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When you're done with your books, sell them back for cash! Textbooks.com will pay you for many of your good condition, used books. Textbooks.com buys books back directly. No marketplaces. No long lines. No restrictive bookstore hours. If we want your books, we'll buy them any time, any day. Get more money back faster and easier


PO Box 637
Columbia, MO 65205

Website: http://www.textbooks.com
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Nov 2018 I used to love selling to Textbooks. They were one of the best. I've been selling to them for over 3 years. But, for the last 6 months or so, they have started claiming books missing. And it usually happens to be the most expensive that happen to be missing.
Nov 2018 Smooth transaction! I received the full quoted amount and got paid in my Paypal account within a week and a half of sending my books in. Would recommend!
Jul 2018 Love the neat and clean price quotes, the 30 day quote guarantee, the customer service and speedy payments. Texbooks.com is a+. Nice, super nice peope!
Jun 2018 This company used to be top notch. Now it is having problems rejecting items I send as "damaged". I have sold to them for about 5 years and recently they have rejected perfectly good textbooks as "damaged" saying "pages missing". I will sell to other companies and there are many reputable ones.
Jun 2018 Great service, everything went smoothly, I returned 4 heavy-duty books and got the full quote on the order! great!
Jun 2018 Completely happy with their service. I've sold boxes and boxes of books (textbooks, non-fiction, fiction) to this company for many years now and have never had a problem. Thank you!
Apr 2018 This is the first time I've sold back books and used Textbooks.com. I must say that their process was easy to follow, their email communication was timely, and their follow up was fast and efficient. All of my books were accepted, and within 2 weeks of shipping, I received a check in the mail. I was worried after reading the negative reviews, but was pleasantly surprised with their service.
Apr 2018 Another sellback, another problem. What in the world has happened to this company?!
Mar 2018 I've done thousands of dollars of business with Textbooks.com extending back almost 10 years and something has changed for the worse. Up until a couple of months ago my sellback experiences with them had been fruitful and pleasant. That has disappeared. They lose books and disqualify books as "damaged" for no reason that I can discern. The damaged or lost books are often the most expensive so that just adds to the disappointment.
Feb 2018 They rate books poorly. Reject some for no reason. Classify new books as used and used books as new. Would give no stars if I could.
Jan 2018 I was hesitant to buy a book from here after a lot of negative reviews about their buy back program. I bought a used book and when it came it was in nearly perfect condition. The free shipping was quick and only took 5 business days. The book was shipped the day that I ordered it. No complaints here!
Jan 2018 First time selling to a buyback company. They got all my shipment within 1-2 weeks and got my check in the mail in about 1 week. Very fast, very efficient. Would recommend
Oct 2017 I have sent a number of shipments to textbooks.com and they are consistently prompt and honorable. I elect to receive a check and I receive the check within a few weeks of sending the books. Highly recommended.
Sep 2017 This is the first time I'm using a book buyback company. I just sold 12 books to textbooks.com, some of them were in excellent condition (like brand new) and some were in acceptable condition with some writing, highlighting, and tears on the paperback covers. I was expecting them to send back a couple books, but they took them all and paid me the exact amount on the quote they gave me. I dropped my books off to UPS (super easy) about 2 weeks ago, and I just received my payment through PayPal. The process was surprisingly easy and I'll most likely be using them again.
Aug 2017 Been sending in books to them for 8 months now. I'd say about 97% have been accepted and I know I sent them a few borderline books. A+ on communication. A- on payout time...just being realistic. Sometimes they are fast, sometimes a little slower but still faster than most vendors. A+ on offers!! Jeez, these guys buy everything it seems, keep it up! This is my #1 vendor with SellBackYourBooks a close 2nd, followed by textbooksrush at #3, Powells #4, buybackexpress at #5.
Aug 2017 I have sold to about 5 different buyback companies. Textbooks.com is easily the best, and here is why:

1. All of my sales were given the full amount without them being too picky about "good" condition.

2. Turnaround time was not unreasonable, especially considering the high volume season.

3. They communicated officially and consistently with me at every step and keep clear, detailed records of all my orders for me to access in case there's any confusion.

4. They actually take a large variety of books back, not only textbooks.

Well done, and keep it up!
Aug 2017 Always a Pleasure to Sell back Textbooks. I have been doing business with Textbooks.com for a few years and have never had any problems. Thanks for your business!!
Jul 2017 At your own risk. A book that I sent was in great shape, (I make sure before I send anything) and was quoted a good amount, higher than I anticipated. Well they rejected it saying "damaged" with no explanation. I emailed customer service and they responded quickly saying that could not buy it back because it was damaged and would charge me $9 to send it back. Again beware and sell at your own risk
Jul 2017 Great experience!! They have given me the full amount that they quoted. The processing time has always been reasonable to me, and they send me an email when they receive my books and when the payment comes in. None of my books have been rejected so far. Awesome buyer!
Jul 2017 My first experience with this company was very wonderful. They were very prompt and kept me well informed during the process. Highly recommended.
Jul 2017 It is a gamble to sell to Textbooks.com. Their processing time is longer than other companies, their internal identification number is different than their quote number making it difficult to balance your records with theirs and finally, the only reason they appear to pay more in comparison to other companies is that they will find something wrong with your book over 1/2 of the time and will pay less than the quote without giving you the option to agree.
Jun 2017 I have sold to textbooks.com on several occasions and never had any problems. I got confirmation emails when my books arrived at their facility, and I got checks in the mail within their 2-4 week advertised time frame.
Jun 2017 I have been selling boxes of books to this company for years and have never had a problem. Thank you so much for your great service! I'll definitely continue to send my books to you.
Jun 2017 I have sent books to them twice now and they paid quickly both times. The whole process was pretty easy. I used paypal as the payment method.
Jun 2017 Worst customer service ever.
The shipping time was 11-18 days. They sent it after 18 days with one book missing.They don't accept it and they want me to return it in 10 days for a refund.
Apr 2017 Incompetence

I sent in a book indicating paypal as the method of payment. After 3 weeks, nothing.

I emailed customerservice who could not find my book.
A day later they emailed me saying a check had been sent 10 days earlier, Problem is that I didnt ask for a check and they mailed it to some address not on the quote.

I told them to pay me via paypal, they told me it was too late for that, that a check would be coming in 1-3 weeks

I am NOT going to deal with these people again