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TopDollar4Books is located just outside of Princeton, NJ. We have been providing excellent customer service on BookScouter since 2011.

Email us at buyback@topdollar4books.com or call 1-888-264-5020.

Please see our page, how does it all work, for answers to commonly asked questions.

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Sep 2018 Great company extremely good and fast check in and payment cant complain at all.. great company.
Sep 2018 Smooth transaction. Promptly received payment at the quoted price.
Jul 2018 Great prices; excellent service; fast payment. The entire process from shipment to payment via PayPal took 5 days, and 2 of those days were Saturday & Sunday. Highly recommended!
Jul 2018 I was quoted a price for some books, sent them in using postage provided by TopDollar. Withing one week of them receiving the books, I had a check in my mailbox for the quoted amount. TopDollar kept me informed the entire way, letting me know that they received the books, letting know they were accepted and finally, an email telling me to look for the check in my mail with then next few days so it didn't get missed. All In can say is I would believe the few bad ratings, at least not based on my experience. These guys (and probably gals 2) provide fantastic service and gave me top dollar (no pun intended) for my books.
Jul 2018 First time using website and will use again. Easy, hassle free process and received prompt payment for amount quoted.
Jul 2018 My submission was bought, processed, and paid for in an efficient and timely manner. Highly professional
Jul 2018 TopDollar4Books was great to work with. The website is organized and easy to use. Delivery is free and fast; delivery took less time than the other top rated vendors I sent books to at the same time, including one that I paid extra for fast shipping. I received the exact amount quoted in my PayPal account in less than a week. I will definitely be doing business with them again!
Jul 2018 Prompt payment. No issues. Great customer service. Didn't give 5 because website not user friendly. Prefer to login in check status or print label. Instead you have to track down order number and plug it in. Which didn't work for me but cs was awesome! and handled it promptly.
Jun 2018 Great hassle-free company to do business with.
May 2018 Easy process, quick payment. Was given the exact dollar amout quoted. Definitely recommend!
May 2018 My shipment was mixed up with another company. I sent a whole order of wrong books to TopDollar4Book. They notified me right away and willing to return my books back to me without charge. It's so refreshing to find a honest company like that nowadays. Customer service representative Jonathan was very helpful. He was willing to forward my books to the other company if I send him a shipping label. I'm looking forward to do business with them again.
By the way, I'm still waiting for the other company to notify about the wrong books I sent. I know it's going to be painful.
May 2018 First time I've dealt with them. It was easy; payment was as advertised and timely. I'm quite pleased. (they made shipping easy)
May 2018 Great follow-up and fast payment. Will definitely sell to them again.
Apr 2018 User friendly website and great customer service
Apr 2018 It was very simply to check books and free to ship. Received confirmation within a week. I will use this site again
Apr 2018 Fast processing and easy to follow instructions. My book was processed within 3 hours of arriving at the location via USPS.
Apr 2018 Could not be any easier! Put my ISBN numbers in, printed my mailing slip and took to post office.
Mar 2018 Sent them 1 book to try them out, went flawlessly!
Mar 2018 For my first time selling to to Top Dollar, I had a wonderful experience. Free labels, free shipping, and (most importantly) quick payment. No hassles of any kind. This is how all merchants ought to conduct business.
Mar 2018 Easy as scanning a code and the app finds you the best price. I love this app and will use it again in the future.
Mar 2018 Love the ease and simplicity of trading in books with TopDollar4Books. One of the easiest transactions, clear communications and fast payment of any companies I have traded with. Thank You for making the process so easy!
Mar 2018 Fast payment with no issues.
Mar 2018 Awesome. FAST! Best buyback company. Saved them for future buybacks.
Feb 2018 Best buyback company to work with!!
Feb 2018 Great service, quick response to email.
Feb 2018 Best by far. I sent 3 companies books at same time same day everything and top dollar 4 books was the only one who has paid so far and had great customer service. They was very fast and efficient took less than a week to get paid from the day i shipped books and i wish i would of sent all my items to them instead of using different buyback stores because i think the other ones may he scammers. I recommend this company 100% they r great and hassle free.
Jan 2018 Fast turnaround, paid what they quoted, great site.
Jan 2018 I had a perfect experience with this vendor. They offered the most money for my book, and quickly sent the payment once they received the book. Thank you!
Jan 2018 Didn’t really care about my end of the service and didn’t get me the check in a timely fashion at all
Jan 2018 Received payment as quoted. No issues!
Dec 2017 They offered the best payment and I received the check quickly. Would definitely use again!
Dec 2017 They pay for shipping and provide a tracking number. Very communicative with their customers!
Dec 2017 Awesome customer service and quick turn around
Nov 2017 Great Service!
Nov 2017 I appreciate TopDollar4Books not having a minimum buy back amount. they are very fair with their pricing and make it very easy to get money for books
Oct 2017 It worked! The PayPal payment cleared quickly (unlike some other buyers whose PayPal payment took days to clear). The only complaint I have is with the shipping service used: Fedex SmartPost is very slow and it took 3 weeks!
Oct 2017 Very responsive and helpful customer service. Very easy to work with and simple step-by-step process! Thank you!
Sep 2017 Good service, I'm very happy.
Jun 2017 fast payment
Jun 2017 My experience with TopDollar4Books was very positive. I shipped my book out on a Wednesday. On the following Thursday the order was received, processed and payment was in my PayPal account same day. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to sell their books online. I will gladly use them again.
Jun 2017 It only took two weeks from the date I sent the book to get payment. They offered the most money out of all of the options. They were able to deposit directly into my PayPal account. I will definitely use them again if they are the most lucrative option.
Jun 2017 Satisfied. Reasonable, would recommend.
May 2017 I can only recommend that all potential sellers stay away from this company. A few months ago when I decided to sell a book of mine to them due to the positive feedback they've received I was shocked as to what unfolded. First I shipped my book which was in near-mint condition, which they rejected, and then I didn't receive any feedback for a month. Then when I contacted them about it they stated that they had some "miscommunication" and misplaced my book. Then when my book was finally returned to me weeks later, I was absolutely speechless as to what I found. The cover of the book as well as some pages were torn and ripped as if it had been left outdoors and this company had the audacity to state that these were the reasons they refused to buy my book. I doubt that they even sent me back my actual book at all. In short the conduct of this company was both incompetent and thoroughly reprehensible. Do not sell to them if you don't want this happening to you.
TopDollar4Books Response: We took this opportunity to turn this negative into a positive and shot a quick video to show how simple the buyback process is along with some of the benefits of using TopDollar4Books.


