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We're paying premium pricing for all of the books currently listed on the NY Times Best Seller List. Have a NY Times best seller? Get most of the price you paid back! Don't let those books collect dust on the shelf, sell them back to us quickly.


Sell Back Your Book
625 S Railroad St
Bldg 11
Montgomery, IL 60538

Phone: 630-800-1491

Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
Vendor Pays Shipping
Provides Shipping Label


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Nov 2020 Great Sellback Vendor! Thank You for your Business!!!
Sep 2020 always a good experience with them! honest buyers, have sold quite a few books to them and rarely have had one rejected (if so its been for good reason). They pay fast :)
Sep 2020 Fast, easy, and reliable! I received the quoted price for my book. Was quick and easy. Would recommend hem and will use them again!
Aug 2020 The warehouse was closed. How do you allow orders if your business is closed? Now I have to wait for my order to be shipped back so I can sell it to another vendor. Horrible experience, skip them and use somebody else.
Aug 2020 They only paid partial order for the item. They reject a textbook saying rough condition. I packed the book carefully in box. I will not be using them again.
May 2020 Great BuyBack Vendor!! My GoTo Vendor
Dec 2019 Less than 2 weeks from day I mailed books to day check arrived. They gave me full price quoted for the books, definitely will use them again.
Nov 2019 Great BuyBack Service! Thank you for your Business!!
Oct 2019 Selling books to SellBackYourBook was easy, simple and quick. I received the amount that I was quoted online. All in all a pleasant experience.
Oct 2019 They paid out the full asking price of $95.40 for 8 boxes of books to my Paypal account in about one week with zero issues.
Aug 2019 good communication , quick turn-around
Jul 2019 One of my Favorite GoTo Book Buyers! Thank you for your Business!!
Jun 2019 They used to be really quick and easy to work with but now you can only ship one box to them. If you need additional labels, you need to email them and deal with their customer service department. CS is fine but it's just the time delay and the inexplicable removal of the label quantity selection from their site that is frustrating.
May 2019 Probably my most used vendor within the Bookscouter roster. Consistently processes and sends payment in timely manner every time. Have been using their services for more than a year now and no complaints or concerns.
May 2019 Super happy with my experience. I was very skeptical of the mixed reviews. I mailed in about 25 books (30lbs) and got the money via PayPal one week later. To avoid any water damage during transit, I put the books in a trash bag before boxing it. Double tapped all the box seams. Of course they sell your books for more than it’s quoted. But you don’t have to deal with holding the inventory, shipping individual books, and most sites will charge a fee for selling anyways. I used bookscouter app which was very easy to scan all my books to get the best quote. Highly recommend!
Feb 2019 I have done one order with sellbackyourbook and got paid withing 3 weeks.
Feb 2019 Hopefully SellBackYourBook reads this: College kids write in their books, this is not DAMAGE, this is called NOTES.
Jan 2019 i've sent in 7 orders (total of 17 books) and received the promised amount in full every time with sellbackyourbook.com This whole buyback system would work much better if buyers and sellers are both honest in the condition of the books, and the prices paid out.yes there are shady folks on both sides, and not every transaction is going to be smooth (speaking from personal experience). My personal experience with sellbackyourbook.com has been headache free. i appreciate that.
Nov 2018 Very great company fast check in and very fast payment definitely would recommend using them. Super awesome and amazing company. Paid on time and and for the exact amount.