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Book-Selling Tools

Bulk Lookup
Search up to 3,000 ISBNs in a single request. We pull the information on the fly, so be patient if you have a large list.
BookScouter Pro Only
Set minimum prices for a list of ISBNs and receive email notifications when BookScouter finds a vendor that will pay your minimum price.
BookScouter Pro Only
Buyback Tracking
Keep track of buybacks you’ve sent to vendors. Stop tracking shipments manually via spreadsheets or paper.
BookScouter Pro Only
Recently Searched High-Value Books
View up to 14 days of BookScouter users' search histories. Narrow the results using a minimum and maximum buyback price.
High-Value Books
Look up Books without an ISBN
Look up books without an ISBN. Books published before the mid-1970's may not have an ISBN. Search by author, title, and publication date.
Historic Buyback Price Lookup
Review the buyback price history for a given ISBN. This is very useful for identifying volatility and seasonality in pricing.
Historic Prices

Additional Tools