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BooksRun is committed to giving you a smooth buyback experience. We help our customers to go through college without spending a fortune on textbooks.

For questions and inquiries please visit https://booksrun.com/contacts.

1733 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Suite 29
Brooklyn NY 11235

Website: http://booksrun.com
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Oct 2018 Avoid sending your books to this company. They are known to adjust books that are in great condition and then charge you if you want them returned. Has happened numerous times. My advice, send your books to someone else.
Oct 2018 I ended up selling my book to them and it turned out to be the wrong isbn :( It was fine though! They’re sending back the book and making it all better :) The customer service is really good!!! I appreciate it a lot.
Oct 2018 Within one year I did almost one hundred sell-back transactions with this company. Very happy with sell back prices and payments. Highly recommended
Oct 2018 Super easy, they sent me the full amount quoted to paypal within 4 days of receiving the books and provided a free shipping label and very easy instructions. I highly recommend them
Aug 2018 At first I had them mail me a check, a month later it did not come. I emailed them worried that I had been scammed and asked where my check was. They emailed back and said they did send the check and would place a stop payment on it. She suggested I use PayPal (I've never used it for payment) so I went with it. Payment was in my account within two days and then I transferred to my bank account! Easy. Use PayPal with this company!
And they gave me the full amount they said they would.
Aug 2018 AVOID AVOID AVOID. The will never pay you the quoted amount, mark stuff as damaged that is in perfectly fine condition, and charge you for return shipping. They also sometimes receive books and say they didn't get them. Sell your books elsewhere
Aug 2018 I would give 0 if I could. They emailed me after receiving my package/book and says the book is counterfeit without any other reason listed. They adjusted my quote to $0.00 and gives me an option to accept that, or have my book shipped back for about $9 dollars in shipping. DO NOT SELL YOUR BOOKS TO THEM. I bought the book new on amazon prime. No one would counterfeit a book well enough for it to be in pristine condition. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. SELL TO SOMEONE ELSE
Aug 2018 Another company claiming one of my brand new barely used textbooks is counterfeit. I plan to let the company I bought the book from and the publisher that my textbook is counterfeit, because Booksrun is the authority on counterfeit books. If my book truly was counterfeit, it was the best reproduction ever made. I find it interesting that the sell back books worth the greatest amount end up being counterfeit. If they are counterfeit why not give me proof? Like the ISBN don't match up. If you determined so quickly my book was counterfeit give me the reasons and I will take it up with the company I bought the book from and the publisher. Then when I select to have Booksrun send me the book back their integrated payment processing for PayPal doesn't work. I refuse to give them my CC because I think they are not a trustworthy company just like Valore Books. I think they claim counterfeit, keep the book, and then resell it. I highly doubtful they destroy all these "counterfeit" books or send them to the publisher when they can turn around and resell them. I would not use Booksrun to buy books from or sell books to because I believe like other textbook sellers they are involved in a counterfeit textbook scam.
Jul 2018 Great experience from start to paypal payment! On time as promised. Thank you. I will use them in the future.
Jul 2018 They never answer there phone. I am trying to reach them to cancel my order.But they do no reply. I would not recommend
this bookstore at all.

