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TextbookManiac.com buys college textbooks and other types of books. When you sell books to us, you get the best prices available online.

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Huntsville, AL 35816-4121
(256) 513-9181

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I was quoted $60 for my GOOD AS NEW textbook (I barely opened it during the class). I bought it for about $100 from my school's bookstore. After sending it in, I was told that they suspected that it was "counterfeit" and therefore had to "recycle it" WITHOUT PAYING ME FOR IT. I GAVE THEM MY BOOK FOR FREE AND THEY REFUSE TO SEND IT BACK. This is a total scam and I can't believe I fell for it.
Sep 2019 Very please with textbookManiac! They paid for shipping my textbook to them for resale. I packed up the book, dropped it off at at UPS store near me. They emailed about a week later that they received my book and credited my PayPal account with exactly the amount they quoted me. I paid to $5 to use UPS and have my package insured.
Sep 2019 Considering some reviews, I feel lucky I just got a big payout from them for a popular book. It took 18 days to get it via Paypal. No problems. Paid me the amount they said they would even though now the buyback price has gone way down.
Aug 2019 My book was sent in pristine condition. I mean, I only opened it three times and the access code was still unused. My book was shipped in a sturdy, bubble wrapped envelope that was folded in half to ensure the book did not move around in transit. I was quoted $34.80. When my book was “processed,” I received an email claiming the cover was ripped. New buyback total, $15.00. Will not be working with this company again.
Jul 2019 I believe this was my first transaction with TextbookManiac. I generated the buyback and received payment in less than 2 weeks. This seems like a good turnaround. I hope to do additional business with them.
Apr 2019 This vendor is very unreliable. I sent a book to them and they said it had water damage (which it did not) and they took $10 off of it.
Apr 2019 Great customer service! Went above and beyond!
Feb 2019 Very fair. Never had any issues.
Jan 2019 I sent my textbooks to three separate companies. Textbook maniac paid me the full offer before ecampus.com (which payment is processed 3 to 5 weeks after receiving th books). I was nervous after reading the negative reviews, but decided to try them out. I ran into an issue when Textbookmaniac stated my package was sent to a “recovery center,” but really USPS had not delivered it yet. After contacting them with timely responses, I was able to receive payment from them. I would suggest using the PayPal method of payment to avoid prolonging the process. Overall, I had a great experience with them and will be selling books back to them in the future.
Jan 2019 Awful. quoted a book for $75. They received it and said it was an instructor book (which it was not)and that they will recycle it if I don't pay for shipping. What a scam.
Jan 2019 I was nervous seeing some of these negative reviews but I had a great experience. Received payment in full a few days after my order was shipped. Great experience!
Jan 2019 I sent two books on November 27, 2018. I made sure I wrapped the books and packed them well so they would not jar around in a box. I know how USPS treats the mail as I worked a seasonal contract job for them sorting holiday mail. It really took a long time for the book to arrive in
Huntsville, much longer than what it took for my books to go to the other three vendors I used around this same time period. Once I knew the books were there I waited for 12 days before I sent an e-mail to inquire as to why the status of my account had not changed and I had not been paid. I received a quick and very polite response telling me they were about a week behind in processing books. I received my payment via PayPal on December 27th, and received the entire amount they quoted. One of the other things I did was to take pictures of the books I sent to each vendor before I sent them. Overall, from the time I sent the books to the time I received payment, it was four weeks,but the books probably took ten days for USPS to get them to Textbook Maniac, and Textbook Maniac were running a week behind in processing. And, I sent them when holiday mail was getting started. Would I use them again? Yes.
Jan 2019 Textbook Maniac claimed the book I sent was marked "Instructor's Copy" and I know it wasn't!
I have no way to prove it because they have my book.

I would have to pay for return shipping if I wanted my book returned to me.

What a load of crap!

DON'T SELL YOUR BOOKS TO Textbook Maniac!!!!!!
Jan 2019 ZERO STARS!!!! My account order history shows they sent me a check for $14.00 less than they quoted for a BRAND NEW textbook, however two months later, I have not received a check. DO NOT USE this company. They have no contact information on their website and they will not get back in touch with you when you use the generic "Got Questions" portal.
