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Whether in-store or on-line, we buy books we can resell. Our bids are based on the expected retail value of the books we buy. That retail value is derived from the books' desirability, current and historic market values, in-print prices, conditions, and our current stock levels. We offer 20% more in Powell's credit (to be redeemed in our stores or online) than we do in cash at our stores or through PayPal online.

We are very particular about the condition of the books we will buy. Please take a look at our condition guidelines before sending your books to us.

Website: http://www.powells.com/
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Oct 2020 SLOW PAY...
Sep 2020 I have enjoyed my experiences shopping and selling books to Powell's. I sympathize with those who have had negative experiences,but please keep in mind, Poweell's is a retail outlet, so therefore the quality of the books they sell must be above average.
Thank you for your business.
Jul 2020 We were hesitant to try Powell's after seeing the reviews. However, as seasoned bookworms and internet dwellers, we know you can't always trust the reviews or judge a book by it's cover. Most of the negative comments we saw were along the lines of books not being accepted, so I purposefully sent them a few borderline books that I would probably decline along my pristine only read once volumes. All of my books were accepted. We look forward to doing business again soon with Powell's.
Feb 2020 Powell's did not pay for 2 books that I sent to them and never notified me if there was a reason. I would sell my books elsewhere, as there is no online support or way to check on status. I have had nothing but luck with other online book resale sites. I am surprised that Powell's is so poor at this. Thankfully the books were not as valuable as other textbooks I sold back to other online retailers. Avoid selling to Powell's unless there is literally no place to sell your textbooks and can take the hit if they don't pay.
Jan 2020 Pros: They buy the largest variety so finding numerous books to sell them is easy. Their prices are not the highest, but good enough to make some money. My last order cost me $5.25 to buy the books and they paid me $25.25. They pay in a timely manner.
Cons: Computer system times out numerous times for each order. You must reenter all the ISBN numbers. Tip: Type your ISBN numbers into a list on Word or any other software. Single space the list and copy. Past it into the order field, it may time out several times but all you have to do is repaste the list. They often list offers but reject the book at the time of order entry. They reject books due to quality, but they are so inconsistent with this. I will send in two orders with no rejections, the next order will have four rejections.
Overall a good customer.
Nov 2019 Good BuyBack Vendor, Thank you for your Business!!
Jul 2019 Thank you Powells!!
Jul 2019 This site feels a little on the fishy side. They rejected 2 or 3 of my books for made up reasons, no explanation, didn't bother to send photos of the evidence or even a description of the damage like other sites do when there's a problem.
Feb 2019 they consistently buy from me. recently I notice 1 to few dollars deducted for books not met their conditions. well I know one book was in excellent condition and they deducted and said rejected. I questioned them but got no answer. that's called stealing but they say recycle. not buying recycle. be cautious what u send them.
Jan 2019 They don’t pay as much as other vendors, but they are reliable and offer decent credit instead of cash. They also buy many more trade items versus textbooks. Processing is a bit slow, but they are a big store.
Dec 2018 I have had no problem at all with book transactions. The problem is with the website. So many times I have gotten a "session has timed out" message. It seems like being able to enter ISBNs is just pure luck. It's extremely frustrating, and I'm not sure why Powell's hasn't addressed this problem.