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TextbookManiac.com buys college textbooks and other types of books. When you sell books to us, you get the best prices available online.

4003 Holmes Ave. NW
Huntsville, AL 35816-4121
(256) 513-9181

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Nov 2020 Best place to sell your books. Very good prices, efficient process, on-time payments.
Oct 2020 A Great Vendor! Thank you for your business!!
Oct 2020 I rec'd payment 7 days after mailing the books in, at full price quoted. FANTASTIC
Sep 2020 Sent my book and got paid about a week later.
Sep 2020 Great experience! Was quoted a price and within 10 days paid that price. That included shipping time for the items. Will definitely use TextBookManiac again!
Jul 2020 Quick payment
Jun 2020 After reading the bad reviews I got a bit nervous because I did not hear when they received my books. I emailed them & they got back to me with my payment within one day and they gave me the quote they promised.
Mar 2020 I found a pile of checks that I had not cashed and the bank said they couldn't take them as it had been over 6 months. Therefore I emailed TextbookManiac to ask for a replacement check and I received a reply in a couple of hours. There were 2-3 more emails (they wanted to make sure I didn't have the wrong address in my profile) but I got my replacement check in the mail today, so great customer service! Also, I've sent them a number of books by now and I have gotten the amount agreed upon for every one so far.
Jan 2020 These guys are the best out of all bookscouters buyers. I've sold to them about 75 times now out of about 125 total through bookscouter. One of only 3 that will buy damaged books for usually 40-80% of the price quoted but almost all the rest will just recycle the book and if you are lucky let you pay for return shipping. They usually offer the higher range on average and pay quickly. I'll sell books to them even if they aren't the highest when they are close cuz I know there is never any issues.
Dec 2019 They did right by me- followed directions exactly, mailed the book on Dec. 11 and got check for full amount on Dec. 28. Maybe people having trouble aren't following the directions and including packing slips? All I can say is they worked great for me and I will use them again.
Oct 2019 Every time I tried to buy, sell or do any business online I usually read the reviews first. This was not the case, for some reason I went ahead request a quote and ship my books to textbookmaniac, it wasn’t after I did that when I read the reviews and said to myself, what had I just done. My order took some time to arrive and I never received any confirmation from them stating that they got my books, I send them a message and couple of days later I received an email saying that they received my books but they were damage during transport, also they mentioned this is “normal” and happened before so they were going to process this accordingly. At that moment I thought everything they said on the reviews were true and I just lost my money. However I was able to find a phone number and call them right away, the lady told me something completely different from what that email said. She said my books will arrive the following day, and after that it will take 7-10 business day to process a payment. I called the following week on Wednesday and ask if they received my order, Michael review my order and said my books arrived and a payment is being processed and I should receive it by the end of the week, if not I can call back and he will process the payment manually. I was glad two days after I received the full payment amount with no problems.
Sep 2019 Very please with textbookManiac! They paid for shipping my textbook to them for resale. I packed up the book, dropped it off at at UPS store near me. They emailed about a week later that they received my book and credited my PayPal account with exactly the amount they quoted me. I paid to $5 to use UPS and have my package insured.
Sep 2019 Considering some reviews, I feel lucky I just got a big payout from them for a popular book. It took 18 days to get it via Paypal. No problems. Paid me the amount they said they would even though now the buyback price has gone way down.
Jul 2019 I believe this was my first transaction with TextbookManiac. I generated the buyback and received payment in less than 2 weeks. This seems like a good turnaround. I hope to do additional business with them.
Apr 2019 This vendor is very unreliable. I sent a book to them and they said it had water damage (which it did not) and they took $10 off of it.
Apr 2019 Great customer service! Went above and beyond!
Feb 2019 Very fair. Never had any issues.
Jan 2019 I sent my textbooks to three separate companies. Textbook maniac paid me the full offer before ecampus.com (which payment is processed 3 to 5 weeks after receiving th books). I was nervous after reading the negative reviews, but decided to try them out. I ran into an issue when Textbookmaniac stated my package was sent to a “recovery center,” but really USPS had not delivered it yet. After contacting them with timely responses, I was able to receive payment from them. I would suggest using the PayPal method of payment to avoid prolonging the process. Overall, I had a great experience with them and will be selling books back to them in the future.
Jan 2019 I was nervous seeing some of these negative reviews but I had a great experience. Received payment in full a few days after my order was shipped. Great experience!
Jan 2019 I sent two books on November 27, 2018. I made sure I wrapped the books and packed them well so they would not jar around in a box. I know how USPS treats the mail as I worked a seasonal contract job for them sorting holiday mail. It really took a long time for the book to arrive in
Huntsville, much longer than what it took for my books to go to the other three vendors I used around this same time period. Once I knew the books were there I waited for 12 days before I sent an e-mail to inquire as to why the status of my account had not changed and I had not been paid. I received a quick and very polite response telling me they were about a week behind in processing books. I received my payment via PayPal on December 27th, and received the entire amount they quoted. One of the other things I did was to take pictures of the books I sent to each vendor before I sent them. Overall, from the time I sent the books to the time I received payment, it was four weeks,but the books probably took ten days for USPS to get them to Textbook Maniac, and Textbook Maniac were running a week behind in processing. And, I sent them when holiday mail was getting started. Would I use them again? Yes.
Dec 2018 I had two separate group of books that I used their services for. Everything went smooth for the first order. They have good customer service too.

Problem is with their system. You could have 50 books and the system would still issue you 1 shipping label while asking you specifically not to use priority shipping packaging. So you get stuck with using media packages. Rest is history. USPS Ground tosses everything around, packaging fails and they lose your books.

Advice: If you're going to use USPS, at least pay for the insurance (it's $2.45) or offer it to be deducted as an option. On top of that please update your system so when it goes over a certain weight limit, it generates multiple shipping labels.

Despite losing +$100 on my order, I still believe they're a good company. They just need to improve a few things.