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TextbookRush.com is the largest independent online bookstore and has been online since 2002. We buy over 2 million different titles.

Our quick, easy, no-hassle textbook buyback program makes it easy to get paid top dollar for your books. TextbookRush.com offers 3 payment methods - Cash, PayPal, or store credit. If you select store credit, you will receive 5% more on your buyback! Our price quotes are valid for 20 days. To maximize convenience, ship your book for free with our prepaid shipping label. Depending on the payment method you select, you will receive payment in 1-3 days after your buyback is processed by our team.

TextbookRush.com has the best prices, customer experience, and service.

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Oct 2018 I have good but not great experiences with TextbookRush buyback. Too often a book is turned down for an apparent bogus reason. Claims of water damage or counterfeit book are the most common. The counterfeit claim is so bogus; they quote a buyback price and then the market falls so they have to come up with a reason to reject a perfectly good, almost new book. They will tell you that you will be paid when the publisher "gets" back to them and tells them the book is "real". All the while hoping you forget about it. Just a rip-off.
Aug 2018 Do NOT sell back your books to this company. I sent in a book in "excellent" condition, never even opened. Not a mark in the book and no highlights at all. They returned it to me and said there was "water" damage! This is a joke. There is no damage to the book at all! Waste of my time. Sold to "sellbackyourbooks.com" for a few more dollars!
Aug 2018 Thank you for your great service. I sent in another big box of books and received the entire buyback as quoted. I wouldn't hesitate to sell books to this company and will continue to do so.
Aug 2018 I rented a book that was required for my class, as every other site I tried did not have it. The picture of the book and the Title (online) matched what I needed, and a week later a different book came in the mail. I'm still waiting for a second book that I ordered and every time I click "ask the seller a question" it takes me to the shipment page of the book I already received. Don't waste your time or money on this crap hole.
Aug 2018 Adding on to the saga
I received this email today after they had already sent me a check on July 18th. This email is a notification that your online buyback at TextbookRush has been received and checked in. We are unable to purchase the items received for reasons detailed in the "Product Description" section below.
Today the order is voided on their site. below is just a snippet from that order.

Quote amount
Not yet available
Status: Your buyback has been voided
Shipping to TextbookRush
Mad River
Mad River
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Qty received: 0
Quote: Quote amount
Qty: 1
Subtotal: Subtotal
Paid: Price paid
Status: We are awaiting arrival of this item

Aug 2018 First lets start with the frozen account check that I received. I have pictures to provide if so desired. When I contacted them via their chat they were apologetic and informed me they would reimburse me after I send them an email showing proof. An hour later I got this email see below. Mind you I have never received an email from them but one which was a postal issue and the package broke open and lots of things were lost. I chalked it up told them ok. It was a total of a 20 dollar lost.
"CASE_ID_NO: 8009463 CASE_ID_NO: 8009463 Cyndi MacDonald - We manage the Buyback Websites for TextbookRush.com, Bookstores.com, and Buyback.AbeBooks.com. Due to issues with your recent Buybacks with us, your accounts have been closed. Do not create any additional accounts on any of our websites, and do not create any additional Buybacks on any existing accounts, as no future items will be processed or returned. We do apologize for the issue with your check for Buyback #2870563, and we are reissuing the payment via check that will include the payment for the Buyback ($22.75) and the fee you were charged ($20.00). These two issues are not related. Your accounts had been suspended in July, but we see that you created a new Buyback in early August, so we are sending you an official notice that our business relationship is now concluded. Thank you TextbookRush.com Bookstores.com Buybacks.AbeBooks.com"

