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Renttext is part of a larger company, BBA Solutions. For the last 15 years, BBA has been an innovator in the college textbook market by lowering prices and delivering top quality service. BBA is the leading off campus college textbook company in the United States. We started Renttext as a way to provide low prices and superior service to customers not currently reached by our bookstores.

BBA was one of the first companies to buy and sell textbooks over the internet. We have years of experience delivering the right books on time when you need them. You can have confidence that you are dealing with a company that knows our job and cares about your personal situation.

Website: http://www.renttext.com/
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Sep 2017 Unlike other book buyers out there, if they suspect a book may be counterfeit they WILL NOT return the book(s) to you so you can get refunded from whoever (Amazon) you bought them from.
Seller beware!
Sep 2017 I have sent books twice to this company. They rejected books with the explanations "false ISBN" and "likely counterfeit." I have been in the book business for years. I double check every book I sell and they are the only company I have problems with. The last "False ISBN" just happened to be for a pricey textbook. I could have sold it to SellBackYourBook for slightly less, and I should have. They even threatened to report the books to the publisher. I am removing Rent Text from my vendor list.