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BooksRun is committed to giving you a smooth buyback experience. We help our customers to go through college without spending a fortune on textbooks.

For questions and inquiries please visit https://booksrun.com/contacts.

1733 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Suite 29
Brooklyn NY 11235

Website: http://booksrun.com
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Nov 2020 It was a very smooth process for me. Got my quote, shipped the books, and got a check from them within two weeks! So glad I stumbled upon this website - they gave me the best quote compared to other sites.
Nov 2020 Wonderful website, very user friendly and great communication! I’ll definitely be working with them again!!
Nov 2020 Good quality service
Oct 2020 Seller Beware!! This company has a very poor policy and very bad to nonexistent customer support. Apparently counterfeit books are becoming commonplace in the United States. In their policy they expect you to guarantee that 100% of the books you are selling are original copies. I purchased my books on Amazon and at the local Barns & Noble. I placed a total of 6 buyback orders, 38 books in total. I had no issues with them for the first 4 buyback orders. They adjusted their quote on a couple of books and sent 1 book to the publisher to be verified. It was the 5th and 6th buyback orders when things changed. The two orders are shipped two days apart. BooksRun questioned the authenticity of 2 of the 5 books in shipment 5 (one book with only a $2.00 quote), sending them to the publisher to be verified. They paid for the other 3 books. Then I never heard from them again!
Several weeks later, when I attempted to log in to my account to check on the status of the order, I found that my account was disabled. I had to contact customer support. The response I received had a very accusatory undertone. They treated me like a criminal! They kept every book, a total of 4, in the 6th buyback order and paid me $0.00. I think BooksRun had an obligation to complete the 6th buyback. Basically, they stole my books, will resale them, make a profit and I am out over $100.00!
Oct 2020 They bought back some books, super easy with great communication and fast payment. Excellent experience!!
Oct 2020 easiest and best way to sell books so usful
Oct 2020 So easy and rewarding to sell some books I'm not using any more!
Oct 2020 Easiest way to sell books and get money ever!
Sep 2020 So far so good
Sep 2020 Quick and easy, and I got a good price for my books!
Sep 2020 Easy, seamless process. Thanks much!
Sep 2020 BooksRun is a company I have sold to many times in the past. Since I have sold to them previously & have studied their buyback book conditions, I have only sent them books that meet the criteria for Very Good. And have had few problems with condition issues in the past.

But, in the last couple of months, it seems on every order, they have downgraded some of my books from Very Good to Good or Accceptable which I know from selling to them in the past meet or exceed their requirements for Very Good condition.

Occasionally, they will send an email letting you know why a book has been downgraded.
But one of my orders with them had several books downgraded to Good with no explanation. That results in a lower quote than I expect.

And getting the books back is generally not worth it, if you have to pay for return shipping. And they are probably aware that most people won't bother.