As you can see I am no longer working with this company.
Aug 2018 I would give zero stars if I could. My book came super bent because of their terrible packaging. The binding is ruined. I’m never buying from them again.
Jul 2018 I ordered two books from Textbookrush for $14,20 each. The took my credit card and gave me a Confirmation number. The next day, I get an email stating they are out of stock. I check the websit and the books are still being advertised, but the price is now $61.16 each. This is poor business practices and I will never order anything from them again.
Jul 2018 I was hesitant to use this company due to some of the reviews I had read but I gave them a try because their site offered the best buy back for some of my books. I have zero complaint. Everything was handled well - from the initial email listing the books and buy back prices, the email notification of books received, on through to the deposit of dollars into my PayPal account. Every book was accepted and I received the full amount promised. My suggestion to others may be to make sure your books are in acceptable condition and to pack them as advised for shipping. I packed the books very carefully to avoid any damage issues upon arrival. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Jul 2018 Love everything about Textbookrush, they are one of the most honest, trustworthy companies. I have sold hundreds of books to them, without ever a problem.
Jun 2018 I've sold multiple boxes of books to this company and have never had any problems. All books were accepted and I've always received the quoted price. Will definitely continue to use them.
Jun 2018 Terrible company. I followed Policy and opened 1 account with 1 address, and 1 paypal account. They cancelled my account and are making me pay 39.99 to have my books returned or they will keep them because the IP that i setup under was already used by someone else. maybe the 400 plus people that work in the building.
May 2018 Worst customer Service I have ever seen. Sent the wrong book then I had to pay $25 to ship back when they shipped it out incorrectly! No contact phone number to talk to a human! Don’t waste your time with this site!
May 2018 I ordered one book and received another. They said it was all explained as I was checking out. There was no such thing! Now I have to spend money to ship the wrong book back to them in order to get a refund. Do not rent or purchase books from them. They will send you the wrong book, one thats for outside of the US which is not 100% identical to the US version. Instructors/Professors use the US version so, if you are using a version other than the US version, you will miss a lot of information and do bad in class! Not worth the headache or bad grade! I will never order from this company again.
May 2018 Sent me to collections for a book I didn’t know needed returned because they NEVER emailed to say book was due or overdue
Apr 2018 TERRIBLE. Do not use this site! They will not pay anything for textbooks that have VERY minimal writing in them, but once you send the books in, they keep them! If they don't buy them, they "recycle" them, and if you want them back, you have to hope they still have the book and then pay $4/book for shipping. This is for books THEY DON'T WANT. Places like Amazon will at least send you the book back for free if they don't want to buy it. Waste of time, and lost my textbooks that I could have sold elsewhere. Do not use.
Apr 2018 I have sent my books 4 days after my buyback order was created on their web site. I wait for a month to get my paid, but I did not hear any thing from them. I emailed and asked them to send the payment for my books. They replied that my buyback order cannot be processed and if I will to get my books back, I have to pay $39.90 (thirty -nine dollars and ninety cents) for the return shipping fee!!!! Do not do any any any transaction with them if you do not want to waste your time and your money!
Apr 2018 Beware to buy from this site. They use falsified advertisement. You search for one book thinking they have better price, but when you click purchase, they send you a different book that you have no use of. It was my case. I contacted their customer service, they did not even say sorry.
Mar 2018 This company is NOT about customer service!
I ordered a book that was supposed to include a CD but it didn't. They claim that since it was listed as "Good" that it "might not" include the CD--even though the listing said it was included.
If you don't care what you get, this is the place to go.
I wouldn't ever purchase from them.
Wish I didn't have to give them any stars.
Feb 2018 Don't be fooled by the name - there is nothing "RUSH" about this company. Paid for expedited shipping, but shipping was so slow I had to pay money for an ebook and then pay to return my purchase. Purchase was received by vendor, but then a bunch nonsense about processing times and longer than normal in busy seasons... give me a break! Apparently if you purchase through Abe Books, they have four days to process your order - even if you pay for expedited. Not worth the hassle - choose another company.
