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TextbookRush.com is the largest independent online bookstore and has been online since 2002. We buy over 2 million different titles.

Our quick, easy, no-hassle textbook buyback program makes it easy to get paid top dollar for your books. TextbookRush.com offers 3 payment methods - Cash, PayPal, or store credit. If you select store credit, you will receive 5% more on your buyback! Our price quotes are valid for 20 days. To maximize convenience, ship your book for free with our prepaid shipping label. Depending on the payment method you select, you will receive payment in 1-3 days after your buyback is processed by our team.

TextbookRush.com has the best prices, customer experience, and service.

Website: http://textbooksrush.com
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Feb 2020 I’ve attempted to contact their customer service team multiple times and have not been successful. I was quoted a certain amount for my textbooks through the buyback program and agreed to the amount, so I sent them in. I took pictures of the books before sending them in to have proof of the pristine condition they were in. These books weren’t used because the lecture class was dropped after purchasing books. After several weeks, I received a check for 93 CENTS!!! Not even a dollar for TWO textbooks that were sent in. I know the condition I sent these books in. I have photo proof of them, so they can’t tell me they weren’t in an acceptable condition. THEY WERE IN PRISTINE CONDITION. Unfortunately, I never heard from them after the first email with the quoted amount. They never emailed me beforehand to inquire about the condition of my books or change the quoted amount. Their email with the quoted amount clearly states, “you will receive an email notification of any adjustments to your buyback”. I NEVER HEARD FROM THEM! THEY HAVE BEEN PURPOSELY IGNORING MY EMAILS! This is very disappointing because they collect product from consumers to resell for profit. Read the other complaints on here. Majority of the customers have never received the quoted amount and/or have had their books STOLEN by the company and they are clearly reselling them. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD. BEWARE OF THEIR SCAMMY BEHAVIOR. I lost my money and product, so please don’t let it happen to you as well. There are many other companies that are trustworthy and will fulfill their quoted amount. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!
Jan 2020 I have sent this company hundreds of books in the last several years. Usually 5 or 6 books at a time. A few big orders with 15 to 20 books. Almost all of them were used copies. I am very careful to make sure none are missing pages or have moister damage. A little bit of highlighting has never been a issue. I always wrapped them in plastic and some padding before box shipping.
They are not always offering the highest quote, but I Have always been paid what was quoted. I use PayPal and have always been paid within a day or two of them being checked in. Kudos!
Dec 2019 Extremely fast service! I shipped several books in on a Monday around 9 AM and had my payment deposited to PayPal by 4 PM on the following day. Received the exact amount I was promised. Will not hesitate to use again.
Nov 2019 Upon receipt, the book was flagged as counterfeit and submitted to the publisher for inspection. A month later I asked for a status update which I never got a reply. I sent another message requesting an update or contact details for the publisher. I received a canned response back stating on their sole discretion they can flag books as potentially counterfeit. Since it appears they are trying to escape any accountability I can only conclude this policy is being abused.
Oct 2019 This company ripes you off! I sent in 5 books (I purchased all from the same company new) and they claimed 2 (the more expensive) could not be determined if they were authentic, therefore, they had to send to the publisher! I am now out $80+ and am a college student trying to pay bills. This company goes after the most vulnerable in society and takes advantage (i.e., broke college students wishing to maximize return on their old textbooks).
Sep 2019 I have mailed several textbooks to this company and only had a few issues with them but this order they removed two used book stickers from my textbook that has caused to tear the cover of the textbook and they refused to acknowledge doing so - they did mail me back the textbook with the two removed stickers from the cover- they did say this was a one time courtesy return, as they no longer return textbooks back that they won't purchase. They will not do anything about the damage of my textbook as they deny doing so! So now I am wondering at this point if I should continue doing business with this company! It's a shame they do something like this and they need better customer service!

