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Textbookrecycling.com has been buying and selling new and used textbooks since 1997. Our prices are always competitive, our processing times are some of the best in the business and we pay even faster. We accept a wide range of books, including instructor's editions, always giving you top dollar for your books.

Connect with us at: customerservice@textbookrecycling.com

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Oct 2019 has to be the worst buyback company online. they will accept your book then zero it out. then you have to pay to get it back. don't use them. terrible company
Apr 2019 I would give them zero stars if I could! I sold them my biology book and was quoted $77 and when they received it they adjusted the price to zero without ANY explanation! I Then had to buy back my own book!!!
Apr 2019 I sold to This company for 3 years now without incident .However My last order was 6 response card clickers all sent in very good condition. After sitting on them for over a week they decided they did not want them they were sent and delivered by ups tracking on Apr. 3rd they claim they didn't get them until the 8th . They will not say why they don't want them . On top of that they wasted a lot of time and effort on my part they want $4ea. there are six of them or 24$ to return them when they weigh all together the most 1 pound and can fit in 1 very small package. This company has no phone # anywhere to be located . They take over a week to respond with the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I will no longer sell to them ever again BEWARE DO NOT SELL TO THIS COMPANY!

Mar 2019 Like many others, I sent a book and received $0 due to its condition. I have sold back several textbooks and have never had a price adjusted. My recommendation is to sell your book to another company. Even if they offer you a little less for your book, at least you receive some money.
Feb 2019 Not trustworthy. Quoted over $60 for an exact ISBN, exact picture, in like new condition and they send me a happy note that they adjusted the price to $0 claiming it’s a different book! And they make the note sound like they’re doing you a favor, or you can pay to have it returned for they’re poor database issues.
Jan 2019 Although the comments here really had me skeptical about selling to this company, they offered me the most money for my textbooks, and therefore I had no choice but to take a risk on them. Surprisingly, they got back to me immediately when I asked them questions online (via email), and they processed and paid me within 48 hours of my book reaching their facility. I was happily surprised by the results, and the only advice that I can give is to get your books in the mail ASAP after letting them know you're selling, and to package them appropriately. Very pleased, and will definitely be selling to them again.
Sep 2018 Do yourself a favor and do not sell to this company they will say the books they received are no good, that's bull. I sent 3 books worth $125 and they said they were damaged which is bull, then they wanted to charge $11 to ship them back. Do not sell to this company, they will steal your books.
Jul 2018 I just sent in almost 70$ worth of books and they were deemed "unsellable" even though one was brand new. Do not use this resource, they then charge almost 10$ to have two books returned to you. Absolutely ridiculous.
May 2018 Responsive customer service.
May 2018 Wish I had read the reviews before sending them 9 textbooks, all in good condition. They had quoted $284 for the books and told me they were worth $0 upon receiving them. They even claimed two books were missing (the two worth the most) and so they could not return them to me. This company is a scam.
May 2018 If I could give them ZERO stars I would. They steal books by receiving them and then lying about what they received. I sent a practically brand new book that they quoted me $91 on and gave me zero. Don't waste your time with them.
Apr 2018 I am a professional, full-time bookseller of 12+ years. My company also uses buy back sites very heavily (as in several thousand dollars worth on a weekly basis) and I am quite familiar with the various BB companies. Textbook Recycling is at the bottom of the barrel in my opinion. We will not ever send to them again.