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Our mission is to provide the easiest, fastest, cheapest way for college and university students to buy textbooks and stuff. We think the Internet ought to be fun and that shopping for textbooks should be as fast and convenient as shopping for anything else on the Internet. We are making a personal commitment to every customer that eCampus.com will be the best source for everything they need.

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Sep 2019 These other sellers are right. Ecampus is VERY slow in paying. I'm talking months. I had to keep writing them and asking about my buyback shipment. They talk about the typical waiting period after the books have been checked in. Baloney. It's just excuses. I think they have a cash flow problem and just can't pay people on time. I finally was paid after months. I've used textbooks.com (Barnes & Noble) and have been paid within 1 week of my books arriving! Take the loss and send your books to another company.
Mar 2019 It took three months to receive full payment from selling books. Shipped to them December 2018, they lost half of the books upon receipt, and I finally got paid last week after no less than nine email messages. Ridiculous and unacceptable...
Dec 2018 Avoid avoid avoid! I never got the book I rented, then it took 3 months to get the refund! I thought it was over but NO! They charged me the full price for the book I never received because I didn’t return it on time!!! Unbelievable ripoff and frauds!
Oct 2018 Avoid eCampus. They will claim that the book received was not the on you offered in the buyback quote. Then as an excuse they will claim that yes you did send the right book but it was the wrong edition. I sent two of the same books and they immediately paid for one of them; the second book they claimed I sent the wrong one. I called and they admitted there mistake but said I should not have been paid for the first book but because it was their mistake they would pay for the second book. I never received payment.
Sep 2018 I should have read the negative reviews before using eCampus for a book buyback. It has now been 45 days since eCampus received my buyback book, and I still do not have my payment. I have an email from eCampus from 45 days ago with a commitment of payment within 10 days. I have spoken to eCampus Customer Service multiple times and was promised on two different occasions the payment would be made the same day, but this did not happen.
May 2018 Ecampus has been the worst experience I've had while selling my books back. They need to be more clear with the amount of time it takes for them to send the payment for my books. I sent my books early and have been waiting for than 2 weeks after they got processed for my payments. STILL HAVE YET TO BE PAID!!! I've called several times and the customers service is horrible with those really rude representatives which makes sense now knowing that the whole company is horrible too. DON'T SELL YOUR BOOKS TO THIS COMPANY GUYS.
Dec 2017 This is the first time I sold a textbook to this company. It's been 3 weeks and I'm still waiting for payment. I inquired about the hold up and was told it takes 2-4 weeks after they receive it to process payment, and sometimes longer if it's a busy time of year. If I would have known that, I would have sold to the other companies I normally go to. While waiting for this payment, I have sent out and received payment from 2 other companies.
Dec 2017 I have been waiting over 4 months for a $38.00 payment and all I have been told from this company is that the check is in the mail, over and over again. No one at Ecampus cares to help me resolve this problem……... they stole my books.