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Ziffit is a really quick and easy way to trade in your used and unwanted books. Make some extra cash and fast by scanning your books with our app or entering the barcodes on our website for an instant price. Box them, drop them off at FedEx and we’ll do the rest. Couldn’t be easier.

Website: https://www.ziffit.com/en-us
Rating: Unrated
Pays via PayPal
Vendor Pays Shipping
Provides Shipping Label


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Sep 2020 Awful, awful company. I mailed my books on August 12th, and they were delivered to Ziffit on August 17th. Yet Ziffit kept sending me auto-generated emails saying they hadn't received my books and then canceled the order on September 12th without paying me. Customer service never responded to any of the many, many emails I sent them (email is the ONLY way to contact them). It took filing a BBB complaint in order to get their attention and to get paid for the books they received from me.
Sep 2020 FEDEX reported items delivered on 8/31/20. Ziffit's website says waiting scan. I will not use them again
Sep 2020 Sent my books and got paid a week later.
Sep 2020 I am a first-time user and sent in books the next day after I processed the trade. Fedex tracking says it had been delivered two days after. After numerous emails to help.us@.ziffit.com, support@ziffit.com, and admin@ziffit.com, I only got generic responses saying first that I hadn’t sent my books in, and second, that my order was cancelled by me. The only direct response I ever received from Ziffit was from my negative reviews on three different websites, soon after posting them. I finally got my payment after one whole month. There are only five-star reviews of Ziffit on Bookscouter, but I encourage you to look at other review websites about Ziffit and at the very least, be prepared for a lot of unresponsiveness and confusion.
Jul 2020 Ziffit is very fair, buys a lot of different books, and has a solid payment turnaround. They're a good company.
Jun 2020 Fast acceptance and payment, would definitely sell to Ziffit again!
May 2020 A Great Book BuyBack Vendor!! Thank you for your Business!!!
Apr 2020 I have sold with Ziffit on several occasions. Until recently I had no issues with them, but with one order there was a problem. I complained and a Ziffit employee followed up on it over a period of a week and got things ironed out to my satisfaction. Natalie's follow-up on this would be difficult in normal times, but given the prevailing pandemic situation I feel her efforts were Herculean and it makes me want to continue to do business with Ziffit.
Jan 2020 As indicated in the Dec 20 review , I also initially had issues with being able to print labels and this had definitely been corrected. I am very well pleased with this company . They buy books that many of the other vendors do not, the processing of several of my trades have been expeditious and payment prompt. I would recommend using this company.
Dec 2019 I have now done several trades with ziffit. They had taken a few days to answer a question I had, and they had some trouble generating labels promptly for a couple of weeks in December (which now seems to be fixed), but all trades have gone through and all money was sent to my Paypal account. Their website is the easiest to navigate of the selling sites that I have tried.
Nov 2019 Thank you for your business!! Finally paid but not immediate after contacting them regarding my order.
Nov 2019 Here's my experience to date. Sent in 4 orders the second week in October. It took longer than other companies to get paid(3-3 1/2 weeks) BUT they paid me the exact total I expected within about a day of them saying payment had been sent.
Prices for most of what I've sent is between .50 & $1 but I have seen surprises like a $7 offer for a book with no other offers. There minimum order is $20.
If you have to contact them, they do get back to you, but it's not immediate.
Nov 2019 They paid my books.
Nov 2019 I waited till all 3 of my orders were processed before writing a review. They take a while to process orders and it seems as if their communication with their warehouse is poor. I was told that my orders expired, but I replied with copies of my tracking and they completed the orders and paid for all 3. They are a bit slow in receiving and checking in books. Bottom line is I got paid for all 3 orders I sent in to them.