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Textbookrecycling.com has been buying and selling new and used textbooks since 1997. Our prices are always competitive, our processing times are some of the best in the business and we pay even faster. We accept a wide range of books, including instructor's editions, always giving you top dollar for your books.

Connect with us at: customerservice@textbookrecycling.com

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Apr 2019 I would give them zero stars if I could! I sold them my biology book and was quoted $77 and when they received it they adjusted the price to zero without ANY explanation! I Then had to buy back my own book!!!
Apr 2019 I sold to This company for 3 years now without incident .However My last order was 6 response card clickers all sent in very good condition. After sitting on them for over a week they decided they did not want them they were sent and delivered by ups tracking on Apr. 3rd they claim they didn't get them until the 8th . They will not say why they don't want them . On top of that they wasted a lot of time and effort on my part they want $4ea. there are six of them or 24$ to return them when they weigh all together the most 1 pound and can fit in 1 very small package. This company has no phone # anywhere to be located . They take over a week to respond with the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I will no longer sell to them ever again BEWARE DO NOT SELL TO THIS COMPANY!

Mar 2019 Like many others, I sent a book and received $0 due to its condition. I have sold back several textbooks and have never had a price adjusted. My recommendation is to sell your book to another company. Even if they offer you a little less for your book, at least you receive some money.
Feb 2019 Not trustworthy. Quoted over $60 for an exact ISBN, exact picture, in like new condition and they send me a happy note that they adjusted the price to $0 claiming it’s a different book! And they make the note sound like they’re doing you a favor, or you can pay to have it returned for they’re poor database issues.
Jan 2019 Although the comments here really had me skeptical about selling to this company, they offered me the most money for my textbooks, and therefore I had no choice but to take a risk on them. Surprisingly, they got back to me immediately when I asked them questions online (via email), and they processed and paid me within 48 hours of my book reaching their facility. I was happily surprised by the results, and the only advice that I can give is to get your books in the mail ASAP after letting them know you're selling, and to package them appropriately. Very pleased, and will definitely be selling to them again.
Sep 2018 Do yourself a favor and do not sell to this company they will say the books they received are no good, that's bull. I sent 3 books worth $125 and they said they were damaged which is bull, then they wanted to charge $11 to ship them back. Do not sell to this company, they will steal your books.
Jul 2018 I just sent in almost 70$ worth of books and they were deemed "unsellable" even though one was brand new. Do not use this resource, they then charge almost 10$ to have two books returned to you. Absolutely ridiculous.
May 2018 Responsive customer service.
May 2018 Wish I had read the reviews before sending them 9 textbooks, all in good condition. They had quoted $284 for the books and told me they were worth $0 upon receiving them. They even claimed two books were missing (the two worth the most) and so they could not return them to me. This company is a scam.
May 2018 If I could give them ZERO stars I would. They steal books by receiving them and then lying about what they received. I sent a practically brand new book that they quoted me $91 on and gave me zero. Don't waste your time with them.
Apr 2018 I am a professional, full-time bookseller of 12+ years. My company also uses buy back sites very heavily (as in several thousand dollars worth on a weekly basis) and I am quite familiar with the various BB companies. Textbook Recycling is at the bottom of the barrel in my opinion. We will not ever send to them again.
Dec 2017 If I could give them 0 stars I would. Awful. I sent in my book quoted for $51. I didn’t receive a notification for 9 days when they told me your book was processed and you will receive a check for $0.00 because we didn’t receive the proper book. I contacted them, through email because you cannot call and talk to an actual person. I was told I can get my book back if I paid $3.99 I’m shipping and handling. If I didn’t they basically took my book for free. Awful awful awful. Do not buy or sell books to them unless you want to be scammed.
Dec 2017 I have sold two books to TextbookRecycling, and both times were great experiences. They are fast, and you will get paid quickly. The first time, I had an issue and one of my books got damaged in delivery. They notified me right away and I was promptly paid for everything else. I highly recommend.
Sep 2017 I was very skeptical after reading the reviews, but I decided to give them a try since this is my first time selling books. I shipped my book off on Monday, and today (Friday) I received the full amount for my book. Very pleased!
Sep 2017 If I could pick no stars I would. PLEASE SELL YOUR BOOKS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!! I sent them books on July 10th. Didn't hear from them for over a month but it said payment was processing. I contacted them in August and they had thrown my books away and said they were damaged. They will not pay me what I am owed. They claimed they sent an email on two different occasions but when I made a complain to the BBB they said I didn't receive the email. PLEASE look at all the complaints and negative reviews on BBB website.They give you a high selling price then when they get the books they lie about them.
Sep 2017 Sent them 3 copies of the same book, 2 still sealed in plastic. Was quoted $203.85, for 2 new books & 1 used.
They paid me $197.01. When I asked why they had paid the same for the new books as the used one, they told me that some books are paid at the used price regardless.
Payment was timely enough, but only giving 3 stars due to being paid less than quoted. One would think that if there is an offer made & accepted, it will be honored.
Aug 2017 I sent 10 books nearly 7 months ago. They initially sent me an email stating that the books could not be verified as legitimate copies so they were sending 1 to the publisher for verification. Still now 7 months have passed and I continue to receive the same email stating they have not received the book(s) back from the publisher. How long would it take the publisher to verify the book was or was not legit? Shady practices from this company. Will I ever get my books or money? Who knows
Aug 2017 I have used them on a number of occasions. They do not pay very much for the books that they buy back, which is expected. But the problem I have is their horrendous customer service. I sold back a $225 textbook for $40. They proceeded to tell me my textbook from my University Bookstore was a counterfeit. Therefore, not paying the money I was promised, keeping my textbook and failing to provide me with any type of explanation. I know it is not a counterfeit, they are just looking for free profit. They definitely lost a loyal customer today.
Aug 2017 I sell books to textbookrecycling.com pretty much weekly. They've been fair to me over the time I've been selling. One of the few companies that will actually return rejected books to you (for a fee) and also the only one (?) that buy really low value books like fiction paperbacks.
Aug 2017 Horrible service. I mailed them my book over 3 months ago and the 3 times I have emailed them asking about it they send me the same automated template as a response. I have never had customer service this bad and never had a problem selling back my books with other companies until now. This company won't even send me my book back. This seems like a shady company. Does not seem legitimate. I am very disappointed and will not deal with them again. I need my book back if they aren't willing to send me my check.
Jul 2017 I've had some experiences with them that left a bad taste in my mouth, but the latest really takes the cake.