Dec 2018 Slowest to pay of many vendors. Shipping policies are sub-standard also. If you have a choice in buyers for your books it's worth losing a few dollars for faster delivery and payment.
Dec 2018 I had two separate group of books that I used their services for. Everything went smooth for the first order. They have good customer service too.

Problem is with their system. You could have 50 books and the system would still issue you 1 shipping label while asking you specifically not to use priority shipping packaging. So you get stuck with using media packages. Rest is history. USPS Ground tosses everything around, packaging fails and they lose your books.

Advice: If you're going to use USPS, at least pay for the insurance (it's $2.45) or offer it to be deducted as an option. On top of that please update your system so when it goes over a certain weight limit, it generates multiple shipping labels.

Despite losing +$100 on my order, I still believe they're a good company. They just need to improve a few things.
Oct 2018 I’d like to put all these negative comments at ease here .. I was very skeptical because I went to BookScouter put in my isbn numbers . I had 3 books and textbook maniac was the highest payout for all of them... so I chose them they gave me shipping labels which I used ups at no charge bc textbook maniac pays for the shipping. I was also able to track it with ups . I sent my package out the next day , it took 3 days for them to get it . I didn’t hear anything from them for about a week so I emailed textbook maniac and they did respond in 24 hrs like it said they would ... they said they received my order and was processing a few days later I checked my status on their account page and it said contact customer , so I reached out in email again to textbook maniac and they said contact customer just means your shipment of books was flagged and their quality control team was looking into it . I got an email 2 days later saying one of my books had water wrinkling and they wouldn’t give me the 66 dollars quoted for that title , but they would offer me 50 . Which I was fine with .. I know when I sent the book it was in good condition because I have never used that textbook and it has never left my house except for when I decided to sell it to them , so I know it was in new condition however it is possible that on its way to Alabama the box could have gotten wet , so they deducted like 13 dollars or something from my total , and the other 2 books I sent in where fine . It took about exactly 2 weeks for them to send me my payment via paypal , probably would have been longer if i opted for the check route .. but they did hold through on their end and ended up paying me 134.54 for the 3 books I sent them which I agreed to that total because it was suppose to be alittle higher , they did email me about the water wrinkling and they did say they would return that title to me but I had to pay the 4 dollar return shipping ... So all these negative comments do not pay any attention to , if ur books are in good condition and you stay on top of textbook maniac with emails and check your status on their account page daily , they will pay you , they are not crooks ... Believe me I was super skeptical after I sent my books in bc I read all these negative reviews , but in the end they did pay me and it took about 2 weeks ... I hope you found this review helpful .. Textbook manic is also infinity college bookstore in Huntsville Alabama... So send ur books in and it should take about 2 weeks , I do suggest you open a paypal account if u haven’t because you will wait longer for them to mail you a check . Thank you textbook maniac and I may do business again with you guys , I had a decent experience ..
Oct 2018 This is my first ever review, but I base almost everything off reviews I read so I thought I should share. I almost didn't sell my old textbook to this vendor based off of reviews, but I'm glad I did. Easy transaction. I was paid the full amount quoted within a week tops. Very happy. Will do business with this company again!!
Oct 2018 First they lower the quote if you are not sending it quickly by $20. Then later they receive the book they will say your book's quality is worse so they will lower quote by another $20. I think they are using the fact that the seller will just accept the price anyway, since it's annoying to bring the book back. I don't recommend selling your books in here. Especially if your book is sellable to other website.
