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When you're done with your books, sell them back for cash! Textbooks.com will pay you for many of your good condition, used books. Textbooks.com buys books back directly. No marketplaces. No long lines. No restrictive bookstore hours. If we want your books, we'll buy them any time, any day. Get more money back faster and easier


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Columbia, MO 65205

Website: http://www.textbooks.com
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Mar 2020 Amazing transaction!! Perfect customer service. Ordered the book yesterday and it came today!!! ONE DAY!!!! You saved me!! The book is in mint condition.

thank you
thank yoyu
Feb 2020 My textbook was shipped 2 weeks ago and it went to the wrong place due to the shipper they used, and now its lost! So I contacted Customer service and the representative says I have to wait 15 business days before they will do anything. It said 3-7 days for mailing when I ordered it. It has been 2 weeks already and we know the book is lost, Why do I have to wait more time now for them to reship another book, when it is lost somewhere. I am in danger of failing my class because I don't have a textbook to do my papers. Do not purchase a book here if you want it to get to you!!!
Nov 2019 Sent the wrong book. No free returns.
Sep 2019 Do not go through textbooks.com if you are in school. They are trying to pass off used textbooks as “new.”
Nov 2018 I used to love selling to Textbooks. They were one of the best. I've been selling to them for over 3 years. But, for the last 6 months or so, they have started claiming books missing. And it usually happens to be the most expensive that happen to be missing.