no more. They still did not paid me, and it pass over a month. I have been trying to contact them, and no response at all. Now, I also believe that all the paid out in they website is fake.
Aug 2017 How do you find these guys? I sent them my buyback, then never heard anything from them. FedEx delivered the package, but now there is no way to find out what's going on. They have no email address, no customer service #, no way to access my account or any info on the status of my shipment.
Aug 2017 Very slow reponse time. The vendor can only be contacted through text and email takes forever to get a reply. I sent them valuable books that were genuine and previously ordered directly from the largest textbook dealer in the U.S. They hold my books questioning authenticity. If they are going to stay in business, I suggest to educate your employees on what is counterfeit and what are genuine books. Eventually, after weeks, I got my payment after submitting my invoices. Because of this incident, I most likely won't do business with this vendor.
Jul 2017 I've sold to this company the last few semesters. Unlike many sellers here, I'm a student and love the text updates. Never had any problems - fedex shipping (WAY faster than all the media mail buyers), direct deposit, and fast. They did hold one of my books for an extra few days due to an "authenticity check" but I keep hearing there's a lot of fake books floating around, so that seems understandable. A+
Jul 2017 I agree with the other reviews that it is disconcerting that this company can only be contacted via text and has little to no web presence. Until July 17 it had been a great company with short turn around and honest quotes. Now in order to get paid you have to constantly ask for the status of your order and the story changes from it should have been paid to its being paid incrementally to it hasn't been check in yet when they had the order in their possession over three weeks.
Jul 2017 After about two weeks of my books delivery, I got an email saying that they don't accept the books. The very same books that I have been selling to many reputable buyback vendors, now these guys decided not to take them!