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TopDollar4Books is located just outside of Princeton, NJ. We have been providing excellent customer service on BookScouter since 2011.

Email us at buyback@topdollar4books.com or call 1-888-264-5020.

Please see our page, how does it all work, for answers to commonly asked questions.

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Rating Date Comments
Nov 2020 I have never had a problem with this company.
Nov 2020 Great job, very quick
Oct 2020 Great! Fast and fair
Aug 2020 What a great vendor! They paid top dollar, exactly what was promised, and the entire process was quick, easy and fair.
Jul 2020 Topdollar4books has been the best buyback service I have used. It was very fast to process my buyback order and I got the quoted price almost right away! The USPS media mail is not bad, even though my buyback was delayed by a day.

One thing I would recommend Topdollar4books to improve is that they could improve their website, because my malware detector labeled the security of the site as ‘unknown’.
Apr 2020 The entire process, from using the app, mailing, and collecting my payment via Paypal, was easy and fast.
Apr 2020 Used TopDollar4Books for the first time. I sent book back, they received it 3/30/20. Processed check date is 4/3/20. I received check 4/11/20. Great experience. Will definitely use again.
Mar 2020 I mailed a textbook to TopDollar4Books using the shipping label they provided. Made sure to have Post office scan the label when I dropped it off so the package was being tracked. Received an email when they got the book. Received a check in the mail about a week later. Everything went very smoothly. No complaints!
Feb 2020 Easy to use, good buyback prices, fast payment. 5 stars!
Feb 2020 Fast easy process, quick and fair payment. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Thanks!
Feb 2020 Great buyback prices; excellent communication; fast payment!
Feb 2020 TopDollar4Books provides fast and easy service on my buybacks and they live up to their name by paying more than the other vendors. They pay quick. Just all around great!

Jan 2020 Quick and perfect
Dec 2019 It was exactly 10 days from the day I mailed the books until the day I got the check for the full amount quoted. Free mailing label, all I had to do was find a good box and pack books so they wouldn't be damaged. Plus my books were as I promised in good condition, so they didn't reduce the price. Great deal and they did right by me.
Nov 2019 Great, fast service
Nov 2019 I sent a buyback order into TopDollar4Books via Media Mail on November 4. The buyback was processed and I received payment on November 7. I have NEVER had a faster turnaround on a buyback. Even those sent in via UPS or FedEx. I hope to do business with this company again.
Oct 2019 I sold books to 3 different companies at the same time. TopDollar4Books was the quickest and most responsive out of the 3. I received a quote from them online and received payment that matched the quote. Very smooth and easy transaction!
Sep 2019 Highly recommended. Paid FAST and paid FULL AMOUNT!!! Thank you TopDollar4Books!
Sep 2019 TopDollar4Books are wonderful to work with. I have used them a couple of times and so far have never had an issue with them and I always get paid immediately. Thank you TopDollar4Books
Aug 2019 Great service!
Aug 2019 Excellent service, I received payment for my books within 2 days.
Jul 2019 Great service. Very fast and easy!
Jun 2019 Overall, Top Dollar books was a convenient, straightforward company to do business with. They were quick to process my shipment and kept me informed as to when and how my payment is to be sent out.
Jun 2019 Just fabulous. Great transition and wonderful interaction. The best
Jun 2019 Love you guys very fast payment a pleasure to do business with.
May 2019 Fast payment, excellent communication! 10/10
May 2019 Payment received the same day the book arrived. Great service!
May 2019 Quick and easy - overall an excellent experience.
Apr 2019 Quick and easy. Received my payment with no issues. Awesome company.
Mar 2019 I had an excellent experience with TopDollar4Books. USPS picked up my package on a Friday, and I received payment for my submitted book the following Tuesday via PayPal. The quote matched the final payment, and TopDollar4Books promptly notified me of updates in regard to my shipment. I wholeheartedly recommend this service.
Feb 2019 This company continues to amaze me. I recently shipped them two orders back to back. Six day later they were processed and payment was immediately deposited in my paypal account. For going halfway across the country via Media Mail, that's really impressive! I plan to send them more books soon and you should as well.
Feb 2019 Very positive experience with this company. Abide by the guidelines posted in their site which are clearly outlined and payment is done expeditiously. Good communication/ customer service , as well.
Feb 2019 Excellent. Very easy transaction, quick payment.
Feb 2019 Easy and fast. Not like other buyback companies that always find a reason to reject the books.
Jan 2019 The whole book buy back procedure was easy and efficient.
Jan 2019 Used several buyback sites all for the first time in the same week. This one was the easiest and fastest and paid what they quoted.
Dec 2018 This is no doubt a 5 star company. Website is easy to navigate; payment are swift. A distinguishing feature that separates them from other vendors is that there is no minimum buyback amount. This allows you as the seller to immediately ship them a book before the price drops. Highly recommend them!
Dec 2018 Quick, simple and smooth. Paid as promised.
Dec 2018 Quick, simple and smooth. Paid as promised.
Nov 2018 I sent my books in on November 23rd and I had my money on November 28th! They paid the exact amount of the online quote. I'm thrilled and if they would have been buying all the other books I have, I would send them, too!
Nov 2018 Very great company fast check in and very fast payment definitely would recommend using them. Super awesome and amazing company. Paid on time and and for the exact amount.