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Textbook Drop   


On average, it takes 13 days from the time you click "sell my books" and drop them in the mail using our prepaid shipping label to when payment is issued. It can be shorter or longer depending on what shipping method is used, and your proximity to Dallas, Texas. After your books are received, inspected, and marked as 'processed', payment will be made. Payment is sent within one business day of 'processed' status.

We offer payment via check or PayPal.


Website: https://textbookdrop.com
Rating: Unrated
Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
Vendor Pays Shipping
Provides Shipping Label


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Rating Date Comments
Sep 2020 I was skeptical about sending them my book because at the time they didn't have any reviews. They sent me the total amount for my book and in 2 weeks so I'm happy!
May 2020 Paid very fast (Within 5 days of shipping my book), amazing transaction, would highly recommend this vendor!