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Feb 2018 I submitted a DSM-5 desk reference that was brand new and in pristine condition. After a few weeks I get an email telling me my book is counterfeit (I am a Clinical Psychologist and certainly know the authenticity of my professional reference books!).I exchange emails with the owner Chris who maintains that my book is fake but will return my book for $5. I pay the ransom but fail to receive the original book I sent that was brand new and pristine condition. What I received was obviously used, beat up with worn, bent pages and a worn, bent spine. I also question the authenticity of the book I received!!
What did I not get my book back if they really thought it was counterfeit????
Feb 2018 Horrible! Did NOT reply to emails and no phone number listed. Took about one month to pay. Going out of business so beware of selling to this company.
Jul 2017 Be very careful when selling your books to this company. They did not open my package for a month and used different excuses to justify why it was not opened.
Jul 2017 did not get paid for book that I sent them. Their phone is disconnected and their support email is not valid.
Jul 2017 Not paid.They received my book ovèr a month ago. Emails to support go unanswered and their phone number has been disconnected.
Jun 2017 1st transaction went flawlessly. Took 11 days total to receive payment.
Jun 2017 Offered more for my books than any other site. Post Office delivered package later than expected, but they still paid me for the quoted price. Received the payment very quickly. Will use them again! Recommend them.