Beware of selling to BooksRun unless you don't really care about the amount you will get.
I am going to avoid selling any quality books to them going forward
Sep 2020 They knocked off $120 from my $260 quote for a sticker on the binding and a page being folded. This is, despite, the new quote of the two books being $302. They ripped me off, and charged me $35 to ship two books back to me. Don't fall for it.
Sep 2020 Quick and easy! I was able to sell my books for good prices and didn't have any problems.
Sep 2020 Was very simple and quick!
Aug 2020 It was easy, fast and convenient! Will be using this service again for all my college textbooks
Aug 2020 Books Run gave me a great price on my book return and made the process easy that included free shipping. They processed the order quickly. I will definitely use them again.
Aug 2020 They were so helpful and took care of my order in a timely manner. Plus they pay for shipping!! They really are cool people.
Aug 2020 It was fast, quick, and easy! They may not always give the highest price but their customer service and efficiency makes me okay losing out on a few bucks. One of the better book vendors I've used.
Aug 2020 seamless process. will use them to sell my books again! thanks
Jul 2020 Sold books and also bought one from BooksRun and both transactions were quick and easy. Offered the best price for my books! Very pleased!
Jul 2020 Good vendor . I will come back again
Jul 2020 Super easy to sell and buy books from. I recommend them to all my classmates and friends.
Jul 2020 amazing, just submitted money into my paypal
Jul 2020 They paid me the promised amount and I had a very good experience. The only reason why I didn’t give 5 stars was because it took about it a month from the day my book was delivered to them to the day I got paid via PayPal. It may be due to COVID-19 slowdowns so I’m not faulting them too much and I will very likely use them again.
Jul 2020 Good first buyback experience.
Jun 2020 Excellent buyback experience.
Jun 2020 Fast payment and good communication; my book was accepted at a lower condition price but I was still paid decently which I prefer to paying for return shipping.
Jun 2020 Thank you. This company is awesome! Selling books was super fast, easy, and made a few extra bucks!!
Jun 2020 Great communication and payment on time!
Jun 2020 Very easy to mail my book in and delivered the check as promised. Will be using this service again for sure!
Jun 2020 Quick and Easy! Really great and enjoyable experience using BooksRun
Jun 2020 Awesome service for buy back
May 2020 Awesome! Awesome!
May 2020 A great BuyBack Vendor! Thank you for your Business!!
May 2020 Phenomenal service. Couldn't be happier. Sent box out on Monday and was paid within a week.
May 2020 It was easy to deliver and the payment was received swiftly. Great company!
May 2020 Extremely fast in payment after the book is shipped to them and they receive it. There are also no vague “your book is damaged so we have to give you less money” messages once they receive it; they give you what they tell you they’ll give you. Excellent job!
May 2020 Excellent condition! Fast shipping. Will be purchasing from this company again in the future! Will definitely use again!
May 2020 Very easy to use and well-designed website. My account was always updated with the status of the buyback. I think my final pay was slightly less than what was quoted but I had no problem with this. Would use again!
May 2020 Paid in full what they offered. I will not hesitate to sell books to them again.
May 2020 They bought my book for a good price, completed the payment promptly, and responded to an issue I had with sending it within a day! I am impressed and wish I had found this website earlier in my schooling so I could buy from them as well!
Apr 2020 I was very satisfied with Books Run. I submitted 5 books I had found in a store dumpster - they were brand new with the plastic wrap still on the books. I got the exact price I was quoted and my money was in my account within seven days! I am extremely pleased with this vendor and would surely send any other books I find to them.
Apr 2020 Easy and prompt sales transaction
Apr 2020 Amazing buyback service - fast, and was given a check for the quoted amount within a week of when the books were received. Very impressed. Thank you!
Apr 2020 Fast, great communication, easy!
Apr 2020 Submitted an order 3/24, shipped books two days later with prepaid postage (you have to use your own box to ship), got paid by 4/9!!!

