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Our mission is to provide the easiest, fastest, cheapest way for college and university students to buy textbooks and stuff. We think the Internet ought to be fun and that shopping for textbooks should be as fast and convenient as shopping for anything else on the Internet. We are making a personal commitment to every customer that eCampus.com will be the best source for everything they need.

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Nov 2020 I try to only leave positive reviews, because I know what it's like to get bad reviews for things out of my control. However, this company is literally the worst. I have the same problems as others about them taking 2 months to pay, but on top of that I've also received $0.25 for a +$50.00 order multiple times as well as received an email alerting me to them cancelling an entire order of 30 books due to one book not meeting their condition standards. I've dealt with most of the vendors on bookscouter.com, but this is the only one that I've had such severe issues with. Also, their customer support is handled by a third party, so they couldn't actually help you if they wanted to.
Oct 2020 Its been 5+ weeks and nothing. I contacted them to see what was wrong and was met with generic information that I already knew. Its just $5 dollars how hard is it? Never again don't trust them.
Oct 2020 After over two months I sent in the book. I still haven't received the payment. I request them send a check instead. They said they need to wait 5 weeks before they send the check. Now, it is way over 2 months. I still haven't received any payment.
Aug 2020 After waiting one month, eCampus paid me $1.10 for one book, but ignored the fact that I had sold them 2 other books, one of which was brand new. When I asked them in the chat why they had not paid me for the other 2 books, I was told only that it takes 3-5 weeks to process books. I pointed out that one had been "processed" and they only repeated the same. So I have no idea whether they will pay me for the other 2, one of which was new. Don't use this company.
Aug 2020 My textbook went under review to verify the authenticity of the textbook. This process took over a month in order to receive an update on it, and I had to contact the buyer consistently as I was not hearing back from them. The update received was that the book was damaged, and nothing regarding the authenticity. I do not believe the textbook was damaged at all when it was sent, and it will cost me $10 to have it shipped back. Would NOT recommend this buyer.
Jun 2020 Took almost a month for payment after receipt of the book, but reliable and would use again.
May 2020 Great BuyBack Vendor! Thank you for your Business!!
Feb 2020 It took almost 3 full weeks to receive payment after sending my books in, but I got the exact amount promised and within the quoted time frame (they disclose it can take up to 21 days for payment to process.) Received several emails updating me on the status of my order as well.
Nov 2019 Good BuyBack Vendor! Thank you for your Business!!!
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