Oct 2018 Unfortunate I had to check one star to continue. I received my offer for a book I wanted to send in and followed all procedures. Approximately three weeks later I received an email stating that the book I sent in was a fraudulent copy which it was not so i would not be receiving my money and if i wanted my book back I had to pay shipping. I contacted them by phone and spoke to three different people only to be told that they can’t prove that the book they were looking at wa actually the one I sent in. I demanded that they send it back to me free of charge and the book I received is in no way the book I sent. I guess there scam is to pawn off fake books to people and resell the real ones they receive. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, Tge only thing fraudulent is their company
Oct 2018 I sent FIVE books at once and had no hassle or trouble. I was nervous because of the negative feedback I was reading about so I had sent them two different comments just after a week after I mailed the books about when would I receive payment and updated status and Amy was very helpful and emailed me back the next day! Very helpful and received the full amount quoted through PayPal. Recommend it but they should have more information on their website so more people feel that it's reliable.
Oct 2018 I sent three books at once and had no trouble. I received a check within a reasonable amount of time for the full amount quoted.
Sep 2018 I was scared to use this site because of the negative feedback, but my experience was great. They gave me the same amount of money that they said they would. However, it took about two weeks but i think that was due to shipping and such.
Sep 2018 They will quote you a fair price and then change it once they have books in hand. Additionally, they lie about the condition of the book when received. I sent new, never used textbooks to them and was the emailed that the cover and pages were ripped so that they could give a price lower than quoted.
They do give the option of returning the (now damaged?) book, but the shipping charge is higher than the deducted buy back price. Total scam.
Aug 2018 Saying book was water damaged like everyone else on here. Ive never used my book. Offered me less of a payment. Then they didnt send me the lesser payment and lied and said they already sent it. After sending proof. They lie and said that one of my recent transactions was theirs but it was not.
Aug 2018 Textbook maniac is legit I had to find out for myself. I read the reviews which seemed to be mostly negative and was nervous to try them. But they paid more than most and through PayPal.
Aug 2018 I was scared to use TextbookManiac after these reviews, but I did anyway. Luckily, I do not regret it. Printed label, sent book, and received a check! The check took a while but they said that.
Aug 2018 This company is probably the worst I have ever dealt with. I have shipped hundreds of books through other vendors and have never had a problem. Textbook Maniac claimed my book was water damaged and sent me images of a damaged book that wasn't even mine! I called the customer service and they were less than helpful and partially clueless. Never ship or buy ANYTHING from them.
Aug 2018 Thieves. Read the positive reviews and notice how similar they are. The negative reviews are the REAL story. They got my package and claimed that the box was empty. Customer service apologized for the "inconvenience" but nothing more. I have the USPS looking in to this and will be filing a police report in Huntsville, AL once that is complete and finds nothing unusual. Their mailing address is 4003 Holmes Ave. NW Huntsville, AL 35816. Which is also Infinity College Bookstore, where they apparently sell stolen books out of.
Jul 2018 I don't recommend selling to them. The shipping label they send is for Media Mail, which is notoriously unreliable. They quoted me an unbelievably high payout, so I picked them over other options. Well, Media Mail made it all the way to Huntsville AL, which is where Textbook Maniac is located and then... stopped updating tracking. I'm pretty sure the package was delivered without being scanned, but Textbook Maniac told me they never got it. I emailed them several times and got contradictory responses.
Jul 2018 I am happy with there services. I received what was promised for the books and received payment in a acceptable time frame.
Jul 2018 Not satisfied at all with this service. I was told I was to get around $50 for three textbooks and ended up receiving only $7.25. Do not use this site.
TextbookManiac Response: If you will contact us, we can see if we can help. Thanks
Jul 2018 I used Textbook Maniac, and I am more than happy with the service I received. What I was quoted is what I received, and I received the money extremely fast. I normally don't write reviews; however, I had to make an exception to let it be known how pleased I am with this company.
Jun 2018 Smooth transaction, sent in 3 books for a total of just under $100, got my entire quote as promised. Thank you!
Jun 2018 Buyback delivered in March, still no payment.
If you use this service, keep track of your shipments.
TextbookManiac Response: If you will contact us. We can take care of your issue. I'm sure it was an oversight on our part. Thanks
Jun 2018 Used TextbookManiac for the first time to sell back two textbooks. They were new when purchased and sadly, hardly used during the semester, so condition was great. Don't have a ton of experience with selling back books, since usually rent but had to buy for this one class. They had the best price and free shipping. The ship time was close to two weeks, however, once the books were delivered, I had the agreed upon money in my Paypal account within three days.