Fast, easy to use, great prices for book buyback (I used bookscouter.com to compare) and payment went straight to my PayPal where I can easily transfer funds electronically. No need to make any unnecessary trips the bank! Easy peasy!
Apr 2020 Expectations were clear. Receipt was confirmed. Full payment was made FAST.
Mar 2020 A quick and easy process. I would highly recommend them!
Mar 2020 They finally accepted my book, but it took a very long time. Like, 2 weeks too long. I was starting to wonder if there was something up or if they had shut down due to the Coronavirus. Oh well...thank you.
Mar 2020 Excellent transaction -- they paid what they quoted. Easy and hassle free.
Mar 2020 Worked out great! Very efficient and easy.
Feb 2020 Very good experience. Have sold many books to BooksRun. Have had very experience and gotten paid in a timely manner.
Feb 2020 Accidentally ordered the wrong book for my class and the bookstore would not accept refunds. This company gave me the best quote and followed through with the exact amount. Wish I would’ve known about them sooner. Going to send all my other books here from now on!
Feb 2020 Worked out perfectly! Couldn’t have been easier to sell my old textbook.
Feb 2020 Great service. Simple, easy, and fun. Highly recommend this site to recycle and sell books you no longer use.
Feb 2020 Easy and convenient,Very satisfy with BooksRun :)
Feb 2020 Instead of taking the book that they bid on they decide to hold long standing patrons over a barrel for a couple lines of highlighting or whatever else their inept minds can think up.
Feb 2020 Worst experience with your buyback program. Extremely long process and finally email me that one of books is water-damaged without any proof. I mailed all books in good condition to you and well-packed. WHY??? NO more business with you!
Feb 2020 This was an easy transaction. It took time, but I didn't mind. They make it simple. Just printed label, packed books, sent them in, waited, got paid. Not only that, but I wrote to them with a question and they got back to me right away and were very nice. I would do this again.
Jan 2020 Easy, convenient, quick! Very pleased with my BooksRun experience.
Jan 2020 Received a check for over $7 less than what was quoted when I sent the book. Check took a long time to be delivered.
Jan 2020 I sold two batches back to them. The first batch they paid in full, with the exception of one book. The second, they claimed that 3 books were missing. I sent the books. I’ve sold to various sellers on here and I’ve not had this experience except one other time when I accidentally left one book out. I did not leave these books out. In their email response, they went so far as to tell me “they have cameras.” Well, someone has figured that out or the books were misplaced. I didn’t make a stink because the books didn’t pay that much, but I think they need to evaluate their processing because someone either stole them or lost them.
Jan 2020 2 week turnaround from receipt of books and payment seems reasonable, but there was no initial acknowledgement of receiving the books. Not the end of the world, but BooksRun routinely emails me regarding other things.
Jan 2020 Good company to work with. They dinged one book but the cover was a little rough so i was okay with it.
Jan 2020 Great vendor to sell books
Jan 2020 Super easy to use! Sent books in and got refund within several days!
Dec 2019 Great experience. Easy process and not extremely long wait for quoted buy back payment!
Dec 2019 Quick turnaround, full payment...great buyback price.
Dec 2019 Ran into similar situation where they could not verify authenticity of a book and charged me 8.95 to get it back. I suspect they had too much of that book and didn't want to pay for the ine I sent back. I am on the fence about continuing to use them. I have had more problems with this vendor adjusting or rejecting perfectly fine books than any other.
Nov 2019 Great experience with BooksRun! They gave me a great quote on my book and once delivered, I was paid quickly and in full. I will sell here again!
Nov 2019 This may be the first review I've ever written. Felt inclined because I am very impressed. Found the website after coming across some old books I wanted to sell. Was paid exactly as quoted, excluding a book with water damage, in which they offered me more than I was expecting. The whole process took about a week and a half. Would recommend this site to anyone, and will be using again if needed.
Nov 2019 The entire process was very SIMPLE and EASY. The whole process was about 10 business days including shipping time. Can't ask for much more!
Nov 2019 Shipping was easy, tracking was a breeze and I received my payment in no time. BooksRun is the best!
Oct 2019 Excellent service
Oct 2019 Took FOREVER but got the money as promised. Very happy with this service.
Oct 2019 Great experience! Fast, easy, and recieved the highest amount for my textbook. Customer service was easy to reach and helpful when asked a question.
Oct 2019 Everything worked as described by the site information. Paid what and when they said they would.

