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Whether in-store or on-line, we buy books we can resell. Our bids are based on the expected retail value of the books we buy. That retail value is derived from the books' desirability, current and historic market values, in-print prices, conditions, and our current stock levels. We offer 20% more in Powell's credit (to be redeemed in our stores or online) than we do in cash at our stores or through PayPal online.

We are very particular about the condition of the books we will buy. Please take a look at our condition guidelines before sending your books to us.

Website: http://www.powells.com/
Pays via PayPal
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Oct 2018 Sold to them happily for years but in the passed 2 years have had profound difficulty with their computer program when trying to enter books. Despite contacting them I have neither response nor assistance. It saddens me to think I may have to just sever relations with them as I have, other than this, found them to be a positive experience
Oct 2018 My first experience with Powell's. They were fair and communicated well by email the status of my order. Payment received with no problem. I will use them again
Jun 2018 Good service. I love to resell to Powell's
Jun 2018 This company deserves a 5 star rating. They buyback a broader range of books (novels) than anyone on the market. I have found them to be fair, honest and reliable. If you send them books that meet their condition requirements, you'll have no problem getting reimbursed. They often pay a generous portion of the quoted price if you overlooked a flaw in the book. Use Powell's without reservation!
Feb 2018 Powell's has been for me one of the most reliable buyers of books. I sift out all my books that I am selling wholesale and usually have a stack that is worthwhile buying from Powell's. I have found credit on Powell's useful for covering book requests that I could not get easily. They have been a priceless partner in my journey to buy, sell, and trade books.
Feb 2018 Very frustrating using their website. I spend twenty minutes entering dozens of isbns only to have them say session has timed out and I must start over. After third attempt I gave up. Tried to call and wound up in a voice mail nightmare. Used to be a great store but their book buying process had deteriorated to the point that I no longer waste my time with them.
Jan 2018 I have a gift card from Powell's, but have not been able to complete the order. The message "Please Wait" is on my computer, but the order never completes. The telephone system has no one to talk to and does not address my problem. I have stopped using Powell's for gifts because they indicate they have books, but back order. I sent a letter, but nothing happened.
Dec 2017 It turns to give Powells even a one star review. Their shipping is atrocious. They use UPS and then USPS for the same item. I ordered a book in stock and 10 days later, I'm still waiting for it. I really don't want to give Amazon my money and want independent bookstores to succeed, but Powells makes it hard to earn my business.
Nov 2017 Powells pays best for books but their website is a horror. Sometimes they quote a good price for a book in the morning, then when I return in the afternoon to complete the transaction, I get a message saying they're no longer buying the books they gave me quotes on in the morning! How can one lock in a quote from them? Even for just a day or two? How can one keep a running list of books to be sold to them for a day or two? (Am I missing something?)
Oct 2017 TERRIBLE WEBSITE .. slow, klunky, allows only a few minutes before it voids your work and makes you "start over". Prices offered are low and the rejection rate is ridiculously high. They used to be good company but have gone downhill over past couple years. Avoid if at all possible.
Jun 2017 I have sent quite a few buyback orders to Powells. I find them to offer a decent and straightforward price, free shipping, easy website and fairly quick with the money back to my paypal account. If you pick Powell's credit the value is significantly more- and you can use it on-line. I let the credit built up over time and then was able to spend over $50(on new and used!) and get free shipping on their site . Overall an excellent experience from the grand daddy of used bookstores.
Apr 2017 I've sent one order to Powell's with no problems, and have a second one on the way. The buyback process went very well, and my only concern is that their web page for purchasing books seems to be glitched. When I search for books to buy (using my Powell's credit!), I can only view the first line of each search; scrolling down does not seem to work at this time.
Mar 2017 this company accepts a number of books and pays fairly. My big complaint is the web page. It can be a pain sometimes.
Jan 2017 I have sold to Powells for the last 8 years. They used to have good quotes and their search engine was user friendly and fast. Not Anymore. They changed their mail and their website . It's a nightmare. Powells now offers low quotes and their website is horrible. I get kicked off after spending hours getting quotes. I've been in the middle of completing buybacks and got bumped off. It's not worth the time and effort . I have switched to other vendors - which is a shame because I really liked them.
Dec 2016 Very time consuming and usually impossible checkout with buybacks. When I can finally get it entered and accepted it is impossible to print a buyback label...very slow in getting payment from them, I have sold to Powell for over five years but if things don't improve drastically and fast I am done with this company.
Nov 2016 BEWARE! Although I checked each book carefully, I was told that one of the books had a water stain, so the small amount of money I did receive was reduced even more. I tried to work out this problem with their customer service department but hit a brick wall. I will no longer be doing business with this company nor would I ever recommend them to anyone.