Jun 2018 They are true to what is quoted. I received my payment extremely fast and awesome customer service.
May 2018 I have used them 3 times this month, and I was never disappointed. Sold them textbooks, got paid exactly how they quoted. Payment was fast.

Apr 2018 Wonderful customer service.
Apr 2018 Good service. Had no problem with them at all.
Apr 2018 I have used this site many times. No issues and satisfied with the company.
Mar 2018 I had no trouble at all with TM. Everything went smoothly and I received payment promptly. I certainly would use them again.
Mar 2018 The textbook purchasing service is very professional, easy to use and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend TextbookManiac and would use their buying service again.
Mar 2018 Reliable (received the price quoted); very easy to use and quick turnaround. I will definitely use Textbook Maniac again to sell my books.
Mar 2018 Have submitted a few books and have always gotten the designated price quote and received payment in less than 2 weeks (including the mailing). Quick and reliable communication of receipt of book and mailing of payment.
Mar 2018 Very pleased with your website and how easy it is to use. I have already recommended it to others.
Mar 2018 Quick and easy with on time payment of agreed upon price.
Mar 2018 Terrible service. Twice they have "lost" my book shipment and were not willing to make it right. Do not use this company.
TextbookManiac Response: I'm sorry you were not happy. But we do not "lose" shipments. The usps might have lost your package. If a package doesn't get to us, we can't pay for something we don't get.
Mar 2018 I sent 2 of my textbooks from last semester to TextbookManiac and got the full amount for them. It was a quick and easy process, I'll use this company again in the future.
Mar 2018 I’ve always gotten the quality of the book I knew I ordered and always had an easy return. I’ve experienced no complications and would recommend this to everyone.
Mar 2018 Very quick with payments and also very helpful when you have a question. I give them an A+.
Mar 2018 Good service. I had found my textbook for a bargain. Textbook Maniac paid top dollar for it. Very good deal.
Mar 2018 They've always done me right. Never had a single issue. They always pay within a couple days. Definitely recommend.
Mar 2018 Very fast and paid the price they quoted! Will be using them again in the future.
Feb 2018 I love TextbookManiac. Best place to sell my college textbooks. It was an easy process including fast payment, honoring their quotes for books, and free shipment for textbooks being sold.
Feb 2018 I sold my computer science networking book to them and I got my check for the full amount quoted within 2 weeks. It was the highest offer than any of the other online companies I checked into. I'm definitely going to be a return customer.
Feb 2018 Sold a textbook in excellent condition, spent extra to protect it in shipping. When I received the check from them it was about 25% less than the agreed to price for the sale. Keep a copy of what you sold your book for because that information disappears after they send you a check. I contacted them and got 0% response. As a struggling college student working myself through school, I need every dollar- I can't recommend TextbookManiac for book buyback. Buying from them was no issue.
TextbookManiac Response: We always try to contact you back if you have an issue. If you received less than quoted then there must of have been a problem with the order. They would have contacted you and told you via email what was wrong. Also, you can see previous orders in your account if you sign back in.
Feb 2018 Great service.Quick payment Very efficient Pleasant experience.
Feb 2018 After reading a previous post about this company not receiving high dollar books, and claiming they were lost in the mail, it appears this is part of their business model. I received a similar message earlier today and it also happened to be the most expensive book of the 3 in which I shipped. They claimed the package arrived loose and some contents may have been lost. The package I sent was in a box which was very well taped. Also after almost 4 weeks I've still yet to receive payment. I took a chance on the me, never again.
TextbookManiac Response: We always double check packages, if they are missing a book. If the package was damaged in transit, we can't control that. We will gladly do a book search with the usps if the package arrives damaged.
Feb 2018 Textbook Maniac Rocks!!! They are a great company and have always provided good prices for books. Since I ship by USPS it takes some time to get there, but they always process the order and then pay immediately. I use Paypal so my payments are quick. I highly recommend using them for buybacks.
