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Website: https://www.bookcashfast.com/
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Feb 2019 Pays quick after they get your books
Jul 2018 I have sold books through a variety of companies and after getting burnt by some who downgraded or rejected books unfairly, I have found my dependable vendors and stick with them. I took a risk with BoookCashFast and was pleasantly surprised. Good prices, great response and FAST. I am glad I gave them a try and will be going back to them in the future.
May 2018 Good service. Fast response. Always sent reminders via email. Plus bought all of my books where the rest of the sites didnt. I am very satisfied and definitely recommend.
Apr 2018 No problems. Good job!
Mar 2018 I've sold books to nearly all of the buyback vendors and thus far after 3 times have been happy w BCF.
Mar 2018 I gave BookCashFast a try as I like to evaluate everyone in the textbook industry. I sent them one book in very good/excellent condition with zero pages highlighted or with writing. They downgraded my quote 25% because they said the corners were banged up. Which everyone knows is common with books but it was not serve by any means. The customer service is fast to respond however have a, "we are right, the customer is wrong" approach to solutions. Therefore my rating is 1 out of 10 for their company. Stick to a real company not a pop up one that can fold at any minute.
Feb 2018 Paid right away. They returned one of the books to me (they said it was in poor condition) and knocked $4 off my total for return shipping. Satisfied overall.