Sep 2019 Sold 2 books. Mailed books in and within 5 days payment was completed.
Aug 2019 First time using this site to sell books and it went very well. Received the full quota even if my books had highlighted markings. The check came approximately at the right time, and di not have any issues putting it in my bank.
Jul 2019 One Of my Favorite Go To BookBuyers! Thanks for your Business!!
May 2019 This vendor was for years my favorite because they were very reasonable about paying the same day or next after they received and checked in your books, and they usually offered the best price. Right now I have four outstanding payments for almost $100 and they're all several weeks after the vendor checked them in and approved them for payment.
Apr 2019 This was once my go-to place to sell my books- they were great. In the last few months I have had to contact them over & over to receive payment for my orders. They say, "it was a clerical error". I am still trying to get them to pay me for an order going back to January. 5 emails and still nothing. I know they received the books because I received confirmation. There is no longer a chat option or phone call. VERY VERY FRUSTRATING! AVOID.
Mar 2019 Still my Go-To Vendor! Thanks for your Business!
Feb 2019 They have went downhill lately. Customer service is automated and read from a book ...copy and paste responses. even the so called manager copy and pasted.
Jan 2019 Have had good exchanges.
Jan 2019 At one time, this was my go-to place to sell my books- they were great. About 4 months ago I sent them $66 worth of books. When I didn't receive a check after a month, I emailed them. They told me I had to wait at least 6-8 weeks to receive the check. I know they received the books because I received confirmation, yet they STILL have not issued me a check, and now they don't respond when I contact them. AVOID.
Dec 2018 When they stay extend rental. Be cautious they only mean "extend the return date by a few days". There was no clarification on the extended policy unless you go to the "failure to return" section of there FAQ. Overall my exprience was really confusing and very stressful. I'd recommend using another site.
Dec 2018 I sent them a perfectly fine textbook. They are claiming that they have to make sure it is not counterfeit because that particular title is on some counterfeit book list. I have to wait for them to contact the publisher, hear back from the publisher and if it determined that the book that I paid good money for and sent to Textbookrush is counterfeit. IT IS NOT! They also will not send the book back to me! Horrible!
Nov 2018 Very great company fast check in and very fast payment definitely would recommend using them. Super awesome and amazing company. Paid on time and and for the exact amount.
Nov 2018 Had some concerns about selling back to this vendor given their rating, but I had an entirely smooth and positive experience. Specifically, I sent in my books and received the entire quoted buyback. Quick turnaround as well - only a week and a half between when I sent them the books and receiving payment via Paypal. Would recommend based on my personal experience.
Nov 2018 Just awful! For no apparent reason my account was blocked today. And I had some back and forth with the support but it was the worst customer service I ever encountered. They basically told me to go away and don't email them anymore.
Oct 2018 I have good but not great experiences with TextbookRush buyback. Too often a book is turned down for an apparent bogus reason. Claims of water damage or counterfeit book are the most common. The counterfeit claim is so bogus; they quote a buyback price and then the market falls so they have to come up with a reason to reject a perfectly good, almost new book. They will tell you that you will be paid when the publisher "gets" back to them and tells them the book is "real". All the while hoping you forget about it. Just a rip-off.
Aug 2018 Do NOT sell back your books to this company. I sent in a book in "excellent" condition, never even opened. Not a mark in the book and no highlights at all. They returned it to me and said there was "water" damage! This is a joke. There is no damage to the book at all! Waste of my time. Sold to "sellbackyourbooks.com" for a few more dollars!
Aug 2018 Thank you for your great service. I sent in another big box of books and received the entire buyback as quoted. I wouldn't hesitate to sell books to this company and will continue to do so.
Aug 2018 I rented a book that was required for my class, as every other site I tried did not have it. The picture of the book and the Title (online) matched what I needed, and a week later a different book came in the mail. I'm still waiting for a second book that I ordered and every time I click "ask the seller a question" it takes me to the shipment page of the book I already received. Don't waste your time or money on this crap hole.
Aug 2018 Adding on to the saga
I received this email today after they had already sent me a check on July 18th. This email is a notification that your online buyback at TextbookRush has been received and checked in. We are unable to purchase the items received for reasons detailed in the "Product Description" section below.
Today the order is voided on their site. below is just a snippet from that order.

Quote amount
Not yet available
Status: Your buyback has been voided
Shipping to TextbookRush
Mad River
Mad River
Show details
Qty received: 0
Quote: Quote amount
Qty: 1
Subtotal: Subtotal
Paid: Price paid
Status: We are awaiting arrival of this item