Feb 2018 After sending in a couple of books, I was notified that I would not be getting paid for one of them. I emailed back stating my case and followed up with a call. After talking to one of the representatives and being transferred to someone higher up the chain of command, the supervisor/manager/whathaveyou explained that they do not normally buy books with different covers, but since that was not clear on their posted condition guidelines, they would pay for the book. Almost immediately after that conversation, I received an email confirming they would pay for the book. Kudos on them for good customer service in this instance.
Feb 2018 False advertising, They confirmed my payment and order then preceded to take deductions from my order due to "Staining" on the book. The book was in prestine condition before I shipped it. They are the ones who probably stained it somehow and took it out of my end. I will never recommend this company to anyone.
TextbookManiac Response: Anytime you have an issue with a book, we can take pictures and send them to you. We also offer to send the book back to you. I'm sorry you were not happy with the service.
Feb 2018 Although I had my doubts, textbook maniac did follow through with fast responses and payments. I’d say this company has a slight delay in payment compared to the others I sent to, but they also pay more for the books so it balanced out in the end. Worth the extra couple of days.
Feb 2018 Do not use this service!!! I sent in five books 3 weeks ago. I just received a package with two of my books returned. The status of my shipment says that it was received. I never received payment for the other three books.
TextbookManiac Response: If you received your package back, that means it was damaged in transit and the post office sent it back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Feb 2018 Looking for some information about when I can expect to recieve payment for the books I sent. So far, I’ve emailed twice for no response. Concerned by other negative feedback I’ve read in the reviews. Thanks!
TextbookManiac Response: We always respond to emails. Maybe it is going into a spam folder or something. Anyway, have you received your payment? If not, please let us know.
Feb 2018 I sold my book in 8/12/17 in a very good price and I am extremely satisfied, transaction was fast and I got paid in PayPal. It does not deserve such a low rating, I trust this company. I wish they had higher prices for my other books. THANK YOU, Textbook Maniac!
Jan 2018 Sent a book series, Company said that it was missing a book. So I just wasted my precious time sending them books without noticing a missing book. By the way the books were in the case, would have notice it. Ripoff.
TextbookManiac Response: I'm sorry you were unsatisfied. However, we can't buy partial sets. You would have been offered to have the books returned to you.
Jan 2018 They paid me the agreed upon amount which I was pleased with. Shipping took 5 days and then another 4 days until I got was paid. Excellent experience.
Jan 2018 DON'T DO IT. I sent them my books on Nov 17, 2017--and as of today--1/26/18, I still haven't been paid. I've been calling them over and over. Burn your books first.
TextbookManiac Response: Are you sure you are calling the correct number? We are open from 9 to 5:30 cst Monday -Friday.
Jan 2018 They went back on their word with a quote so I asked for my books back and an understandable fee of 3.99 plus 1.99 per additional book was requested and I agreed. Textbook maniac then went to a another book order I have entered with the same three books and processed it for the same discounted value in order to keep my books mind you it was the same order which was never mailed to them since I had send those books in a later order. That is both fraudulent and sneaky. They are also still holding another order that should be processed by now. This is a very unprofessional place in my opinion and I urge people to take their business elsewhere as I will most likely be doing unless the step it up.
TextbookManiac Response: I'm not sure exactly what went on here. Please email us to let me see if I can help.
Jan 2018 Textbook sale process went exactly as described on the website, and payment was received promptly via PayPal. Would definitely use them again.
Jan 2018 They offered a better buyback price. Simple to use and prompt payment. Would use again.
Jan 2018 Excellent FAST payment for books I sent to sell!
Jan 2018 No hassle; payment was exactly what they said it would be and arrived within the proper time frame.
Jan 2018 I have had only a wonderful experience with this company. I highly recommend them.
Jan 2018 Most satisfied. Thank you.
Jan 2018 Very happy, awesome service easy to use!!!!
Jan 2018 Very easy to work with and the payment was in my PayPal account in less than a week after I sent in my book.
Jan 2018 Great company and super fast payment. Easy to work with and I plan to use for all my used textbooks. Much better service than Amazon or any other company I have sold back to.