Feb 2018 DO NOT YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! I bought a book and selected the 3-7 day standard shipping. It’s currently day
12 and I have yet to receive it. Customer service said in the fine print the 3-7 was only an estimate and it could take up to 14 days not including weekends. I have an exam in 2 days and probably will not receive it by then.
Jan 2018 If I could give zero stars, I would. I recently sent a textbook that was in like-new condition and they didn't buy it back because "it didn't meet their standards". When I emailed for clarification, they were not able to tell me what exactly was substandard about the book. And, according to their policy, they don't return anything they don't buy. Perhaps that's because they put it back up for sale and make 100% profit, minus the few dollars they paid to have it shipped.
Jan 2018 I've sold 25 books to Textbook Rush over the last few years, and I've always been satisfied with the service. I've only had one book rejected, and I honestly thought it was a risky one when I sent it. As long as you read the buyback conditions on the website, this company is a good back to sell your used books to.
Jan 2018 I do not reccomend textbook rush at all. It seems many customers have the same problem as I have. I returned my rental textbook a few weeks before it was even due, and they ended up charging me FULL PRICE of the textbook because it was USPS “lost” it. After reading similar comments I highly doubt that was the case. Textbook rush I believe is a scam that just wants free money handed to them. I will not use this site textbook site again, and I will be sure to tell other college students not to use their site.
Jan 2018 Had very good experience with them thus far
Jan 2018 Their website is highly unstable, slow to respond and very problematic and has been so for a very long time. It's a wonder I can sell them anything sometimes.
Jan 2018 If could give this place 0 stars, I would. I purchased a textbook and specifically requested "overnight shipping" and paid 9.99 extra for it to be delivered that way. Apparently, it takes 24-48 hours for an order to process, which is ridiculous, especially when books are already in stock. I ordered my book on a Wednesday, meaning 24-48 hours would be Friday at the latest, also meaning that would give them time to send the book to FedEx by End of Day Friday. They do not ship on weekends, so that went out the window. Now my book is scheduled to be delivered by Wednesday this week, according to FedEx. After contacting TextBookRush for more information on my order and to have my shipping costs refunded (because it CLEARLY was not overnight), they say "That is unfortunate. Please contact us by Wednesday if you do not receive your book." and that was it. Nothing about refunds, making their mistake right, nothing. RIDICULOUS. NEVER using this provider again. Their information on their website is misleading, and they do not try to fix their mistakes. Horrible customer service.
Jan 2018 I was rather unsatisfied with how my service was handled. I was quoted for 2 of the 3 books because the third had highlighting that "obscured" the text. I was never notified of this information until receiving the check. I advise those not to use this service, it is more trouble than it is worth. This company is not fair by not informing its consumers that books will not be returned if "obscurities" are found. If they are one of the top buyback companies, I think they can manage to be more clear on their website and have the decency to send back books, without an unexpected charge, that are valuable to other buyback vendors. Will no longer use their service and will make others aware of this as well.
Jan 2018 I've sold many books to them in the last few years and not had problems, but recently had a book rejected by them, no information on why, and no option to have book returned to me. Customer service was completely unhelpful. This policy will make me look to other companies when I can.
Jan 2018 Sent in books without a hitch twice. The third time I sent in books they refused them for no clear reason
