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TextbookRush.com is the largest independent online bookstore and has been online since 2002. We buy over 2 million different titles.

Our quick, easy, no-hassle textbook buyback program makes it easy to get paid top dollar for your books. TextbookRush.com offers 3 payment methods - Cash, PayPal, or store credit. If you select store credit, you will receive 5% more on your buyback! Our price quotes are valid for 20 days. To maximize convenience, ship your book for free with our prepaid shipping label. Depending on the payment method you select, you will receive payment in 1-3 days after your buyback is processed by our team.

TextbookRush.com has the best prices, customer experience, and service.

Website: http://textbooksrush.com
Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
Vendor Pays Shipping
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Rating Date Comments
Nov 2020 A Great Buyback Service! Thankyou for your Business!!
Oct 2020 Super at service
Oct 2020 I generated a 3 book buyback on Saturday, October 17. I received payment in full on Thursday, October 22. All of my recent TextbookRush buybacks have been processed quickly, but this was the fastest turnaround yet. I highly recommend TextbookRush.
Oct 2020 I mailed my order 2 days after receiving my quote and have yet to hear from the company or receive my payment for the books. It has been nearly 2 months. I reached out to textbook rush and will update this review once this matter is resolved.
Oct 2020 These guys pay fast. Great doing business!
Sep 2020 Easy, fast, and honest bookstore. I was paid the exact price I was quoted. Received payment very quickly as well. Will definitely do business with again.
Sep 2020 I won't do business with this company again. I sent a book that was in a very good condition, only to have it rejected for supposed water damage. I know the book wasn't damaged. With their "no return on rejected books" policy, I'm assuming they'll sell it, and I'm out the money I originally spent on the book. What a scam.
Jul 2020 I generated a buyback order (admittedly for a single book) on Tuesday, July 7, 2020. The buyback sent via FedEx arrived and was processed for payment on Friday, July 10. I have been selling books to Bookscouter.com vendors for going on 12 years and have never had this fast a turnaround. I am gobsmacked.
May 2020 Good price for buyback, speedy payment, easy to navigate
May 2020 Speedy payments and answers questions fast! Never dissapoint.
May 2020 Great Customer Service and speedy payment.
May 2020 Excellent service and communication. Most important - they paid what they offered. And - they were very quick. If offers are comparable - I will sell to them first.
Apr 2020 TextbookRush has consistently been a good buyer for years
Apr 2020 Paid almost immediately!
Jan 2020 I have sent this company hundreds of books in the last several years. Usually 5 or 6 books at a time. A few big orders with 15 to 20 books. Almost all of them were used copies. I am very careful to make sure none are missing pages or have moister damage. A little bit of highlighting has never been a issue. I always wrapped them in plastic and some padding before box shipping.
They are not always offering the highest quote, but I Have always been paid what was quoted. I use PayPal and have always been paid within a day or two of them being checked in. Kudos!
Dec 2019 Extremely fast service! I shipped several books in on a Monday around 9 AM and had my payment deposited to PayPal by 4 PM on the following day. Received the exact amount I was promised. Will not hesitate to use again.
Sep 2019 I have mailed several textbooks to this company and only had a few issues with them but this order they removed two used book stickers from my textbook that has caused to tear the cover of the textbook and they refused to acknowledge doing so - they did mail me back the textbook with the two removed stickers from the cover- they did say this was a one time courtesy return, as they no longer return textbooks back that they won't purchase. They will not do anything about the damage of my textbook as they deny doing so! So now I am wondering at this point if I should continue doing business with this company! It's a shame they do something like this and they need better customer service!

Sep 2019 Sold 2 books. Mailed books in and within 5 days payment was completed.
Aug 2019 First time using this site to sell books and it went very well. Received the full quota even if my books had highlighted markings. The check came approximately at the right time, and di not have any issues putting it in my bank.
Jul 2019 One Of my Favorite Go To BookBuyers! Thanks for your Business!!
Mar 2019 Still my Go-To Vendor! Thanks for your Business!
Jan 2019 Have had good exchanges.
Nov 2018 Very great company fast check in and very fast payment definitely would recommend using them. Super awesome and amazing company. Paid on time and and for the exact amount.