Jan 2018 They will quote you a lower price after the book is received and then claim there was some finite damage to the book. Do not use them unless you want to get ripped off!
TextbookManiac Response: We can always send pictures of any damage that was found. We also offer to send books back.
Jan 2018 Sent in my book. They claimed it wasn't authentic, even when I provided proof of its authenticity. Never gave me my money or my book back. Took them months at a time to get back to me.
TextbookManiac Response: If a book is a possible fake. We have to report it and send it to the publisher for verification. If they determine it a fake, then they keep it.
Dec 2017 I never got paid! I sent in a very expensive book. I have no phone number to contact them.
TextbookManiac Response: On our website there is a contact page that explains how to ask about an order. I'm sorry you were not happy.
Dec 2017 This is a fraud company. Sent two books and they sent back the ripped open envelope that the books were in. They even emailed saying they didn’t receive them. Do not sell to them.
TextbookManiac Response: If a package is ripped open during transit the post office will reject the package and send it back to the customer. We will however do a lost book search for you.
Dec 2017 I have no complaints and believe that Textbookmaniac.com is probably the best company buying back books.
Nov 2017 I have sold two books, in two shipments. I have only been paid for one. I can not login as the login and password reset does not appear to work. Will not use again.
TextbookManiac Response: If you contact us, we can take a look at it and see what's going on.
Nov 2017 I sent two books to the company in one package, they said that they only recieved one!
TextbookManiac Response: If the package was damaged in transit, we have no control over it. We can only pay for what we receive.
Nov 2017 I sent them the book and 11 days later I received a cancelled order. It is now 12 days later and their Email address does not work. And I do not have the check or the book.
TextbookManiac Response: We do send out an automated email that lets you know if your package hasn't been sent then it would be cancelled. However, if you contact us, we can look into it.
Nov 2017 One of my top 3. Reliable GREAT buyback prices and fast fast processing, they have me paid quickly and are always there if you need them! Great company
Oct 2017 It's a scam. They steal your books and make an excuse as to why they won't pay you for them.
TextbookManiac Response: We will always offer to send your books back.
Oct 2017 Horrible! I will never deal with this place again. I advise you go else where. I was told how awful these guys were and I should’ve listened. Don’t waste your time.
TextbookManiac Response: I wish i knew what happened so I could have had a chance to solve the problem.
Oct 2017 Been weeks since I sent my book and no response or payment
TextbookManiac Response: If you contacted us, we could try and resolve your issue. If you emailed us, then our response could have gone to your spam folder. But we always respond.
Oct 2017 Within 3 days received payment through paypal and it was pending, now after a couple days of it pending I checked again and the payment has been cancelled. No notice or reason given and now waiting on response from customer service
TextbookManiac Response: That is a paypal issue. if it was pending then there was something preventing it from going through. And after a couple of days paypal will cancel payment. If you will contact us, we can fix it.
Oct 2017 Super easy to sell and quick turnaround with payment. Definitely recommend!
Oct 2017 Unfortunately, they didn't take many of my books, but they gave me a very good offer on the one they did take, plus they didn't require a minimum payback for the free shipping. I received my check in a timely manner. I'm happy with my experience.
Oct 2017 Customers beaware. This seller DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE to any of your packages you ship to them unlinke most other vendors on Bookscouter. Sent in a $204 package, item gets lost in transit, and the seller doesn't even have the decency to offer a partial refund because they don't provide insurance on their pacakages. I will cease any further transactions with this seller. Please choose another vendor if you would like your packages secured with insurance like Valorebooks, Amazon.
Sep 2017 I shipped a brand new book as soon as I got the email with the label. After several weeks, nothing happened and turns out they didn't accept the book I sent saying I took to long to ship it (even though I shipped it as quickly as possible). I never received the book back- both the USPS and Textbook Maniac were useless in tracking this down. I essentially just gave away an expensive brand new text book to who knows!
TextbookManiac Response: if the package was lost in the mail, we have no control over that. We do offer insurance options as a way to stop that.