Aug 2018 First lets start with the frozen account check that I received. I have pictures to provide if so desired. When I contacted them via their chat they were apologetic and informed me they would reimburse me after I send them an email showing proof. An hour later I got this email see below. Mind you I have never received an email from them but one which was a postal issue and the package broke open and lots of things were lost. I chalked it up told them ok. It was a total of a 20 dollar lost.
"CASE_ID_NO: 8009463 CASE_ID_NO: 8009463 Cyndi MacDonald - We manage the Buyback Websites for TextbookRush.com, Bookstores.com, and Buyback.AbeBooks.com. Due to issues with your recent Buybacks with us, your accounts have been closed. Do not create any additional accounts on any of our websites, and do not create any additional Buybacks on any existing accounts, as no future items will be processed or returned. We do apologize for the issue with your check for Buyback #2870563, and we are reissuing the payment via check that will include the payment for the Buyback ($22.75) and the fee you were charged ($20.00). These two issues are not related. Your accounts had been suspended in July, but we see that you created a new Buyback in early August, so we are sending you an official notice that our business relationship is now concluded. Thank you TextbookRush.com Bookstores.com Buybacks.AbeBooks.com"

As you can see I am no longer working with this company.
Aug 2018 I would give zero stars if I could. My book came super bent because of their terrible packaging. The binding is ruined. I’m never buying from them again.
Jul 2018 I ordered two books from Textbookrush for $14,20 each. The took my credit card and gave me a Confirmation number. The next day, I get an email stating they are out of stock. I check the websit and the books are still being advertised, but the price is now $61.16 each. This is poor business practices and I will never order anything from them again.
Jul 2018 I was hesitant to use this company due to some of the reviews I had read but I gave them a try because their site offered the best buy back for some of my books. I have zero complaint. Everything was handled well - from the initial email listing the books and buy back prices, the email notification of books received, on through to the deposit of dollars into my PayPal account. Every book was accepted and I received the full amount promised. My suggestion to others may be to make sure your books are in acceptable condition and to pack them as advised for shipping. I packed the books very carefully to avoid any damage issues upon arrival. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Jul 2018 Love everything about Textbookrush, they are one of the most honest, trustworthy companies. I have sold hundreds of books to them, without ever a problem.
Jun 2018 I've sold multiple boxes of books to this company and have never had any problems. All books were accepted and I've always received the quoted price. Will definitely continue to use them.
Jun 2018 Terrible company. I followed Policy and opened 1 account with 1 address, and 1 paypal account. They cancelled my account and are making me pay 39.99 to have my books returned or they will keep them because the IP that i setup under was already used by someone else. maybe the 400 plus people that work in the building.
May 2018 Worst customer Service I have ever seen. Sent the wrong book then I had to pay $25 to ship back when they shipped it out incorrectly! No contact phone number to talk to a human! Don’t waste your time with this site!
May 2018 I ordered one book and received another. They said it was all explained as I was checking out. There was no such thing! Now I have to spend money to ship the wrong book back to them in order to get a refund. Do not rent or purchase books from them. They will send you the wrong book, one thats for outside of the US which is not 100% identical to the US version. Instructors/Professors use the US version so, if you are using a version other than the US version, you will miss a lot of information and do bad in class! Not worth the headache or bad grade! I will never order from this company again.
May 2018 Sent me to collections for a book I didn’t know needed returned because they NEVER emailed to say book was due or overdue
Apr 2018 TERRIBLE. Do not use this site! They will not pay anything for textbooks that have VERY minimal writing in them, but once you send the books in, they keep them! If they don't buy them, they "recycle" them, and if you want them back, you have to hope they still have the book and then pay $4/book for shipping. This is for books THEY DON'T WANT. Places like Amazon will at least send you the book back for free if they don't want to buy it. Waste of time, and lost my textbooks that I could have sold elsewhere. Do not use.
Apr 2018 I have sent my books 4 days after my buyback order was created on their web site. I wait for a month to get my paid, but I did not hear any thing from them. I emailed and asked them to send the payment for my books. They replied that my buyback order cannot be processed and if I will to get my books back, I have to pay $39.90 (thirty -nine dollars and ninety cents) for the return shipping fee!!!! Do not do any any any transaction with them if you do not want to waste your time and your money!
Apr 2018 Beware to buy from this site. They use falsified advertisement. You search for one book thinking they have better price, but when you click purchase, they send you a different book that you have no use of. It was my case. I contacted their customer service, they did not even say sorry.
Mar 2018 This company is NOT about customer service!
I ordered a book that was supposed to include a CD but it didn't. They claim that since it was listed as "Good" that it "might not" include the CD--even though the listing said it was included.
If you don't care what you get, this is the place to go.
I wouldn't ever purchase from them.
Wish I didn't have to give them any stars.