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Buyback101.com specializes in K-12 textbooks. They provide free UPS shipping on all orders. Minimum order amount is $15.00

Website: http://www.buyback101.com/
Pays via PayPal
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Dec 2018 Never had an issue with Buyback101, as long as you can meet the minimums.
Jun 2018 Hello, I'm a District Curriculum Coordinator and I recently sold some textbooks to Buyback101. I am extremely impressed with the communication and level of professional service provided by this company. They are a delight to work with and I will use this company again! Thank you. "Five STARS"
Oct 2017 I had a large order that I needed to sell. I'm glad that I found this company because they did a great job of keeping me updated and paying me quickly. When I emailed them, they responded in like five minutes, and so I very much appreciated that. Next time I have another big order to move, I'm going to contact them.
Aug 2017 I'm glad that I found Buyback 101. The process from start to finish was very easy. I sold a large number of books to them and would do so again when I've got another large order to move.