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Amazon.com provides a textbook trade-in program. This means that Amazon only pays via Amazon gift cards.

However, seeing that you can buy most anything on Amazon, this isn't a bad thing; just something you need to be aware of.

Website: http://www.amazon.com/
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Rating Date Comments
May 2020 good product and very cheap
Jul 2019 Wonderful and easy to use. Would recommend to anyone
Jul 2019 Amazon processes and pays the fastest of any buyback company.
Jul 2019 Easy transaction, got the money straight into my Amazon account, too bad it's store credit but overall everything was excellent
Jul 2019 A great company. They pay as agreed, and their prices are frequently well above other vendors. In all of the books I have sold, I have experienced only one mistake. The mistake was quickly corrected.
Jun 2019 awesome app
May 2019 Super easy and simple
May 2019 Its a very excellent selling app, Its very authentic
Apr 2019 A good app I have used it before

Mar 2019 Amazon's has always been good to me.
Feb 2019 it is very use
Jan 2019 Amazing and good
Dec 2018 I have sent about five books to Amazon. One was returned with no shipping charge for a small amount of water damage and the rest were accepted and immediately credited to my account. Amazon usually pays less for book buybacks than other websites, but they are quick and very reliable!