Jul 2018 Perfect! Received the payment exactly within 4 business days as they have mentioned.
Jul 2018 Changed the quote on two books without telling. They gave me the run around and wasted allot of time trying to get answers. I won't use them again. PLEASE be careful using this company. DON'T BE MESMERIZED BY THEIR BUYBACK PRICES. They aren't to be trusted. I wish I knew then what I know now. A little knowledge goes a long way.
Jun 2018 Sent in my book and recieved what was quoted, simple as that.
Jun 2018 Terrible! I sent in five books, in which the quote that this company gave me was approximately $50. After I was excitedly waiting for the check to come in, I received in email stating that the quote was changed. It was now UNDER $15. I declined the quote and paid for shipping (I will not allow this scam company to receive my books) to receive my books back, and I only received one book. On my receipt on their website, it only said that I sent in one book. It's a complete lie! They rid of the evidence on their website so I can't even sue them or report them for anything. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. If you do, TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ORIGINAL RECEIPT AS WELL AS THE BOOKS YOU SEND IN. THAT WAY, YOU CAN REPORT IT.
Jun 2018 I sent two orders one was quoted $120 and some change for 3 books and the other was quoted $67 for 5 books. They only emailed about the order that was quoted $120 and they changed the price to $116 which was okay a few dollars I thought was not bad. I emailed them that I didn't receive information about the other order I had also sent and they responded saying that it was because I had labeled it wrong but they had processed the order and that I should receive the payment soon. But when I logged on to see why I didn't receive a notification for the order that was quoted $67 I saw they changed all books to $0.00. They never bothered to emailed me to inform me they changed the price of the order that was quoted $67 to $0.00. which I see no reason for that they where 5 books in good condition.
Jun 2018 Easy transaction, my quote was lowered by about $10 because of water damage I didn't know was there but they even sent a photo proof of it, and for the remaining 5 books I sent I got the full amount.
I recommend them because they seem fair, they are legit because I got the money and they had higher quotes than most vendors I saw on here.
Jun 2018 I bought a required textbook from amazon that was determined counterfeit by this company. My other book was determined to be water damaged. I checked both books thoroughly before sending to company. I have been buying and selling my textbooks for the past several years. I have never been told that I have a counterfeit. I will NEVER deal with this company again! BEWARE!
Jun 2018 I have sold several books to BooksRun. I have always received great communication and fast payment. Excellent company that will continue to use and recommend to others.
Jun 2018 Super easy. Great experience. Put the ISBN, check the price offered, accept, print the label, drop it off and get paid!
Jun 2018 I sent them several books since they offered the best price for them. Most stayed true to the quote given to me. However, one of my books (which I had bought brand directly through amazon) was deemed “counterfeit” by them. When I paid to have it shipped back to me so I could sell it somewhere else, I received a different copy of it back which was in slightly worse condition. When I emailed them, I apparently agreed to this in the terms & conditions. Just beware of running this risk yourself.
Jun 2018 The easiest and most simplified process. Offers near-best opportunity to sell books at decent rates.
May 2018 First time with BooksRun and to my surprise I received the original quoted values for the books. Thank you for a great experience.
May 2018 BooksRun was prompt and gave me good instructions and updates until I received payment for the book I sold them. The payment came even faster than they said.
May 2018 First time selling books this way. It was fast and easy. Got payment in about a week.
May 2018 This was my first time using BooksRun and I sold 6 books to them. The process was very smooth and quick and I was paid promptly without any issues. Will use again in the future.
May 2018 Very fast and efficient. I was so scared to sell my books back online but this was such a great experience, I’ll definitely be doing it again!
May 2018 Quick and easy to work with. I received payment about 2 weeks after I shipped the books out. Would work with again!
May 2018 First time using booksrun. The process was quick and easy and I received payment via PayPal day after books were delivered.
Apr 2018 They were outstanding! I received free shipping for my books and was paid within a week. I would definitely do it again!
Apr 2018 BEWARE!!! They are running fraudulent activity. Stealing books from others saying they did not receive the book in my case and many others.
Apr 2018 Sold 7 books to booksrun, sent all in one box. Once they received the package they said one of my books was not in the box and was not received. They basically stole a book. Talking with customer service over email on the issue, in which took well over a week to figure it out with no resolve. Saying that their process department provided that it was not received. I understand mistakes but I don't understand how you lose a book when all of them were in the same package. I don't recommend, unless you want to give your books to the company for free.
Mar 2018 Great experience! Quick payment. Only hitch was that my textbook weighed more than the label said, but they immediately emailed me a new label to print out.
Mar 2018 Booksrun paid me promptly for the quoted prices. Very easy transaction. I would recommend using them again. Quite satisfied
Mar 2018 I was extremely hesitant to use this service based on the reviews but I had an excellent experience. They paid me exactly what they quoted in a very timely manner. I got my money via PayPal ina total turn around tome of less than 2 weeks.
Feb 2018 This is my first experience with this buyer. I will NEVER use them again. They have a high average rating, but if you look at their most recent feedback, the majority of it is one star. Most of the one star ratings are reporting the same issue that I experienced: one of my books was identified as counterfeit. I don't think so. It's interesting to see the focus on their website on identifying counterfeit books that you don't see with other buyers; it's like they're setting you up for the fall. In addition to that, it took over two weeks to process my order and receive payment--the longest I have ever waited with any online buyer. I will give my books away locally before ever using this buyer again.
Feb 2018 I haven't had any problems with this company. It takes a little bit of time to get your money but it went to my account fine. I will continue to use them as long as things go the way they have been.