Sent 3 books (in same box) that were new/unused with minor shipping and handling wear. They rejected one due to water damage (there was no damage of any kind when I sent the books... I know everyone says that but they really were excellent). Paid $4 to have it sent back, no big deal.

Got it back today and it's HORRIBLY wrinkled and stained from water and also has coffee stains and wrinkles. Pages are sticking together. The book is still damp. One of two things happened: their receiving team damaged the book, or they sent me someone else's book. They maintain that I sent the book like that, which is just silly.

This company WILL take advantage of you, given the opportunity.
Jul 2017 No problems. They aid me the price they quoted. Gave them a 4 instead of a 5 because I sent books to 3 places all on the same day and they took 4 days longer to send the check.
Jul 2017 After reading the reviews, I was petrified & immediately regretted sending my books to this company. The whole process from them receiving my books to sending my quoted funds took three days. I was shocked & so happy because my experience was wonderful and easy. I did use an old Amazon box along with all their bubble packaging to send my books, and all my books were still wrapped in the plastic from college's bookstore. This business is BBB accredited with a B rating.
Jul 2017 Absolute worst book buyback company I have used thus far. I sent them my books, they claimed two of them were in unsellable condition despite being in good condition, and now I have to pay to have my books returned to me. After reading the reviews and hearing complaints exactly like mine, I believe I am going to take further action against this company and anyone else who agrees with that action, I am more than willing to help you out as well. This is a fraudulent and scam filled business model that needs investigated.
Jul 2017 Do not sell to this company. They are dishonest! With three kids in college, I have been selling used textbook for many years to several different companies and have never had this issue. They quoted me a price for 2 books. I mailed both books the very next day. Three weeks later they send an email day saying they will not buy one book because it had missing pages. This was not true. Worse yet, I was out of the country so THEIR 72 hour window to have my book returned expires and now they tell me the book is gone. Terrible company!
Jul 2017 Quick payments, no problems.