Jan 2018 I wish I could rate this company lower than 1 star!! I rented a textbook from them this semester and when it was time to return the book I decided to extend the book rental 10 days because I wasn’t sure if I would need the book a full semester again. I figured out I would need the book a full semester again and went to renew my rental again for the upcoming semester but then figured out I couldn’t because I renewed it for 10 days. If I wanted this same exact textbook again I would have to return the copy I already had and get a new rental, which makes NO SENSE! So I just get over the fact that I’ll have to rent a new textbook and go to print out my shipping label to return the book, just to realize the company never sent me a shipping label! I email them asking for my shipping label, my textbooks due date passes and they just barely emailed me my shipping label tonight. The initial email told me I had 10 days after the due date to return the book before I’d be charged full price. It’s day 3 I just received the shipping label and they have already charged me the full price of $282 for the textbook. NEVER USE TEXTBOOK RUSH.
Dec 2017 I've sold books to TextbookRush many, many, times throughout the years and have never had a bad experience.
I took a break from selling textbooks to vendors and when I began again, was disappointed to see that this company was getting bad reviews. In fact, for a short while, I avoided this company based on those reviews.
For anyone who was doing the same, it's time to start giving this company a chance! Over the last 2 months, I've sold 3 times to this company(ranging from $60 to $130) and had the same excellent experience I've always had. NO problems at all. So, not sure if they just went through a string of bad luck or what, but I'm Completely Confident in them and you should be too.
Dec 2017 I sent in a book that was originally quoted for $22, instead they paid me $6 for it which is so unacceptable. They told me that the book I quoted for was different from the book they received which is why my quote was changed. Not sure, I have the invoice from when I originally bought this book and it has the correct ISBN that I quoted for and they are telling me they received a different version of the book with a different ISBN which is impossible. They completely blew me off and don’t seem to care they messed up. I knew what I sent in, I even showed them the proof and they still didn’t seem to care. Now I am out of the money I was expecting and they won’t return my book to me. Horrible company, I will never recommend this to anyone looking to sell their books.
Dec 2017 Do not send your books to this company. I sent two books in one package and when they priced my quote they didn't give me credit for one of the books. I emailed them and asked for them to send the book back; they told me based on the weight of the packaged there was no way there could've been a second book. After talking to 2 different representatives, they both told me the second book was not in the package. So basically they got a free book while I lost a book and money. I'm skeptical on the integrity of this company so I am telling you all, do NOT send books to them.
Nov 2017 Textbook rush went from offering me 70 dollars for one of my books to just 7 dollars then wanted to charge me about 8 dollars to get my book back. I do not trust them.
Nov 2017 This company false flag me because my friend sold the same type of book that I had. They told me it was fraud an accused me of having multiple accounts. We both used the same computer and we both have different names and addresses
Nov 2017 I would've put a 0, but that wasn't possible. Horrible experience with this website all the time. Never am able to log in.
Oct 2017 I am very disappointed with textbook rush. I rented a book and they sent me the wrong version. Incorrect pages, chapters. They won't exchange the book for the right one. Beware!!! They may send you the wrong version and won't exchange.
Oct 2017 I am working on my Bachelors Degree. I have used other online book buying and NEVER had an issue until now. I sent 3 textbooks on 9/21. You received them on 9/25. I was quoted $96 and am only receiving $27. I was not informed of this until 10/3 after sending several follow up emails. The books I sent were brand new as I withdrew this semester. When I inquired on why 1 of my books was not accepted, I received some vague response. I was also informed that your company was extending me a courtesey by returning the $68 book to me!!!! Apparently, they normally keep them.Outrageous!!!
Sep 2017 Similar problem as many others. They quoted me a great price for a book buyback, I took photos before sending to confirm the condition (new), they then tell me it does not meet purchasing standards. They did return the book as a one-time courtesy but I still think that they rip many people off. I will NEVER use this site again. I have had great experiences with other sites. DO NOT use textbookrush.com unless you want to be scammed out of your money!!!
Sep 2017 I just sold 4 books to them and had no problems. I got paid less than a week after shipping the books.