Feb 2018 Excellent! Paid quickly and for the amount quoted! No problem at all.
Feb 2018 Everything has been very smooth and transparent thus far. I've used them 4 or 5 times now and no complaints. Unlike Textbook Maniac. Don't use the Maniac. Reading a previous comment about counterfeit books. They are very tough to spot and you won't know unless you have others to compare it against. Color difference, smaller pages, different print are all signs of a counterfeit.
Feb 2018 Awesome - fast payment, got exactly what quoted.
Feb 2018 I placed the order for book rental on 1/26/18. I received the book in three days because I paid more money for fast shipping. Great service.
Feb 2018 Claimed my book was counterfeit. Oddly enough, it was the same title/isbn that I sent to every other buyback company on this site, that was buying it, including AMAZON itself. The only site that had an issue with my book was this one. - I'm giving two stars only because I did send another order and was paid for that order.
Feb 2018 A Horrible company claims my book was counterfeit. Refuse to return my book back. Adjust my book quote from $30 to $0. Avoid this company if you can.
Feb 2018 Sent them two items, they only paid me for one. when I ask them about it they said they only received one item and if I had a problem I could contact police. I will not do business with them again. I sent them two books.
Jan 2018 After 3 days of waiting for a response, seller refused to offer a refund after sending photos of the books condition and package with "media mail" instead of priority.
Jan 2018 Horrible customer service!
Jan 2018 BooksRun refused my copy of the text I sold them and made me pay $8.95 to receive a copy that was not mine. This company is engaging in illegal, fraudulent practices. Beware and stay away from BooksRun.
Jan 2018 This company offers to buy a book for $60.00 but when they get the book they won't pay but $8.00. I paid almost $9.00 to have book returned. I would rather donate the book to a needy student as for them to cheat me.
Jan 2018 They seem to always have an issue with a book that I turn in. So I end up eating the cost on the book that I turn in. :(
Jan 2018 Accepted both of my books....processed and paid quickly!!
Jan 2018 They took a while to process my order and send my money. The first time everything worked out fine. The second time I sent in a book that was brand new only problem was it was out the plastic it came in. They lowered my quote because they claimed that I had sent a book with water damage. The book never had water damage!! Also the first time I had sent in two books and one seemed to be old so they had sent me a message with an attachment to show why they had lowered my quote. With the second book they never did send a picture of the water damage!
Dec 2017 Never use this site, 4 books quoted for about $60, got adjusted to $0 each! I got the book returned and I paid the shipping fee. Sold to another website, all accepted. If you don't want the problem and hassle, DO NOT use booksRun!!!!! (They give you high quote, get you ship the book to them, give you $0 and wish you don't want to pay the shipping fee so that they keep the book for free)
Dec 2017 I sent in 3 of the same books which were damaged by FedEx and not delivered. Books run said it was my problem to file a claim against FedEx. FedEx said they had to file claim because they paid freight. They told me that they sent a form telling fed Ex I could file claim and FedEx swears that they never got the form . My books are gone and Books Run weaseled out of paying! I sent in more books a week after this shipment and Books Run said one of three copies of another book was counterfeit! all three came from the same institutional store from athletic department issued to the student under scholarship! all were identical! They will find a way to weasel out of anything they can! Then sell the books they steal!
Dec 2017 Never paid me but sent me an email saying they mailed out a check. Never got my books back either...
Dec 2017 First time using Booksrun. The good reviews are probably written by people who work for Booksrun. My book was in BRAND NEW CONDITION so I checked the brand new condition box which was a dollar more than the used condition box. I sent it in and then they processed it as "used." Folks, I never even opened this book before. It was brand new from Amazon and I just missed the return window. Also, th e difference was a dollar and they went down? I'm a textbooksrun regular and now I know I will never use BooksRun again.
Dec 2017 Do not use this I sent a book that I never used. And the white said about 80 dollars and the new quote was 7 dollars. When trying to get my book back they wanted to charge me more than what they were giving me. Don't get ripped off people.
I have never felt so gullible or so disappointed in a company. Especially if you are a struggling student. I will make a VERY long story short, I sent this company 3 books in AUGUST - brand new with a quote of 79$. The never responded to me, after reaching out to me they told me that THEY LOST ALL 3 BOOKS! After numerous emails back and forth and a supervisor request, they said that they magically found them and could only offer me 29$ for all 3 books, after arguing with them for OVER a month I finally agreed on the 29$ - sick of dealing with this company. I was told that the check was in Transit on October 10th. Never heard from them - never received the check, After three emails within a week span THEY TOLD ME THEY LOST THE CHECK. HOW DO YOU NOT ONLY LOOSE THE CHECK FROM A MONTH A GO BUT ALSO LOSE ALL 3 BOOKS FROM THE GET GO!!!!!!! they are the worst.
Nov 2017 Sent two of the same exact books bought DIRECTLY from the university. One was used, the other was unused. They deemed the used one as "Counterfeit" when it was NOT the case -- just natural wear and tear in acceptable conditions. They obligate you to accept it or have them returned and pay shipping costs if you decline the offer. They provide absolutely NO proof of these "counterfeited" findings. No pictures or anything.

