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Feb 2020 It took almost 3 full weeks to receive payment after sending my books in, but I got the exact amount promised and within the quoted time frame (they disclose it can take up to 21 days for payment to process.) Received several emails updating me on the status of my order as well.
Jan 2020 Sent only 2 books in. Emailed customer service asking on status of my payment. I was told a check was delivered to me yesterday. No...I opted for direct deposit and they had literally just received my books. When I called them out on this they apologized and told me 3-5 weeks for payment. The whole order is less than $9. I've sent 20 books in elsewhere and payment was issued within a few days of receiving. I won't do business with them again EVER
Jan 2020 Never ever do business with company! Please!
I add to the list of others who object to this companies practices.
In August 2019, I sent in books in 3 orders – they accepted them all. Only paid for part of each order and oddly held back payment for the rest pending “verification”. I had to contact them numerous times. Each time I got a different rep who did not know what was going on and had to start over, very time consuming.
One representative who finally was assigned to my “case’ tried to find out why I was not being paid. She agreed there was something wrong – she did not know what they meant by “verification” – that I should rightly be paid.
She contacted their accounting department numerous times to inquire about the payment issue and did not hear back from them.
This went out for months, months, until finally I was told that my case would be transferred to a “Manager” who would sort it all out. The next time I checked, my interactions pertaining to these book orders were marked ”Solved”. They are not solved. They just ended the communication. They literally stole my books! I deserved to be paid and was not paid what I should have been.
Never ever do business with this company! The folks who say they have had good experience are just lucky.
Dec 2019 I had the same experience as the most recent poster. I too sold them a copy of ISBN 9781433805615, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6e. They questioned the authenticity of the book even though I have several copies of the book and the one sent was no different from the others in size, shape, print quality, etc. They also questioned the authenticity of another book I sent. Since they consider me such a dubious and untrustworthy seller, I will sell to others whenever possible. Other companies sometimes offer more money for the same title anyway.
Nov 2019 Good BuyBack Vendor! Thank you for your Business!!!
No issues
Sep 2019 RUN FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They are complete frauds! I sent in 3 APA publication books that were bought from my university’s bookstore. I attend a school with over 50k students, so I do not question if they sell authentic books. I sent them to Ecampus and they said that the publisher questioned the authenticity and per their guidelines and policy the publisher would be destroying them and I get nothing, not even my property back! Bottom line they stole my books that were brand new for pure profit! I will not give up on reviews or writing them over my property, this is completely wrong!
Sep 2019 These other sellers are right. Ecampus is VERY slow in paying. I'm talking months. I had to keep writing them and asking about my buyback shipment. They talk about the typical waiting period after the books have been checked in. Baloney. It's just excuses. I think they have a cash flow problem and just can't pay people on time. I finally was paid after months. I've used textbooks.com (Barnes & Noble) and have been paid within 1 week of my books arriving! Take the loss and send your books to another company.
Mar 2019 It took three months to receive full payment from selling books. Shipped to them December 2018, they lost half of the books upon receipt, and I finally got paid last week after no less than nine email messages. Ridiculous and unacceptable...
Dec 2018 Avoid avoid avoid! I never got the book I rented, then it took 3 months to get the refund! I thought it was over but NO! They charged me the full price for the book I never received because I didn’t return it on time!!! Unbelievable ripoff and frauds!
Oct 2018 Avoid eCampus. They will claim that the book received was not the on you offered in the buyback quote. Then as an excuse they will claim that yes you did send the right book but it was the wrong edition. I sent two of the same books and they immediately paid for one of them; the second book they claimed I sent the wrong one. I called and they admitted there mistake but said I should not have been paid for the first book but because it was their mistake they would pay for the second book. I never received payment.
Sep 2018 I should have read the negative reviews before using eCampus for a book buyback. It has now been 45 days since eCampus received my buyback book, and I still do not have my payment. I have an email from eCampus from 45 days ago with a commitment of payment within 10 days. I have spoken to eCampus Customer Service multiple times and was promised on two different occasions the payment would be made the same day, but this did not happen.
May 2018 Ecampus has been the worst experience I've had while selling my books back. They need to be more clear with the amount of time it takes for them to send the payment for my books. I sent my books early and have been waiting for than 2 weeks after they got processed for my payments. STILL HAVE YET TO BE PAID!!! I've called several times and the customers service is horrible with those really rude representatives which makes sense now knowing that the whole company is horrible too. DON'T SELL YOUR BOOKS TO THIS COMPANY GUYS.