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Website: http://www.cashbooksnow.com/
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Pays via PayPal
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Mar 2018 I decided to give CashBooksNow a try, since they’re in my local area (their address is in Woodland Hills, CA).

They use PayPal, & offer free prepaid USPS Priority shipping labels with $25 minimum sell-back orders (so essentially its free overnight shipping for me; you get a tracking number, so there’s no question if package is delivered).

I was paid by PayPal for full quoted amount 5 business days after the order showed up as having been delivered via online tracking (which technically isn’t “within a business day of receipt of books” as stated on their site, but just as long as I get paid...)

As far as my wish list for things I’d like to see, I’d really the packing slips modified to include itemized quotes rather than just showing total # books in order (they should show titles with quoted amounts, plus 10/13 digit ISBN, since I literally use packing slips to prepare the orders for shipping).

I’d also like to see them use a lower minimum sell-back amount ($25 is basically a show-stopper for the volume I do, especially since their server was offline for a few days when I was scouting), but that’s entirely their call....

But all that stated, it’s good to have a new addition to BookScouter.com!