Page says unacceptable books will be "recycled". Who knows if they will re-sell this book after stiffing you with the alleged "counterfeit" excuse and make an easy profit?

I have proof of the book order made from the school itself, but there is no easy customer service available for this (not through phone or mail), and a time limit of two days or it will automatically accept the offer and keep both books.

Stay away from this company and their tricks.
Oct 2017 I have dealt with booksrun over about 3+ years and everything was good until about a year to six months ago. After selling hundreds of books to them they now ding almost every order of mine. First it was the book is bad such as marking or water yet when they left they were new. Now their employees are unable to verify my books. I send in real books and they email me saying they can't be verified and are deemed counterfeit. I mean come on you don't have a control copy or someone who has eyes and can see they're real? I mean a monkey could probably do a better job. Lastly I will mention their customer support number. I have used it a few times and when I do they just answer and don't say anything or say hello? Like you are bothering them and they don't know you. In addition you will be very very luckily to get someone who speaks english well so best of luck to everyone as we count booksruns last days.
Aug 2017 I've been studying for 3 years at college already and each semester I sell my old textbooks back on BooksRun. I do love collaborating with them, payment is always sent fast and before the stated deadline. Superb service!
Jul 2017 Never paid for my book and did a bait and switch. Very Shady!! I sent them an unmarked unused worktext with no exercises worked but no access code. They would not pay for book as no access code but did not say that in buyback info. They made me pay almost $10 to send book back to me but then sent me a marked copy with underlining and highlighting in several exercises. I am sure they sold my unmarked up book for a lot of money and then gave me an almost worthless one back to me. If you feel lucky then try them out but I will use other vendors in the future
BooksRun Response: Dear Customer, we are sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience doing business with our company. Due to the fact the no order number is provided and you wished not to be contacted by the seller (us), we, unfortunately, cannot look into the issue specifically with your order. However, from the factы that you have stated, we can make a conclusion that an order was sent to us, in which the quote was adjusted due to the fact that the item received did not include an access code. According to our Terms & Conditions, presented on our website and in the order confirmation form (where the order can only be confirmed after you personally agree to be bound by the aforementioned rules), if the item originally includes any supplementary materials, they should also be included in their unused state with the item you send as part of our buyback program. Otherwise, the quote is adjusted. Also, our Terms & Conditions state that "Book that will be returned to the customer might not be the same copy but a similar one in the same condition." We hope that our response clears out the situation with your order and our policy. As newcomers to this market, we are eager to provide good service to our customers, as we strive to earn a reputation among other established buyback companies. We keep our policy and actions transparent and always choose on behalf of our customer if contacted. We also would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. Respectfully, BooksRun Customer Support Team