The best company for pay and honesty for book sellers.
Sep 2019 Best price and quick pay!
Sep 2019 Excellent company to sell back your books. They were fast in payment.
Sep 2019 Trustworthy Company!! Had payment within a few days after receiving books. If you want to make money easy this is one company to work with in resale of books.
Aug 2019 Excellent! Quick payment, no hassle.
Aug 2019 Money got to me decently quick and was a very easy process of exchanging them! Did not short me money on any of my books once they were received.
Aug 2019 Took a few weeks but I got my money!
Aug 2019 Easy instructions, great turn around on payment and feedback.
Jul 2019 Fast payment good service
Jul 2019 Never had a problem with them sold over $1000 total for my books. They are amazing!!!
Jul 2019 So awesome to be able to sell old textbooks!
Jul 2019 Excellent company will definitely use again. Paid exactly what was quoted, fast service. A++++++++
Jul 2019 One Of my Favorite BookBuying Services! Thank you for your Business!!
Jun 2019 Fast, easy & reliable!
Jun 2019 I feel they have the fastest turn around for buying used books. Many companies wait several days to check books in and then several more to pay. That is not the case with BooksRun. Very prompt with check in and payment. Love using them and will continue to sell!!
Jun 2019 Very direct on how to ship and quick to update when item has been received. Informative about when the money should get to you also.
Jun 2019 Easy! Would recommend!
Jun 2019 Had a great experience with them. My only complaint was they didn't update me on teh middle process but they were easy to use!
Jun 2019 First time I’ve ever sold books back to a buyer like this, and must say, it was better than I expected experience. Paid very quick too. Only 1 book of 8 that they bought was downgraded in condition and I’m pleased with this transaction as I wasn’t sure I selected right condition. Saved to favorites to use again! Highly recommend.
Jun 2019 Great services!
Jun 2019 easy to work with
Jun 2019 great company!
Jun 2019 Got the check earlier than anticipated. Easy process. Great company to sell books to!
May 2019 the process was very easy to send and receive payment from the books. The initial offer vs the appraised value did not change much... so I would definitely consider to sell back my books after i am done with my summer/last semester :)
May 2019 Fast speedy service
May 2019 Great experience. I actually got my money quickly.
May 2019 A+ all the way!
May 2019 I absolutely love this company. My books got there fast and their payment was fast. I highly recommend using them. I’m definitely going to buy my college books from here, from now on.
May 2019 Quick, easy, professional. Would definitely use again
May 2019 Quick, easy, professional. Would definitely use again
Apr 2019 Positive experience, fast service. 9 days start to finish; would have probably been 7 days except I initiated on a Saturday and did not ship until Monday. Will use again.
Apr 2019 One of my top choices for book buybacks! They process quickly! They pay EXACTLY what they promise! They make this process easy and enjoyable! A+++, 10/10, would absolutely highly recommend BooksRun!
Apr 2019 Excellent; quick easy and professional.
Apr 2019 First time I've used BooksRun. It was just one book and it was in good condition, but the order was process and payment was made within 2 weeks. Even with the use of USPS.
Mar 2019 They are fast and reliable!
Mar 2019 SO happy and super easy to do everything. I love the email updates and the way they communicate every step being processed. I also love how you can track when the book arrives to them through FED EX. Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!
Mar 2019 They paid quickly without excuse,it was a good exprience for me.
Mar 2019 excellent experience with selling my books
Mar 2019 Very easy to work with. Great experience. From quote to shipping and payment, they communicated well through email. I always knew what was happening. They paid right away, according to their quote too.
Mar 2019 Awesome service! Glad I went with BooksRun instead of all the other buy book services out there (most have such terrible reviews)--I got my money within a couple days of shipping my book
Mar 2019 Great price, smooth transaction. Thank you.
Mar 2019 Easy to communicate with. Good turnaround on payment. FAQs are also very helpful to me in managing expectations, not just in what I expected of BooksRun but for myself as well when doing a buyback.
Mar 2019 It takes a while to get paid but the process is super easy!
Feb 2019 Quick and easy!
Feb 2019 Easy! Quick!
Feb 2019 I was skeptical of all the vendors b/c of some of the bad reviews. At the time BooksRun had an avg of 3.5 stars, so I tried them first. I ended up selling a total of 6 textbooks over 3 transactions. NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. I received the very reasonable prices that I was quoted. I would definitely use them again.
Feb 2019 Easy process to sell books and receive check.
Feb 2019 Good company! Will definitely do business with them again!
Feb 2019 I would have liked to get more back considering how much I spent but that’s educational books for you. Otherwise very simple process.
Feb 2019 Quick to respond to inquiry to fix the problem. I will def use them again.
Feb 2019 Thank you for showing me a picture of my book instead of just telling me i had a problem with it. Very impressing how you do your business!
Feb 2019 Great experience!
Jan 2019 This is my 3rd transaction. Easy process from A to Z. I don't mind getting a lower quote in exchange of and easy and smooth process. They also keep you informed about your package which is extra helpful.
Jan 2019 Easy to work with, easy to use and quick payment once they received the books.
Jan 2019 I have sent boxes of books to several different buyers. BooksRun was very quick to process the books and I received payment within a couple of days. It was also the exact amount they offered. I wish they would take more of my books! I will sell to them again without hesitation.
Jan 2019 So like many of you reading this comment to see if BooksRun is legit and safe, I was frightened that this whole thing was a big scam and my account was going to get leaked and I would be more broke than what I already am. Luckily, BooksRun was professional and paid me on time with what they promised me without being suspicious anyways. I sold several books to several of the vendors on this website and I believe I sold just the one book to BooksRun. I gave them five stars due to sending emails on the status of my order and quickly paying me afterward. And I left a comment informing customers that my experience was good because usually, people who have a good experience at places don't leave comments and the ones who did have a bad experience light up the comment section. So here you go, try out BooksRun.
Jan 2019 So incredibly easy. I used them for the first time to sell a brand new textbook that I had used for a term. I quickly set up an account after finding they would offer me the most. With just a few clicks the book was sold. They even paid for the shipping label. Within about 10 days I received the payment.
Jan 2019 I used them for the first time. Price for buyback was near the top of all buyers, the process was easy (even paying for shipping!) and my refund was fast. Seems like a legitimate business.
Jan 2019 My first experience selling books back and all went smoothly and prices and payment were as they promised. No complaints. I will use them again next semester.
Dec 2018 For some reason the package took a little longer then expected to arrive back at book run but it could be the postal service due to the holidays...but my payment for my book was processed right away once it was received
Dec 2018 I am very satisfied with the service from BooksRun. Every time I contacted BooksRun with a query, they replied within 1 business day, answering all of my questions in a courteous and professional manner.