Sep 2017 I rented a textbook for college here and the first day everything went smoothly. They said they had the book in stock, they took the money off my prepaid debit card and everything. The next day, I receive an email from them saying "we're sorry, but your order was cancelled due to the book being out of stock". They then told me that I would get my refund in 3-5 business days. Two weeks pass and I contact them again, this time they tell me to call my financial institution. I do, and my financial institution tells me they never got it. I contact textbook rush again. Then, they send me a message saying "we're sorry, but we can't handle your case...contact your financial institution". That's the last I heard from them. DON'T GET TEXTBOOKS HERE!
Sep 2017 I read views of textbookrush before and most of them weren't great, decided to give them a try anyways and disappointed in what I received. They listed a specific ISBN number that was the book I needed and when I received the book, the inside had a totally different ISBN number on it.
Sep 2017 I ordered a loose-leaf binder Italian text book with a Wiley registration code. I was sent a used rental text with no code. I wanted for them to exchange the text and provide me with what I ordered as my class begins in just over a week. After several emails, they sent me a return shopping for the book and told me I would have to reorder it as they do not do exchanges. Excuse me?!?! This was THEIR mistake and they won't correct it?? I have asked to be connected to a customer services supervisor but they just keep ignoring me and I am getting the same canned responses to my inquiries. Never, never again. Reasonable price for the text IF they had sent what I ordered but the rest of this experience has been pure rubbish! Would love to leave NO stars as this has been a total waste of time! Heading to Amazon now to buy the same book for a few dollars more but with no headaches!!
Sep 2017 I would rate negative starts if I could. Don't do business with this company. They won't accept proof of items being returned and don't accept phone calls to resolve disputes. The postal facility supervisor said they receive complaints about this company all time time as well.
Aug 2017 Sold a handful of books through them. Always timely payments and customer service is good.
Aug 2017 I've been sending books back for past 8 months and so far they've been good to me. Perhaps 3 or 4 books were rejected out of 100+ that I've sent in, so not a bad percentage. Pay comes in the time-frame they mention, which, not the fastest, but at least consistent with what they say. I rate them #3 among vendors so far, if that helps.
Aug 2017 Awful customer service! I recently sold books back to them over 2 weeks ago. FedEx tracking shows that they received it 10 days ago. After emailing them asking what the hold up was they responded saying it would take an additional 1-3 days to check in. It's now been over 3 weeks and still no response.
Aug 2017 I sent in an unused access code that was supposed to be sold for $30. They told me that they couldn't give me anything because the envelope it was in was empty. However, in the check-in images they provided, the envelope was only opened at the very corner. They BARELY opened up my package. The access code is the size of half of an 8.5"x11" paper, so it obviously will not be visible if the envelope is not opened up all the way. Customer service was not helpful at all, and they did not attempt to help in any way.
Jul 2017 I recently sold three books to textbookrush and was quoted for all three. They sent me a check for two of the three books, but did not return my third to me saying it was, "severely damaged", but the photos they sent me showed the bottom of a few pages damaged. When I sent the book it was in good condition, believing it to be worth the $9 the quoted me (really it was worth $30). They would not return to me without a return fee. Instead of paying $4 to have my book returned to me, they have lost a customer and I plan to tell fellow college students not to use this business. Very poorly handled and disappointed.
Jul 2017 I was hesitant to send my book after reading all of the negative reviews. I followed their packaging instruction to a "T" and also took "documentation" photos of my book, in preparation of a potential "fight"of them claiming my book was not in excellent condition. I received several notifications from them informing me of the status. Their last email advised me my check, in the exact quoted amount, was in the mail. The entire process took roughly 15 days. If need be, I would most definitely use them again. I would highly recommend this company to my friends and family. But, I would also advise them to document everything - not because of this company but because this is who I am - the note taker and documentation queen.
Jul 2017 I returned three books; was quoted $139.17. The whole process took 10 days. The money was transferred from PayPal to my bank at the price quoted. Best company out of 5 that I've used to sell books.
Jun 2017 So I bought a textbook for a 4 week summer class. I bought it for $105 straight from the publishing company as their shipping time was the fastest.