Jun 2017 Fast and easy. No hassle
Jun 2017 Please don't read the bad reviews, they are probably from people sending out bad books, knowing it and still expecting to get paid and blame the company. BooksRun is a Good company. 4 stars only because they took almost 2 weeks to pay, while other companies paid the same day. I send out VERY expensive books, and they paid me what they promised. If you have good quality books then don't be afraid to send them. Follow the instructions on how to properly package the box, take a short video of the quality of your books, just in case, DONT use USPS, only FedEx and UPS. Don't send crappy books and think you will get away with it. Booksrun paid a lot of money for my books, I'm very happy. Thank you. I recommend them for sure, anytime!!
Jun 2017 Do not sell your books to this company! They took two of my books worth the most money and initially said I did not enclosed the books. I contacted them and then they said i had sent the wrong books. After a few angry emails they changed their story again saying the books themselves had been printed with the wrong ISBN number on them and would not be accepted. This company is a scam!!
BooksRun Response: Dear Customer, thank you for the feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you've had such a negative experience. We've looked deeply into the matter, and it appears that the situation with the order has been misunderstood. All eight books were sent by you and received by us, however, two of them had the ISBNs on their back covers that were different from the ones initially quoted (one book also indeed has a mistake with two different ISBNs printed: a 13-digit one and a 12-digit one, neither of which correspond to the one initially quoted in the order). We have also provided images of the books alongside the explanation. Our Customer Support Team has also reached out promptly via email to provide the solution and make up for any inconvenience caused.
Apr 2017 Great customer service on my selling order to BooksRun. Fast turnaround on receiving my check. Thank you!!!
Mar 2017 Excellent buyback values. Pretty picky on what they'll take. You have to pay to get your books back if you don't like the adjusted or zero buyback value for a rejected book, but the extra buyback is great as long as you send them really high quality books.
Mar 2017 BooksRun did a great job providing the buyback quote and handling the payment for the buyback.
Mar 2017 Smooth transaction. Fast payment. Great book buyer/seller. Thanks!
Feb 2017 Quick and easy process to get the books gone! However, it took a full week for my order to be processed, and now I'm being told me check will take up to 20 days to arrive!
Feb 2017 One of my best experiences with any book buyer ever. Very professional communication. Extremely quick turn around and I requested a check. Highly recommend, will use again.
Feb 2017 Amazing service fair and fast! great company to work with!
Feb 2017 BooksRun offered the best price for buying my textbooks, and gave a prompt credit. I will definitely sell books here again.
Feb 2017 Quick, easy process. Will use again
Feb 2017 Very fast payment time, this was my first time using BooksRun I'll definitely be using it again!
Feb 2017 Very smooth transaction. Price quote was very high. My package was received and processed with no problems. My check arrived within a couple of days of their email notification that it had been sent. The overall process took a bit longer, maybe an extra week or ten days, than some of the other book buyback companies I have used. Still, the overall transaction went well. I would definitely use BooksRun in the future.
Feb 2017 Prompt with their shipping and gave me my payment quickly and without any problems.
Feb 2017 Great and really easy buy back experience!
Feb 2017 10 day shipping from California to NY. 5 days to pay. Other buybacks are a little faster. BooksRun pay well and are legit.
Feb 2017 BooksRun.com is a fair that offers competitive trade-in prices and pays out fast.
Feb 2017 Easy to work with. Prompt acceptance of package and payment.
Feb 2017 I have been dealing with BooksRun on a regular basis for about a year. They have always been Prompt, efficient and fair. Based upon my experience I would recommend them.
Feb 2017 BooksRun has a very easy to use buyback website, good communication by email, and pays great prices and fast. Highly recommend!
Jan 2017 Great Buyer they gave a free shipping label and gave the best prices for my books I was trying to sell. Prices change very quickly on other websites so try BooksRun!
Jan 2017 BooksRun was an ease to work with! They provided a shipping label, shipping instructions that are easy to follow, and paid within one dollar of their original quote! I will definitely be doing business with them again in the future!
Jan 2017 Received the money via PayPal within one day of them getting the textbook. Awesome turnaround time!
Jan 2017 Quick, easy, and payment was exactly as described and fast! Recommended!
Jan 2017 Pretty fast processing and payment! Gave me the best value for my book. Didn't get a confirmation email when the items were shipped or received, but I just checked the tracking myself!
Jan 2017 Very easy, Got paid quickly. Will be using again soon.
Jan 2017 Really easy transaction and received payment very quickly!
Jan 2017 I had never sold a textbook online before, but it was quick and easy.
Jan 2017 Quick processing and kind reminder and confirmation emails helped a lot.
Jan 2017 Transaction was very smooth, easy to ship and easy to get paid via Paypal. No problems whatsoever, highly recommend!
Jan 2017 Such a quick and easy process! I would 100% recommend this to anybody who has unneeded textbooks that they are willing to part with. The steps were very easy to understand and I received payment in a very timely manner!
Dec 2016 The sell back prices on Books Run were the best of all the other online book stores. Sending the books to them was easy and the turn around time to receive the money was quick. I will definitely do business with Books Run again!
Dec 2016 Payment arrived within a week of initial shipping; two books were damaged and they notified me immediately of the change in payment value so I knew what to expect.