Obviously, we strongly disagree with this customers view of events and condition of their book. We did notify the customer and return their book at our expense within a few days of receiving their book. We are pretty lenient and although we could look past the excess wear to the cover the book was beyond our ability to repair due to ripped and torn pages.

Between shipping to us / return shipping and processing we lose about $14 every time a book is returned. The last thing we want to do is to be returning books. If you ever have a book you think is questionable please feel free to contact us or send us photos prior to shipping.


May 2017 good price, good communication, paid quickly. recommend.
Apr 2017 Good service, got paid and didn't take too long.
Apr 2017 I had a very positive experience with TopDollar4Books. I received the full amount I was quoted in a timely manner. I will definitely sell to them again.
Apr 2017 Had one much older book that was yellowed with age. After conversation on the phone, in which I was reassured that the yellowing was acceptable, chose to send in book. It took a bit longer, most likely due to snow slowing delivery of the book, but I received my full payment. Will definitely recommend TopDollar4Books!
Mar 2017 I would definitely sell to them again. They had the best resell price on the internet and followed through with their quoted amount once the book was received. The whole process was smooth and easy.
Mar 2017 Everything went great. I received my check with in a few days of TopDollar receiving the book. I would use them again..
Mar 2017 I am a book buyer, so speed and accuracy are important. This is a good company to work with.
Mar 2017 TopDollar4Books is an excellent company which specializes in out of print and specialty books. We have sent them many orders of 1-2 books, and have gotten top prices and excellent service. They don't take many books, but will accept and pay shipping for small orders--no minimum. A first-rate experience every time for us!
Mar 2017 Would definitely sell through this page again. Payment is not super fast, but because it takes time for them to receive the book and the check the book, but as soon as the book was received and checked the money was in my paypal account within a day. Thank you so much.
Mar 2017 I received my payment in a timely manner. Paid as quoted. Quick and easy transaction. Will definitely use them again.
Mar 2017 very efficient, easy to use, and quick service/payment
Mar 2017 Professional and expeditious... A pleasure to do business with them... A+++
Feb 2017 Awesome service I will continue to use Top Dollar 4 Books even if the buyback price is lower than the rest
Feb 2017 Excellent service. I would use them again.
Jan 2017 Tracking number is provided and they paid me within 24 hours they received it.
Dec 2016 super easy to use and very trustworthy! I was a little nervous using it at first but i received my money at about 7 days after sending my books in!
Dec 2016 Very easy to use. Great service. Will definitely recommend to my friends.
Dec 2016 VERY EASY to use, I sell ALL my books through here and get the most out of my money. It's quick and I have never had an issue. I usually choose to receive a check and sometimes I even receive earlier than the expected arrival. For a college student, getting money fast especially when I need it is very helpful.
Dec 2016 Great service offering best price!
Nov 2016 Easy to use. Was an awesome experience! I'd recommend it to all my friends 👍
Nov 2016 Easy to use!! Highly recommend using this service!!