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Amazon.com provides a textbook trade-in program. This means that Amazon only pays via Amazon gift cards.

However, seeing that you can buy most anything on Amazon, this isn't a bad thing; just something you need to be aware of.

Website: http://www.amazon.com/
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Oct 2018 Great experience. Easy transaction and ship, paid into my account same day they received the book. Thanks Amazon!
Oct 2018 No problems. Quick processing. Like others have said, it would be nice if payment didn't have to be in the form of an Amazon gift card. If there had been another buyer for the book I sold I would have gone with them.
Jun 2018 Easy transaction, got the money straight into my Amazon account, too bad it's store credit but overall everything was excellent
Jun 2018 Easy transaction, got the money straight into my Amazon account, too bad it's store credit but overall everything was excellent
Apr 2018 This was my first time trading in to Amazon. The process was easy and service was speedy. They received my books one day and credited my account the next day. Highly recommended.
Apr 2018 I sold 3 books fr a total of $112 in Amazon credit, received them promptly in my account and did not have any issue when they received it. They processed it super fast, within 3 days for mine, i shipped it out next day after making the buyback order transaction. I recommend Amazon for #1 choice if you do not mind having Amazon credit vs. actual cash.
Mar 2018 First time selling a book back online with Amazon & have now done it 3 times in the past 3 weeks. Super simple, received a Amazon gift card balance on my Amazon account within 5 days of shipment, and had no issues.
Dec 2017 I traded in a two set volume brand new textbook. It was rejected and the message said "missing volume". I called Amazon customer service, I was told that the brand new books are in "worse" condition hence reason for rejection. None of this adds up. Amazon.com trade in offers terrible service and in my opinion is a scam. I am awaiting return of the textbooks. Don't use this service.
Nov 2017 This is my first experience with selling a book back online, and it was quick an easy.
Nov 2017 I've only sold one book with Amazon but the experience was positive. Of 5 book vendors I've used, Amazon was the fastest at receiving and paying me. CKY books is a close second. They don't buy too many books, though. And the price they offer is not the best
Oct 2017 Shipped my book on 9/25/17 and got the full quoted price of $113 on 10/3/2017. The book I sent wasn't in pristine condition but it was pretty good with only 2 decent sized discoloration spots from where 2 sticker where at. I had no problems what so ever and it was a very smooth transaction
Aug 2017 I've been trading in to Amazon for 4 months now. Out of 120 books, one was rejected. It had binding damage that I was aware of beforehand. They returned it, free of charge. I don't get the bad reviews. If you are an Amazon junkie, this is your dream buyer!
Aug 2017 I very carefully read the buy back instructions and what books they would accept. I shipped them a brand new book that was opened one time. I took pictures of the book before I packaged it in bubble wrap so there would be no discrepancies. They received the book and said pages were damaged. This only could have happened when they opened the box and took the book out. Hopefully they will return the same book to me so that I can resell to a student.
Jun 2017 I couldn't understand why the bad reviews until this last book... I shipped Amazon a brand new in shrink wrap book bundle. The ISBN was an exact match on the shrink wrap because "IT's A BUNDLE"! Amazon opened up the shrink wrap and looked at the book ISBN, not the bundle ISBN and decided it didn't match and then decided to stick a rejected sticker on my brand new book! So. Don't send in anything new in shrink wrap and don't send any books that are bundles and you'll be ok.
May 2017 I've sold 4 books so far to Amazon and all have been great transactions, easy with no problems. Def recommend.
Apr 2017 Have now sold three books to Amazon with a fourth on the way, all with no problems whatsoever. They even accepted a textbook with wear and tear that I thought was a tiny bit iffy. I sent it anyway, since they state they will return all unacceptable books free of charge. How can you go wrong with that policy?!
Feb 2017 The Good: 1) they often offer MUCH higher prices than other places (if you don't mind getting paid in gift cards); 2) they'll return your item for free if they don't accept it; 3) any time I've had a problem with them losing/misplacing books they've corrected the error

The Not-So-Good: 1) processing can often be slow; 2) even though they have corrected errors as described above, it's often weeks before they'll take action; 3) they're really picky about the spine/binding and will often reject books for having even slightly loose hinges (while, at the same time accepting books with torn/taped covers and other damage, which is kind of odd)
Feb 2017 I am an amazon prime member. I love amazon, but I do not recommend selling textbooks to them. I ordered a looseleaf lab manual, I only used it to make a copy of 6 sections. I never wrote in it, highlighted it, or damaged the book. However, I did remove it from its plastic wrap, but the return policy said that it was acceptable. They rejected the textbook because "Pages were damaged". I called customer service and they told me that the trade in workers noted that there was highlighting, writing, and damaged pages. There were none. I am very upset I wasted my time trying to sell my textbook back to them. Supposedly they are sending it back. I hope they do because it is practically new.
Dec 2016 I purchased a book in Sep 2016 and traded in Dec 2016 which got rejected and the reason is that the binder is damaged. This book came as a "Binder Ready" version and with loose pages.

I am surprised how the evaluator is not aware of the book's setup and how it is packaged. They didn't even take an effort to check how the books are originally designed and sold before making a decision...

Such an inconvenience to us because of their ignorance...