Will sell more books back in the future!
Dec 2016 BooksRun was wonderful! This site gave me the most money back for my old textbook out of any other site I looked at. The communication was great and the directions were easy to follow. Thank you!
Dec 2016 Good turnaround time. When the highest bidder they're great.
Dec 2016 I was very happy with the service of Booksrun. They were pleasant and efficient. Will definitely work with them again for buying and selling my textbooks!
Dec 2016 Turn around so fast! Couldn't be more pleased with my experience. True user here.
Dec 2016 This is the second time I have sold books to Booksrun. Both times have been easy and seamless. Always quickly got what I was quoted.
Dec 2016 My transaction was completed in a short amount of time. I was paid via paypal the day after my books arrived. I will do business with booksrun again
Dec 2016 My transaction was quick and easy. They offered more money back than other sites and it went straight into my PayPal. Will do business with BooksRun again.
Dec 2016 Highly recommend this company. Easy to use and super fast payments.
Nov 2016 I've sold my books to them on two occasions now (with a few books sold each occasion). They paid exactly what they said they would, and they are relatively quick in dispersing payment.

Also, I find their website easy to use; it doesn't take me more than a few minutes to create an order and print out the necessary pre-paid shipping label. In short, it's streamlined, which is great.
Nov 2016 Excellent company! Paid as quickly as any company I have ever dealt with
Nov 2016 Easy process, excellent service, timely payments!
Nov 2016 Sent a book October 25 and got paid November 3. Hard to beat that 9 day turnaround, especially sending a book from Arizona to New York. They even sent me an email with a link to the order they paid me for which makes keeping track of the many buybacks I submit that much easier. Wish that were standard practice!
Oct 2016 They did exactly like they said they would. It was quick and easy and within two days of receiving my book my paypal was issued. Thank you! Not all of these companies do what they promise! Wish I would have gone with the entirely!