My order needed to be reprocessed due to water damage on two of the books (for any future customers, I suggest wrapping your textbooks in saran wrap or a ziploc bag and use ample packing material when shipping to prevent water damage during shipping), but the reprocessing was expedient and I received my payment via paypal 1-2 days after the order was reprocessed.

Overall, the customer service was great and my payment was received in a timely fashion. I will definitely be using BooksRun again in the future!
Dec 2018 Provided very quick responses to inquires I had regarding my orders. Resolved any issues quickly and staff is very pleasing to work with. I will be using Booksrun again in the future.
Dec 2018 No problems, paid full quote for both my books. Would use again
Dec 2018 super super great! will sell here again!!
Dec 2018 Quick turnaround. Received payment 7 business days from day I shipped books. Very satisfied.
Dec 2018 I really like this this company, process was easy, quick, I was able to print a shipping label from the website and i received payment to my paypal in a decent amount of time, plus I like what the company is all about. Thanks BooksRun!
Dec 2018 Took less than 2 weeks to get money. Shipped book, waited 2 or 3 business days after they received it (took 6 days to ship to them due to inclement snowy weather)
Got paid full amount. Will use again in the future.
Dec 2018 I got exactly what they qouted me. Thank you.
Dec 2018 Package was delivered before expected time, but refund process took longer than expected. But buyback payment was fully paid, that's what I'm looking for!

Book Scouter should use USPS or UPS for their shipping service, that will speed up EVERYTHING more effectively. Time, package safeness and speed work very well together. I'll definitely give them 5 stars when they change their shipping service.
Dec 2018 Great experience! I would absolutely sell to this company again.
Nov 2018 I am very disappointed. I have sent books to booksrun with no problem. However, this last time I sent a book and they changed the quote to half of my original quote. They claim water damage, but I did not see any water damage before sending it in. Do not expect the entire quote, you will be disappointed.
Nov 2018 I should have read the reviews, because they did to me exactly what they did to other people. I sent a book in perfect condition to them, and they gave me half of the price they quoted saying that it had water damage. I never even used this book, and it was in perfect condition! My only options were to accept this ridiculous "adjusted value", or to pay $9 to ship it back. Sell your books to someone else.