After the class was over, I hadn't even taken it to class and it was opened maybe 3 times. Turned out I didn't really need it. So I decided to try getting some of my money back.

TextbookRush offered to buy it for $69. Their reviews looked decent and I decided to give it a try. I sent the book in the mail, and they recieved after 2 days. It then took then nearly 2 WEEKS to open and process it.

I then got an email from them saying the book did not meet their buyback standards. I then asked what reasons they had for not believing the book to be within standards. Their customer service then gave me an insane response saying "It is against the rules to talk about why a textbook is not within the buyback rules of the company." WHAT!?

Luckily they are within a 90 minute drive from me, and if they don't send it back, we'll have issues.

So do yourself a favor and AVOID this shady company. This is the first time I have ever tried to sell a book, and it was terrible. Their reviews may look decent, but I'm willing to bet money their own employees are leaving good reviews and trying to boost the scores.

If I could leave 0 stars I would.
Jun 2017 Received full payment as quoted. Very easy and quick. No issues.
Jun 2017 It appears that Textbook Rush has a history of charging customers full price for rented textbooks they claim were "never received." I returned two textbooks in the same box in which they were sent to me, with the single shipping label that they provided. Conveniently, they received the less expensive textbook, but not the $340 textbook (which, as I mentioned WAS IN THE SAME BOX), and charged me full price for it. When I disputed the charge, they offered to refund half the money, which means I paid $170 for their mistake in losing my book, or, more likely, they made a quick $170 plus whatever they sold the book for. Unfortunately, I'm not the first person to have this experience with Textbook Rush. It will, however, be the last time I use their service.
Jun 2017 I was a bit worried after reading some bad reviews but I decided to take a chance and I am SO HAPPY I did! I was paid the same exact day they checked in my books. Awesome company. No problems. If you genuinely have good quality books and you follow the rules to package and mail them out, you should have no problems. I mailed out several books and this is the 1st company to have reimbursed me. Hopefully the other places will be just as smooth. I will definitely be using it again!
Jun 2017 I sold two books to textbook rush. One was worth $35 and the other was almost $4. They received my books and gave me just $8 intend of $35. Their customer service did nothing about the issue and I would highly recommend that those that use bookscouter pay attention to the reviews and the stars given because these reviews are true! Especially textbookrush, they have repeated offense for horrible experiences.
May 2017 I sold two books to textbook rush. One was worth $11 and the other was almost $40. They somehow lost the more expensive book and didn't care. Their customer service did nothing about the issue and I would highly recommend that those that use bookscouter pay attention to the reviews and the stars given because these reviews are true! Especially textbookrush, they have repeated offense for horrible experiences.
May 2017 I forgot my password for logging in. I couldn't reset it so I signed in as a guest and received a message that I violated their policy by doing so and any books I send will not be processed or returned.
Apr 2017 I had the WORST experience with textbookrush! I had to send an email to customer service to prompt them to review my order for both books. I was appalled a book they said was worth $30 was "violating third party intellectual rights" and therefore wouldn't be returned.... unless I want to buy it back from them. Shady. Sounds like they are keeping whatever books they want at you expense. I would never recommend this company to anyone and will be deterring others from buying from their site.
Apr 2017 Unfortunately, very poor experience this time. They rejected my books, which is in their right, but failed to mail the back at a reasonable time, it took weeks. They mailed to the wrong address even though I emailed them my address. Afterwards, they explained they would mail back but I had to wait weeks just to here that they will charge a fee on me now. Not very great with customer service.
Apr 2017 Really good experience from start to finish on selling books to TextbookRush. Thanks!!
Apr 2017 I had an excellent experience. I was paid the price I was quoted, no hassles.
Mar 2017 My first time using this company and I was paid the same day books were received. No issues at all a pleasure to do business with.
Feb 2017 Textbook Rush is Amazing! They received, processed and paid me within the same day! Both times I have sold books to them have been the best experiences I've had hands down.
Jan 2017 I had zero issues with this company. I received my money in a timely manner and am very pleased.
Dec 2016 I have sold hundreds of books using bookscouter.com for the last couple years, and Textbook Rush is one of my most frequently used vendors. I am a little surprised by the low ratings that they have received compared to some other vendors. They almost always have the highest buyback offer. So far, they are a perfect 20-for-20 on accepting my books. They always get my payment to me quickly as well, especially with using PayPal. Highly recommend them!
Dec 2016 Competitive pricing and a reliable process, I've never had any problems with this company.